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Pakistan Engineering Congress/Council (PEC) Helds 15th Engineering Practice Examination (EPE)

Pakistan Engineering Congress/Council (PEC) is the engineering body was initiated by Punjab Engineering Congress in 1912. PEC has activities in sharing both¬† knowledge and experiences in the engineering practices to everyone who want to be a professional engineer. PEC has authority to helds engineering practice examination (EPE) for professional engineer (PE). If you are a […]
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N-Power Recruitment and Registration for Eligible Nigerian Youth

Nigeria has the advantage of a youthful populace that can catalyze its beneficial economy. Even though current youth unemployment seems tough, the scale still exhibits an underlying opportunity. Nigeria’s youthful statistic edge through large-scale and relevant skills development improves the possibilities of economic development and social incorporation. Large-scale skills improvement and a fast-approaching social and […]
  • 11 min read