Education Dynamics Scholarship Awards $10,000 for Minority Students

It is unfortunate that many minority students – especially those from the first generation – have to face many challenges in order to pursue higher education. Specifically, one of the most obvious is their economic inability to pay for the tuition fees. Luckily, some organizations understand these difficulties and even generously offer solutions to overcome them. In fact, this is what Education Dynamics Scholarship is trying to do.

Education Dynamics Scholarship

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Education Dynamics is pleased to announce the sponsorship of the Minority First Generation Scholarship Contest. In fact, this will be the first year that the organization hosts the scholarship contest.

Actually, Education Dynamics is the industry leader in helping colleges and universities achieve their enrollment goals through the company’s unique ability to find the highest quality adult student prospects.

Furthermore, as the trusted partner to more than 900 higher educational institutions, Education Dynamics has earned a reputation for providing the resources and expertise required to meet a wide range of industry challenges, delivering inquiry generation and agency of record marketing (e.g. paid digital, organic search, awareness), enrollment management, retention, and technology solutions to universities across the country.

If this sounds like the opportunity you’ve been seeking, feel free to try your luck. Then, read this guide to learn what you need to prepare in advance before applying for the Education Dynamics Scholarship.

Education Dynamics Scholarship: A Program Overview

Education Dynamics Scholarship is aimed to help minority first-generation students achieve their academic goals and further their post-academic career paths. Then, one student will be awarded a $10,000 scholarship based on their submission of a written essay about a unique challenge they are facing as a current or prospective college student.

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Its CEO, Bruce Douglas, noted, “At Education Dynamics, we believe that higher education has a valuable impact on an individual’s life, specifically first-generation students. We’re thrilled to help enable first-generation students to accomplish their educational goals and share with us some of the unique experiences they’ve faced during their journey as students.”

Program Benefits

One winner will receive a total of $10,000 as a scholarship to pay for the tuition fees. Education Dynamics will give the prize directly to the winner in the form of a check. Later, it is up to the recipient how to spend the prize.

Eligibility Requirements

The Education Dynamics Scholarship for first-generation minorities is only available to applicants who are the first in their family to go to college. In addition, they must also be at least 17 years of age. Also, they must be pursuing an associate’s or bachelor’s degree at an accredited post-secondary institution from certification or higher learning program.

That being said, you are not entitled to the award if you do not meet one of the requirements above.

Besides, there are no restrictions as to what race or ethnicity you should come from. Ethnic minorities are African American, Hispanic, and Asian American. Native Americans may also apply for this scholarship.

How to Apply for an Education Dynamics Scholarship

Applications for the Education Dynamics Scholarship can be made online. You will first need to visit to access the registration form. Then, fill in the form according to the instructions listed. Make sure you provide complete and valid information to prevent disqualification.

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Education Dynamics Scholarship

Next, click “SUBMIT” to finalize your application.

In applying for this program, you are required to compile an essay with a maximum length of 500 words. Particularly, the essay should contain what challenges you are facing as a current or potential college student. You don’t need to submit the essay separately. In fact, in the online application form, there is a box where you can embed your writing.

We know putting together a perfect essay that can help you to win a scholarship is no easy feat. Hence, if you need help crafting a winning essay you can check out our guide here.

Ultimately, that will be the only document that you are obliged to submit. This program does not require you to submit other files, be it transcripts or letters of recommendation, etc.

Closing Date

The deadline for submitting your application is June 30th, 2021. Furthermore, Education Dynamics will announce the deserving winners on or around August 15th, 2021.

As good opportunities for minorities are quite limited, we highly recommend that you apply for this program. Also, make sure to submit your registration before the closing date. As we have mentioned above, students of this ethnicity are more vulnerable to facing educational challenges.

Some challenges minority students may face are being able to pay for college. Also, transitioning into college may be difficult from high school. However, higher education has been changing and becoming more diverse. According to the NCES, about 19.7 million students attended college in fall 2020. Of them, 3.7 million Hispanic, 2.6 million Black students, and 1.3 million Asian/Pacific Island. 0.1 million were Native American students.

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Therefore, it never hurts to try.

Contact Details

Do you have any questions regarding this program? Education Dynamics is present in four cities. Therefore, you can send your inquiries by post, email, or telephone according to the information provided below.

Education Dynamics Corporate Headquarters

111 River Street | 10th Floor
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Education Dynamics Boca Raton Office

5901 Broken Sound Parkway NW
Suite 300
Boca Raton, FL 33487

Education Dynamics Lenexa Office

15200 Santa Fe Trail Dr
Suite 100
Lenexa, KS 66219

Education Dynamics Berwyn Office

1235 Westlakes Drive
Suite 120
Berwyn, PA 19312

Alternatively, you can also submit your inquiry via the “LET’S CHAT” webpage on the official Education Dynamics website.

Education Dynamics Scholarship’s Official Website

Ultimately, you can visit the official Education Dynamics website for the latest information on scholarship programs for first-generation minorities at Alternatively, you can bookmark this webpage to receive an updated notification of the award or scholarships for first-generation and other minority students, including:

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