The Role of Education in Shaping American Identity

Education has always been an important tool in the eradication of ignorance and the cultivation of good values. A nation can easily influence its younger generation through educational institutions. Many educational institutions are responsible for teaching students the right set of beliefs.

the role of education

Every country has a sense of identity. The American Identity is one of patriotism and dedication to one’s country. The topic of national identity has become so important that students often turn in an American identity essay for college. Forming a sense of national identity aids in creating a sustainable nation with rich cultural values. University and college students who want to know their national identity can read any identity paper example.

This article seeks to break down the role of education in creating and shaping American identity. This piece is ideal for all American students and students who are not in America but plan on studying abroad someday.

Propagation of cultural values through education

Culture is defined as the aggregate of beliefs and norms of a people living in a geographical location. Culture outlines what a community citizen must respect to be an active member of that. This shows that culture has a role in forming the American Identity. The younger generation can learn much about their cultural background from the classroom.

the role of education shaping american

The wide collection of students from different parts of the country with different beliefs brings about diversity. Diversity brings about the integration of different beliefs. This teaches students respect, a core American value integral to the American identity. Cultural diversity and identity lead to the enrichment of static beliefs into something whole that works for every American.

Civic education and patriotism

The role of civic education cannot be overemphasized. Through civic education, we become well-informed citizens with mutual respect for one another. Civic education equips students with information that allows them to be active citizens who place their country before anything else. Students learn about democracy and the constitution. This develops a sense of patriotism in young citizens; they not only identify as Americans but learn to do so proudly. Patriotism and national identity share a direct relationship. If one has a strong sense of American Identity, one will surely be a strong patriot. Students learn to respect the national anthem and national flag.


For the future of education and American identity to go further in the country, we must step into our time machines and travel to the past. The past offers us better insight into why things are how they are today. Through history, students get a sense of root, an origin that can be crucial in developing the American Identity. Students discover the sacrifices that leaders made in the past. Curious students get to understand why things are how they are. In history, students get to see how the constitution has been revised to suit the present-day governmental needs of the citizens.


It is pivotal for students to learn proper English. This has been the role of the educational system since time immemorial. The American identity covers everything that makes an American a true citizen. Schools teach students how to communicate properly in society. This helps students to share ideas and work towards a common goal.


Most times, when a country brags about achievements, it is in terms of sports. Most colleges have leagues that allow students to play and build sustainable careers. These students represent the country in high-profile events such as the Olympics. This builds the image of the country and brings about more love for one’s country.

Elements that contribute to national identity

The American identity is a configuration of many objects. These are things that unite all citizens. These common points are crucial to our identification with a country. These factors are:

National Symbol

All Americans must know and carry these verbal, iconic, and visual representations. Some of these symbols in America are:

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National Consciousness

Most people feel that national consciousness is not an element of national identity but national identity itself. However, national consciousness differs from national identity. National consciousness is the awareness of the peculiarities and elements that make one an American. National identity embodies those elements as a proud and loyal citizen.

Cultural artifacts

Many schools include excursion programs where students visit museums to view historical artifacts. These artifacts open the minds of the younger generation. They get a sense of gratitude from interacting with these antique objects. The aim of this is to show them the that everything is actual. This pragmatic approach raises citizens who have a deep reverence for their country.

The Wrap-up

Experts have defined education as transferring the aggregate of beliefs and cultural systems from an older generation to a younger generation. This is the transfer of an identity that is beyond just one citizen. Through civic education and social studies, students are open to the beauty of democracy and the constitution.

Educational institutions also invest resources in training students who are self-reliant, respectful, and guided by a sense of community and togetherness. Schools cultivate in students a sense of identity by teaching them history. The American identity is one of respect and integrity, and the educational system is the best tool for cultivating that healthy identity.

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