MBA Scholarships for International Students

International Scholarship for your MBA degree

MBA degree is a full two years degree program the course is designed for someone who wants to develop skills that are required in business and management on a professional level. Many people associate MBA degree with someone who only has the desire for money and this can be misleading on so many levels because of the program itself is has many specialized branches of disciplines.

Be it for acquiring new skills, having a better career prospect or transition to a new one, or building a network for your future business is a solid reason for pursuing your MBA degree. The tuition for MBA degree in the US university is $100,000 a year, the tuition varies from institution to institution and depends on where you are doing the study program. It is also advised to look for financial aid that might be provided at your enrolled university. read more

Grab Your Chance through Google Scholarship!

Google philanthropic acts started in 2005 when Google established for a charitable purpose and made the commitment to invest $100 million annually, on its journey google tackled many important issues that need to be addressed such as climate change and renewable energy. has created many projects to make social impacts. Back in November 2007, where Google made several hundred million dollars investment to create renewable source energy that will be cheaper than coal, Google also made major projects in 2012 such as Google crisis respond, to provide critical information wherein the affected area of natural disasters or humanitarian crises more accessible. As 2016 Google has focused on tackling four major issues; Racial Justice, Education and Digital skill, Disabilities, and Crisis Respond. read more

What You Should Know about Coca-Cola Scholarship Program

A bit history and philanthropic acts done by the Coca-Cola company might add more essential information in a bigger picture for those who are looking for funding be it for their education or their projects.

Back in 1984 when Coca-Cola company started a Coca-Cola foundation as a charitable organization to give back and implements projects to improve health for American communities. The Coca-Cola Foundation now works on a global scale helping the community around the world focusing on issues such as water sustainability, education, and youth development, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle, and the climate protection program such recycling program. read more

PhD Scholarships for International Students in UK

Passion is very powerful, intense and almost extreme feeling someone can have for something, be it activity, hobby, or things.

About PhD

Ph.D. is the highest attainable degree or title of appreciation if I may say, through the university or institution. For someone who is pursuing his or her Ph.D’s. because they are ready to give most of their time doing research on the subject that really matters to them. The Ph.D. students can spend 3-5 years or even more doing their original research it takes so many efforts, sweat, and sometimes also tears for their works before it comes to fruition but survive this you will be a different person. In those hard time, it will be incredibly hard if you don’t have perseverance and passion that essential to complete the tasks. read more

Some Undergraduate Scholarships 2019 for International Students

This scholarship provider might be what you are looking for.

If you are a university student who is in their middle or in final years or even if you already finish your bachelor program and want to continue your study to the next level I believe you already have a plan and doing some research to gather some relevant information for it. Having a picture your self to continue your study and spent some of your time by planning, reading scholarship article, and continue working towards your goals that alone is one big step on its own.

There is plenty of information about scholarships out there whether from an official website or a seminar, whether the scholarship provided by the government or an organization, full scholarship or partial scholarship and choosing from so many options might save your time in gathering relevant information. read more

What You Need to Know Before Applying Scholarships in USA

Where there is a will, there is a wayPauline Kael

Study Abroad in USA

Studying abroad will give you very valuable experience not only academically but also socially, you will experience many new things in your life such as meeting new people, trying different food, experience new culture and more. If you study or live in a foreign country it will also make you grow as a person exponentially. However, not many high school students or even undergraduate student might picture them self studying in another country due to various reason, be it their grade, their financial situation, or lack information. however remember as Pauline Kael said “there is a will, there is a way” and scholarship might be one of the solutions that you’ve been looking for. read more

Scholarships for Pakistani Students 2019

Hello students from Pakistan,

This post is intended for Pakistani Students especially who want to pursue further study in universities with scholarships.

Where is You Can Find Resources?

1. Higher Education Commission, Pakistan

HEC connects students with the best research universities in the world through its highly international scholarship program. Here are some resources that will help you in getting scholarship successfully.

2. Study Abroad Scholarships Special for Pakistani


Besides information from HEC above, you can also get information from scholarship providers specifically for Pakistani students who who collaborates with Pakistan as a country. read more

15 Chinese Scholarships 2019 and Success Tips

Hello, we wanted to let you know the important links you need to know about Chinese Government Scholarships. Okay first of all, before you take deep actions please read these step by step information we wanted to share below. You must learn each link below to prepare your scholarship application for Chinese Government Scholarships in 2019.


