Top 10 Online Degree in Early Childhood Education Programs

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An online degree in early childhood education gives students the awareness and skills they need to successfully educate young minds.

Although students with associates and bachelors can also work in early childhood education, obtaining a bachelor’s degree has additional benefits. Graduates with a bachelor’s degree will serve as pre-school teachers, pre-school administrators, and elementary school teachers for K–3 students. Associate students, meanwhile, are only eligible for lower-level education positions as an assistant pre-school teacher.

online degree in early childhood education
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Find the best online degree in early childhood education programs from fully accredited universities from the list below, and learn how you can improve the education system with enhanced expertise and knowledge gained from an online course.

1. FIU Online Bachelor of Science Early Childhood Education

FIU students can receive a bachelor’s online degree in early childhood by earning 120 credits in three main curricular areas: technical education, early growth, and pre-selected electives. However, it is necessary to remember that the degree does not contribute to the qualification of the instructor.

The program emphasizes the cognitive, linguistic and socio-emotional development of children from birth to the age of eight, including coursework in reading, classroom management, and children with special needs.

The program provides several start dates for every semester.

FIU prepares graduates to pursue a teacher-certification program or become childcare workers, preschool directors, or early childhood specialists.

2. UW Online Bachelor of Arts in Early Care & Education

UW’s Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood and Education covers early childhood, family learning and child development. Students are also discussing social policy as it applies to children and families, outstanding youth and child evaluation and assessment.

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Students may register in full or part time online. Distance learners complete each class as part of a cohort.

UW offers access to disability services, UW libraries and its Career and Internship Hub, as well as extensive technical support through its Information Technology Office.

All online students pay the same per-credit fee, regardless of where they live.

3. WVU Child Development and Family Studies B.S.

WVU offers an online bachelor’s degree in early childhood education that includes 40 courses, including introductions to child development and family studies, early childhood language and literacy, and early socio-emotional growth.

Students can select a birth-through-age-five/Pre-K Certification Track, a Certification plus a Pre-K Special Needs Certification Track, or a Non-Certification Track. Graduates who complete a Credential or Credential/Support Track are eligible to apply for a Pre-K Teacher’s License in West Virginia.

Applicants must pass the Praxis Core exam and maintain an overall GPA of at least 2.75 for admission into the BS in early childhood education if they plan to pursue a track leading to certification or endorsement in West Virginia.

4. EKU Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Family Studies

EKU’s online bachelor’s degree in childhood education requires 120-125 credits and focuses on child development. Coursework includes engagement and instruction, early childhood educational frameworks, and early childhood observations and evaluation, resulting in two early childhood practical experiences.

Students may apply credential or state licensure credits to the Child Development Associate, provided that these credentials are consistent with the requirements of the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Students will complete their early childhood bachelor’s degree online in an accelerated schedule consisting of eight-week courses in the fall and spring semesters and six-week courses in the summer term. EKU provides free online tutoring, career counseling and access to the library.

Students may take up to two classes per term, completing most of the course work asynchronously.

5. WSU Early Childhood Unified / Elementary Education

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WSU’s Bachelor of Arts in Education includes the Single Early Childhood / Elementary Teacher Apprenticeship Program.

Students who receive an online bachelor’s degree in early childhood education qualify for elementary and early childhood combined education in Kansas. Applicants may pursue one of two curricular pathways based on whether or not they have completed an Arts Associate degree in elementary or general education.

Students with an AA degree must complete a four-part internship instead of a student-teaching experience. In addition, students must complete an applied learning or study project and the Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio to apply for a degree and meet the requirements of the degree.

Online students may start their BA degree in any semester, with the fall and spring semesters lasting 16 weeks each. The summer term lasts 8 weeks.

6. SDSU Online Degree in Early Childhood Education B.S

SDSU’s bachelor’s online degree in early childhood education offers a concentration in birth to the age of eight. The program trains students to be certified as K-third-grade teachers in South Dakota or as childcare workers, pre-school practitioners or Head Start instructors.

Students must complete one student-teaching experience in a pre-school or kindergarten classroom and one in a first-, second-, or third-class classroom.

Students must pass the Practice I: Core Reading, Writing, and Mathematical Exams to progress to major course work in the program. SDSU accepts applications on a roll-out basis during the year.

Applicants are expected to submit ACT scores along with their approved high school and college transcripts.

7. UT Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education Online

UT’s online degree in early childhood education allows students to earn a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education in Ohio. Students can also receive additional endorsements in grades 4 and 5.

The four-year program focuses on the education of gifted and talented children, successful instructional methods and evaluation and remediation of early childhood literacy.

Students must complete an internship and a student-teaching internship and seminar.

In the program, applicants will have at least five semesters of field experience – almost twice the duration of most other universities.

Students who hold an associate degree in early childhood education or child development will receive a non-licensed bachelor’s degree online in two years through the 2+2 program of the UT.

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8. Regent University B.S. in Early Childhood Education (Nonlicensure)

Regent’s BS online degree in early childhood education is a non-licensing program that trains students to become caregivers for children between the ages of zero and eight.

The curriculum emphasizes business, management and education skills, all of which incorporate a Christian worldview. Students must complete a practicum in early childhood education in a classroom environment to close their degree.

Online learning programs provide academic guidance, technology assistance, career opportunities, and assistance for military and veterans.

In addition, Regent provides live-streamed programs to its campus chapel fellowships and life groups that facilitate the spiritual growth of students.

9. UA BS in Early Childhood Education, concentration in Early Child Development

UA’s bachelor’s online degree in early childhood education provides an emphasis on early childhood development. The program emphasizes the strengthening of parent-child relationships and the holistic growth of young children.

Students must complete an early childhood education / development internship and a sequence of core and primary coursework.

In addition to the internship, the early childhood bachelor’s program requires field courses that include a pre-school approved by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. The curriculum does not offer teacher certification.

UA provides a range of child development professionals tailored specifically for Head Start educators.

Prospective students can submit applications throughout the year.

10. Prescott College Online Degree in Early Childhood Education

Prescott College’s online degree in early childhood education provides an interdisciplinary program, taken from education, environmental studies, music, psychology, and cultural and regional studies.

Students must complete coursework in the areas of expertise, liberal arts, upper division, and teaching orientation, culminating in a capstone senior project.

Students must complete an internship and a student-teaching experience in order to receive a degree. The curriculum also emphasizes nature and on-site learning resources.

Students who complete their online Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education receive an institutional recommendation for the Arizona Teachers’ Credential for Children from birth to 8 years of age.

Final thoughts

Take the time to discover the choices for obtaining an online degree in early childhood education.

The first school you’re looking for may not be the best option for you. We live in an era where you have a lot of online degree in early childhood education programs to choose from, so don’t be afraid to set the bar high and be selective.

Remember that in-state universities usually cost less than out-of-state universities. For example, if you live in Texas, you can save money by enrolling in a Texas-based school.

In addition, if you want to support your early childhood education, you can take a parenting course from University of Yale.

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