8 Finland Scholarships 2024 for International Students

Renowned for its innovative spirit and dedication to sustainability, Finland has become a beacon for international students seeking a high-quality education amid breathtaking scenery. The year 2024 brings forth an array of scholarships, further enhancing the appeal for aspiring minds to explore academic pursuits in this progressive Nordic nation.

finland scholarships
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1. Finnish Government Scholarships

The Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) provides scholarships for bachelor’s and master’s degrees, welcoming diverse talents worldwide. Not only do these scholarships alleviate financial burdens, but they also underscore Finland’s commitment to nurturing a globally inclusive academic community. Explore further at the official website.

2. University of Helsinki Scholarships

The International Student Scholarship Program at the University of Helsinki caters specifically to master’s students. Additionally, various scholarships are available to support your educational journey. Learn more at the official website.

3. Aalto University Scholarships

Aalto University offers scholarships for bachelor’s and master’s levels in technology, business, and art, fostering an environment driven by innovation and creativity. Explore their scholarship offerings here.

4. University of Turku Scholarships

The University of Turku provides the Turku International Scholarships for master’s students and the University of Turku Foundation Scholarships. Find the suitable scholarship for your academic journey on their website.

5. Tampere University Scholarships

For aspiring master’s students, the Global Excellence Scholarship Program at Tampere University awaits. Elevate your academic pursuits at this dynamic institution. Check your eligibility here.

6. Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology (LUT) Scholarships

LUT welcomes international master’s students with Academic Excellence Scholarships, acknowledging outstanding academic merit. Pursue your passion for technology and innovation with their scholarship options here.

7. Åbo Akademi University Scholarships

Dive into diverse fields of study at Åbo Akademi University, offering scholarships for both bachelor’s and master’s levels. Experience a unique bilingual learning environment influenced by Swedish and Finnish cultures. Discover suitable scholarships here.

8. Hanken School of Economics Scholarships

Hanken School of Economics provides scholarships and financial aid options, enabling students to pursue their academic goals in the specialized fields of business and economics. Find out more about their financial support here.

These scholarships offer a glimpse into the vast opportunities available for international students in Finland. By dedicating yourself to academic excellence, displaying your prowess, and showcasing your drive to make a difference, you can unlock life-changing scholarships. Start your journey today! Explore the official websites of each university and discover the scholarship that unlocks your Finnish dream.


Finland’s allure for international students is further amplified by the multitude of scholarships available across various institutions. From the Finnish Government’s commitment to fostering a diverse academic community to the specialized offerings of universities like the University of Helsinki, Aalto University, and others, these scholarships open doors to unparalleled educational experiences. With a promise of academic excellence, inclusivity, and a vibrant cultural environment, Finland stands as an inviting destination for those seeking a transformative educational journey. As you embark on your Finnish adventure, these scholarships serve as invaluable catalysts, empowering you to realize your academic ambitions and unleash your full potential in this progressive Nordic nation. Explore these generous scholarships and chart your path toward an unforgettable educational adventure in Finland!

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