Call for Proposals: Asia-Pacific Investigative Environmental Story Grants

About the Earth Journalism Network

The Earth Journalism Network, also commonly shortened to simply “EJN”, is an initiative that was originally started by Interviews in the year 2004. Through the Earth Journalism Network, the initiative hopes that it is able to gather up journalists specifically from developing nations all around the world and work together in the field of environmental reporting. Everyone that has been part of the field, raging from reporters to media outlets, is highly encouraged to take part in this initiative as an effort to contribute greatly to improve the quality and quantity of environmental reporting.

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By tackling with different kinds of issues that have a relation towards the main theme of the environment, the initiative also inspires media outlets to come up with innovative approaches in creating stories for the local media to see. This includes ground-breaking investigative news stories that may change the way media outlets present news about the environmental crisis that are happening in all over the globe. This is done by creating several workshops and mentorships towards up and coming journalists. In addition, there are also multiple fellowship programs with awards individuals with grants or story stipends to full support the story production of journalists.

About the Asia-Pacific Investigative Environmental Story Grants

After witnessing decades long of the globe going through several drastic and dramatic changes within its environment, the Earth Journalism Network has been emphasizing on the importance of journalists to start shifting their stories to showcase the various issues that the environment is currently going through. The initiative hopes that by having more and more journalists from media outlets focusing on this spectrum of stories, it will in a way push decision makers to start taking accountability and responsibility of their ways and starting taking action as to how they should respond to the environmental issues of the world.

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Therefore, the Asia-Pacific Investigative Environmental Story Grants is a programme that provides grants for well-deserving journalists who are willing to go above and beyond in environmental journalism. The programme is not just looking for journalists who can explain the issues of the environment from the basic 5W + 1H perspective – they are also searching for journalists who are able to shape the way readers perceive about these global issues. Oftentimes, environmental issues can be extremely complex and sensitive matters to the public ear. So hopefully, in a way, grantees of the Asia-Pacific Investigative Environmental Story Grants can come up with ways to expose these issues to the public that are truly enriching and eye-opening at the same time.

Eligibility Criteria

If you are a journalist interested in taking part in the Asia-Pacific Investigative Environmental Story Grants, then you better make sure that you qualify for the programme by double checkin yourself with these eligibility criteria. For starters, all incoming candidates must be originating from South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia and the Pacific region but not Australia or New Zealand. The programme welcomes its arms to journalists who work in either online, print, television, or radio outlets, as well as other expert media firms that have had vast prior experience in the world of investigative reporting and dealing mainly with environmental issues.

In addition, journalists who are not part of an established firm are also highly encouraged to join this programme. If you are either a freelancer or a staff from any types of media organizations, be it on an international, national, local, or community-based scale, you may also be considered to be accepted by the programme. Please also be noted that all candidates will also be required to send in story proposals that revolve around these important topics, which includes:

  • Wildlife Trafficking
  • Land Clearing
  • Extractive Industries
  • Ocean Pollution
  • Air Pollution

Above all, the one thing that the programme will certainly be looking for is journalists who can write up investigative stories that uncover the causes of these environmental issues and how the public’s safety is greatly affected due to the malpractices of massive corporations that have badly affected the environment in more than one way.

How to Apply

Are you already interested in the Asia-Pacific Investigative Environmental Story Grants? Then it’s high time that you begin your application procedure! If you would like to apply for the Asia-Pacific Investigative Environmental Story Grants, all you have to do is click on the “Apply Now” button that is available on the top right corner of the programme page. Or, you couuld simply click on the link that we have provided here. Please be informed that you will be required to create an account beforehand, and then you may be able to sign up for the application with your newly created account.

Next up, once you are finally logged in into your account, you will now be able to submit in three sample stories or links to reports that are related to the subject of investigative environmental reporting. Before you are to proceed to the real application process, you will be asked to upload your stories prior to the process. Therefore, please make sure that you have all your stories ready for upload before you can proceed to the application. In addition, please take note that the applications for this programme will be accepted on a rolling basis with updated quarterly basis. What this means is that successful candidates of the programme will be considered as they regularly come in to the submission box.

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Closing Date

Are you all set for the Asia-Pacific Investigative Environmental Story Grants? Now’s your chance to sign up! However, before your get your applications forms and documents all ready, be sure to jot down the closing date. Remember – the program will not be responsible for any candidates’ failed application due to not meeting the deadline. The official closing date of the Asia-Pacific Investigative Environmental Story Grants is on 31 December 2019, 12:00 PM, GMT. Only applications send before this deadline will be accepted. Any applications that are sent after the closing date will not be accepted and candidates will automatically be disqualified from the application procedure. In addition, only short-listed candidates whose applications have passed will be notified. If you have not heard back from the committee after a long period of time, we regret to inform you that you application has been considered to be unsuccessful.

Official Contact

We here understand that different candidates may required different kinds of information. While others have small minor questions that can be answered within a flash, others might have heavier inquiries or concerns that requires elaborate explanations. However, you don’t have to worry! Need more information about the Asia-Pacific Investigative Environmental Story Grants? Don’t sweat, we’ve got you all covered! Check out these official contact information below if you need to ask more about the scholarship programs. Always ask questions you need the answers to. Whether it’s a simple question or an elaborate one, they’re all important. Happy applying, and we wish you all the best future scholars!

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