Step 1

You must learn overview or introduction to Chinese Government Scholarships through this link:

Go to above link, read and understand. Once it finished then you must find out kinds of scholarships in China. read more

Ultimate Guide to Get International Scholarships 2019

Hello Scholarship Hunters,

Nowadays, more and more students are motivated to continue their studies abroad. The reasons vary, from the quality of education to the experience of living abroad. Before studying abroad, there are many things to be considered. Of course, besides the matter of academic ability, one of the considerations is the financial problem. However, the financial issue is no longer a big issue. For students who want to continue their education (undergraduate, master’s or doctoral degree), there are many universities and institutions which provide various kinds of scholarships. So, you don’t need to worry to pursue your degree even though you have limited financial sources. If you had a lot of achievements, both academic and non-academic, the opportunity to get a scholarship would be much more open. There are a lot of study abroad scholarships available. read more

How to Write a Good Scholarship Essay

The essay can be considered as one of the main document that the scholarship applicants need to prepare. The typical essay might provide an insight into your past and show your present and future objectives. However, each scholarship has its own style when assessing the applicant’s scholarship essay. Thus, you need to know exactly what are the things that the scholarship assessor need to know from you.

scholarship essay

The key to a winning essay for a scholarship application is its uniqueness. Make your essay to be exclusive and personal to you. It should explain more about your strong interest and your drive studying your subject. You also need to create responses that can only relate to yourself. If your essay is individual enough it stands out, it will catch the judges’ eyes. read more

Study in Germany with DAAD Scholarship

Germany might not be as students as the United Kingdom or Italy as a place for international students from Asia or Africa to pursue higher education in Europe. It is likely due to the fact that most of the universities are still using German language in their classes while international programs and courses are still limited. However, German universities nowadays are increasing their international program number so that more international students are able to take part in English-speaking courses in a higher level of degree, such as master and doctoral program. read more

Chevening Scholarship Application Guide and Requirements

There are many reasons to why international students come to the United Kingdom to study. Firstly, there are numerous world-class universities in this country. They have reputations that make your certificate degree being recognized by employers, universities, and governments. Their typical one-year master programs are challenging and intensive, but at the same time, the UK universities provide a supportive environment for their students to develop skills and knowledge in addition to the academic skills. read more

5 International Scholarships for Women from Any Country and Tips to Win Them

In the world we are living today, there are still many who are not aware of the importance of education for women. There are countries where patriarchal culture is almost extremely adapted that it can be a burden to women. Young women are taught to be merely loyal housewives who do not deserve a higher education just because their family believes it is their fate to be at home, cooking and raising their children. They are also taught not to get at least equally educated as men.

scholarships for women

Why Scholarships for Women?

Women are a priceless asset. Whatever life paths they choose, whether they choose to be career women, athletes, housewives, or anything else, they still have to obtain an education, because at the end they will be mothers who educate their children. Thus, educated children will certainly have much bigger potential to build a way better nation in the future. read more

Helpful Guide for Commonwealth Scholarship in UK Universities

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK (CSC) might be less popular than other scholarships given to international students from Asia such as Chevening Scholarship since they targeted only on Commonwealth citizens. However, this program is quite prestigious as they award over 800 scholarships and fellowships for postgraduate students and professionals annually.

commonwealth scholarship

CSC aims to strengthen the UK’s international development objectives and widen overseas interests, support UK higher education excellence, and at the same time, sustain the Commonwealth principles. This scholarship has been able to attract the brightest talents to study in UK universities and give them access to a world-class university education. read more

10 Scholarships in Canada for International Students

Canada might be less popular than the USA for international students from Asia or Africa who are looking for a place to study. But actually, Canada has been long known as one of the most desirable countries in American continents for students. In fact, 6.5% of postsecondary education students in Canada come from abroad. It is due to the fact that this country offers many interesting things to explore for visiting students, not to mention several internationally ranked universities to study in.

how to apply canada visa
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List of Scholarships in Canada

In addition, there are numerous scholarships available for international students who are in need of financial support to fund their study in Canada. Here are 10 scholarships in Canada for international students of different level of education that you can apply. read more