Top 10 Esthetician Online School with Certification

Thanks to the advancement of technology, today, almost everyone has equal access to further their education in any field that interests them. Nowadays, various online classes are available at your fingertips, for starters, an online IT program, online psychology classes, and – you guessed it – an esthetician online school.

Especially for the latter, more and more beauty enthusiasts are signing up for online esthetician schools these days.

By enrolling in an esthetician online school, you will obtain a license stating you are a legal practitioner in the field. These online classes are especially great for people who work full-time. Besides, they’re insanely cheaper than most instructor-led programs!

Like all online courses, an esthetician online school gives you more freedom for doing your work on your own schedule, while brick-and-mortar schools typically don’t provide this flexibility.

Also, if money has always been your most significant obstacle to making your dreams come true, you should definitely opt to enroll in an esthetician online school. Generally, esthetician online courses tend to be more affordable than physical schools because you no longer have to pay instructor salaries. In short, it would not be an exaggeration to say that you can get the best bang for your buck by taking up the esthetician online program.

Esthetician Online School
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The Best Esthetician Online School for Students Who Cannot Go to Classes in Person

If you’re ready to take your beauty game to another level, consider these esthetician online schools. We’ve put together a list of the best cosmetology schools across the United States and some other countries for you to choose from. Also, we will include links to the websites of each school, so feel free to reach out to the one that catches your eye.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Aveda Institute Los Angeles (California)

Through hands-on, real-world experience, the Aveda Institute Los Angeles provides a unique learning environment in cosmetology. It supports the idea that education entails more than just the acquisition of basic technical abilities.

Its cosmetology and esthetics program is specifically tailored to help you pass the state license exam. Plus, it enables you to get the technical, interpersonal, and business skills required to work in a professional salon.

The Aveda Institute’s Esthetics Program teaches skincare, body care, waxing, and makeup, focusing on high-touch techniques delivered through high-tech delivery in spa clinic services. You will be ready to take the California state license exam once you have completed the course.

Also, it offers a hybrid of online (with a live educator) and in-person (at Aveda Institute’s campus) education. Live education in haircutting theory, facial construction, professional growth, and more will be available through virtual learning.

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You can expect to pay $16,516 to join the Aveda Institute’s Esthetics Program. It includes tuition, student kit charges, and other expenses as well. Nevertheless, Federal Financial Aid is available to those who qualify.

Click here to sign up or learn more about this esthetician online school: Aveda Institute Los Angeles.

2. Campbellsville University’s the School of Cosmetology (Kentucky)

The School of Cosmetology at Campbellsville University aims to provide educational tools and expertise to help students as you succeed in the profession of esthetics. As a result, you’ll have the confidence and expertise to serve clients and get your license to work in salons, spas, and other beauty-related businesses.

You’ll discover a range of strategies and principles that you can apply to your future work. Also, you will be assisted in studying for the State Licensing Exam. Specifically, the course focuses on esthetics techniques and includes both theoretical and practical education.

The program consists of:

  • Career Essentials
  • Safety and Infection Control
  • The Science of Skin Care
  • Treatments and Services
  • Specialized Theory and Technical Applications

Within the course, you will learn from audio-visual presentations, interactive education through online delivery, lectures, demonstrations, practical hands-on experience, and many more. The tuition fee for the program is $13,500.

Click here to sign up or learn more about this esthetician online school: Campbellsville University’s the School of Cosmetology.

3. The Esthetic Institute (Canada)

The Esthetic Institute (TEI) was established in Calgary, Alberta, in 2009. This specialized training facility was founded to become Canada’s top esthetic and spa teaching academy.

Initially, the goal was to establish the standard in every element of its facilities across the country. Today, TEI is a post-secondary education institution that offers licensed and accredited programs that you can enroll in at your convenience.

TEI presently provides seven esthetic programs and more than 70 esthetics certifications for beginners and advanced practitioners. You will get a firm foundation of knowledge and confidence in the practical application of esthetics and be exposed to advanced disciplines such as holistic and Medical Esthetics, allowing you to specialize in the element of esthetics that most interests you.

After completing training, you will enter the industry feeling motivated, excited, and confident in your knowledge and skills. Plus, you will have a distinct competitive advantage, enabling a seamless transition into a salon or spa environment.

Click here to sign up or learn more about this esthetician online school: The Esthetic Institute.

4. NIMA Institute (Utah)

NIMA Institute is a beauty school in Salt Lake City, Utah. The National Institute of Medical Aesthetics beauty school and laser institute is exceptional in that its curriculum is founded on operating successful retail, medical spas for over twelve years.

In today’s market, NIMA knows what it takes to be a successful esthetician. As a result, this beauty school uses that expertise to ensure that your education is always relevant, comprehensive, and applicable to your success.

NIMA is more than just a collection of books. At NIMA, you’ll study from industry professionals and then put what you’ve learned into practice by working with actual clients every day. Medical esthetics training for your master esthetician license is available through this online beauty school.

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The cost of this online master esthetics licensure is $17,100. After completing the 1,200 hours of online education, you will receive a license to operate as a certified beauty practitioner.

