RA 7687 Scholarship Advantages and Disadvantages


The RA 7687 Scholarship Program, also known as the Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES), is a government-funded scholarship program in the Philippines that provides financial assistance to underprivileged students pursuing higher education. Enacted into law in 1994, the program aims to promote access to quality education for students from low-income families. This comprehensive analysis examines the advantages and disadvantages of the RA 7687 Scholarship, exploring its impact on students, institutions, and society as a whole.


1. Financial Assistance for Underprivileged Students

The RA 7687 Scholarship provides financial assistance to students who meet specific income criteria. This assistance can cover tuition fees, books, transportation, and other expenses related to their education. For many students from low-income families, this scholarship makes it possible to pursue higher education, which would otherwise be financially unattainable.

2. Improved Access to Quality Education

By providing financial assistance, the RA 7687 Scholarship increases access to quality education for underprivileged students. These students can now attend reputable universities and colleges, which would not have been possible without the scholarship. Access to quality education empowers students with knowledge, skills, and qualifications that are essential for their future success.

3. Reduced Dropout Rates

Financial constraints are a major factor contributing to student dropout rates. The RA 7687 Scholarship helps alleviate this problem by providing financial assistance to students who are at risk of dropping out due to financial difficulties. By reducing dropout rates, the scholarship program ensures that more students complete their education and have better opportunities for employment and economic mobility.

4. Increased Human Capital

The RA 7687 Scholarship contributes to the development of the Philippines’ human capital by investing in the education of underprivileged students. These students are more likely to become skilled and knowledgeable professionals who contribute to the country’s economic growth and social progress.

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5. Social Mobility

Education is a key driver of social mobility, and the RA 7687 Scholarship plays a significant role in promoting social mobility for underprivileged students. By providing access to quality education, the scholarship empowers students to break the cycle of poverty and improve their socioeconomic status.


1. Limited Funding

The RA 7687 Scholarship program faces challenges due to limited funding. The number of scholarships available is insufficient to meet the growing demand from underprivileged students. This limited funding can result in many deserving students being unable to receive the scholarship.

2. Bureaucratic Hurdles

The application process for the RA 7687 Scholarship can be bureaucratic and time-consuming. Students may encounter delays and difficulties in submitting their applications and receiving their scholarship benefits. This can discourage students from applying for the scholarship or cause them to miss out on opportunities.

3. Grade Requirements

The RA 7687 Scholarship requires students to maintain a certain grade point average (GPA) to continue receiving the scholarship. This requirement can put pressure on students to prioritize grades over their overall learning experience. It may also lead to students neglecting other aspects of their education, such as extracurricular activities and community involvement.

4. Limited Career Options

The RA 7687 Scholarship is primarily focused on providing financial assistance for students pursuing higher education. However, it does not provide specific guidance or support for students in choosing their career paths. This can result in students graduating without a clear understanding of their career options or the necessary skills for employment.

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5. Potential for Misuse

There have been concerns about potential misuse of the RA 7687 Scholarship funds. Some students may use the scholarship benefits for non-educational purposes, such as personal expenses or entertainment. This misuse of funds can undermine the integrity of the program and reduce its effectiveness in supporting underprivileged students.


The RA 7687 Scholarship Program has played a significant role in providing financial assistance to underprivileged students in the Philippines, enabling them to pursue higher education and improve their life prospects. However, the program also faces challenges, including limited funding, bureaucratic hurdles, grade requirements, limited career options, and potential for misuse.

To maximize the benefits of the RA 7687 Scholarship, the government should increase funding to meet the growing demand, streamline the application process to reduce bureaucratic delays, and provide additional support to students in choosing their career paths. Furthermore, measures should be implemented to prevent the misuse of scholarship funds and ensure that they are used for their intended purpose.

By addressing these challenges and continuously evaluating the effectiveness of the program, the RA 7687 Scholarship can continue to be a valuable tool for promoting access to quality education and social mobility for underprivileged students in the Philippines.

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