Click here to sign up or learn more about this esthetician online school: NIMA Institute.

5. Honolulu Nail and Aesthetics Academy (Hawaii)

The Honolulu Nail and Aesthetics Academy (HNA) offers a licensed online course in nails and aesthetics. It is a state-approved course consisting of four different concentrations: nail technician, esthetician, classic eyelash extension, and micro blading.

The academy has a positive track record that spans over ten years of providing excellence in education, and it has evolved with the industry. Through its online course, HNA reaches more potential students outside the general area, for instance, in outer island residences.

Amazingly, HNA has tried and tested that aspect of its program, and it is confident that the beauty school can provide the same quality education online as it does on campus.

HNA claims that its online program is perfect for busy people who need to work full-time, and live far from its campus, but can’t just give up on their dreams of being part of the booming beauty industry. To register for a class, you have to pay a deposit of $500.

Click here to sign up or learn more about this esthetician online school: NIMA Institute.

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6. Laurel Career College & Tech School’s School of Spa and Cosmetology Arts (Pennsylvania)

Laurel Career College & Tech School takes pride in giving you a solid basis to build your career and assisting you in making the connections necessary to bridge the gap between school and work. It aspires to provide you with a high-quality education while also helping you in developing your abilities, skills, and knowledge in preparation for a long-term job in a thriving industry.

Its esthetics program provides a comprehensive set of instructions in skincare and cosmetology. You’ll learn anatomy, physiology, and histology, as well as infection control, component and product awareness, chemistry, and nutrition. Also, you will learn a variety of services, such as:

  • Facial massage
  • Galvanic and high-frequency treatments
  • Hair removal
  • In-depth skin analysis
  • Professional makeup artistry skills
  • Specialized facials
  • The use of facial machines

When you acquire an Esthetics diploma, you’ll learn that beauty is more than skin deep in just 355-600 hours! This fantastic program is available for $10,912.

Click here to sign up or learn more about this esthetician online school: Laurel Career College & Tech School.

7. New Age Spa (Canada)

New Age Spa is an esthetics facility in the greater Montreal area that also offers training to aspiring beauticians. Its esthetician online school is overseen by teachers with a combined 20 years of expertise in the profession. It strives to raise industry standards for procedural procedures, health, safety, and hygiene.

For starters, it has immersive skincare training, putting you in real-life client-esthetician interactions. As a result, you will be able to learn from both theories and practice on as many live models as possible. Taxes, certification, online and in-class instruction, and practice materials are all included in the $2,600 tuition price.

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You’ll learn how to treat common skin disorders and create treatment plans for your customers in this online course. After completing this esthetician online course, you will qualify for liability insurance or a position as a skin therapist in the high-paying esthetics industry.

Click here to sign up or learn more about this esthetician online school: New Age Spa.

8. Edith Serie Academy (Canada)

With Edith Serie Academy’s brand new esthetics program, you can take your first important step toward a career as an esthetician. This online training contains a theory section with demo videos to study at your leisure, as well as a ten-week in-class practice session.

Attending Edith Serie Academy’s online day or evening courses, either full-time or part-time, will get you an Esthetics diploma. The curriculum includes 525 hours of theory and practice and a 100-hour external internship in either skincare, makeup, or manicure and foot care.

During your time at school, you will have the opportunity to put the techniques you’ve learned into practice. Also, you will have the chance to work in pleasant surroundings while receiving helpful advice from your teachers.

When you consider all of these factors, you’ll never doubt that you’re getting the best instruction available for $8,395.

Click here to sign up or learn more about this esthetician online school: Edith Serei Academy.

9. Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics (California)

The Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics (CIAE) provides advanced esthetics training and lectures on medical and clinical esthetic themes. Its Paramedical Esthetics program teaches you everything you need to know about working in the field of medical esthetics.

So, this course is for you if you want to work in a plastic surgeon’s office, or a medical spa, or if you want to learn more about this issue so that you may better educate and direct your clients. After passing the test, you will receive a certificate at the end of the lesson.

Medical Esthetics estheticians do not currently have access to state-issued licensure. On the other hand, CIAE provides training and a certificate in this area.

10. Contact to list your business here.

Notably, this online course will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to offer treatments with more confidence and effectiveness. Plus, your knowledge will make you more marketable in your field and may even enable you to earn a higher wage!

Click here to learn more about medical terminology or get certifications as your foundation to be an esthetician.


Esthetician Online School is a great place to start your career in the beauty industry. With courses that cover a wide range of topics, including makeup application, skin care techniques, and spa services, students can gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this competitive field. However, to truly stand out from the crowd and increase your job prospects, obtaining certifications is highly recommended.

Certification programs can offer a solid foundation and demonstrate to potential employers that you are serious about your profession. This is where CCNA Practice Test comes into play. While CCNA is typically associated with networking, the practice test can also be useful for those looking to earn a certification in esthetics. It can help you prepare for the certification exam and give you a competitive edge in the job market. Moreover, exploring education through digital platforms opens up a world of possibilities, including opportunities for aesthetic jobs in London.

Please note that to unblock websites that may be restricted by some online course providers, you can use VPN services.


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