Top 8 Free Final Grading Calculators for Students

It is undeniable that grades are important for students. Grades clarify for students what they understand and do not and where they can improve. Hence, understanding how to calculate your final grade is helpful, be it using a specific mathematical formula or a final grading calculator.

Final Grading Calculator
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If you go the second route, you can rest easy since the tool will do everything for you. All you need are your scores, a laptop, and a good Internet connection. Then, try one of these calculators to help you identify your final grade.

1. RapidTables

The first website that allows you to calculate your final score is RapidTables. RapidTables has many types of calculators, one of which is the final exam grading calculator. What we love about it is its simplicity. Plus, it provides real-world examples for you in case you get lost.

Among the most popular features is the calculation of final exam grades based on current and target grades. You can also find the final grades based on multiple current and target grades. It allows you to use either scores in percentages or letters without you having to convert them first.

2. RogerHub

RogerHub will take care of everything about calculating your final grade. If you want to know how well you will perform in a class, feel free to use this calculator. By entering your current and expected grade, you will find out how much your final exam will be worth.

Additionally, it will tell you how much you need in the final to meet your own standards. While some might be tempted to pay someone to do homework to boost their grades, RogerHub offers a more ethical and effective alternative. It also has an advanced mode that weighs in more requirements, such as missing assignments and extra homework before final exams.

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3. Calculator Soup

Do not let the name fool you. While it has nothing to do with soup, Calculator Soup can help you find what grades you will need in the final exam to achieve the expected grade for a class. The process only takes a minute as long as you have your current grade and the weight of your final grade with you.

Calculator Soup uses a formula that considers your current grade, the weight of the final exam, and your desired grade for the course. It is hands-down perfect for any student who wants to know their grades in advance even before the instructors post them.

4. caught our eye from the first glance with its bright and colorful interface. Even so, it is still very easy to use with guides and video tutorials assisting you to understand how final grades are calculated. It is the perfect tool for you if your grading is in letters.

Worry not because can calculate in percentage too, so use whichever suits you. In addition, the website provides other tools for many types of assessment, such as high school and college grade point average calculators and weighted grade calculators.


Another good website for calculating overall final grades is Its free calculator will provide you with assistance in calculating the grades you will need on the final exam to achieve the expected grades for a particular course.

What you will need is the target grade, current grade, and weight. Make sure everything is in percentage. You can also add scores got from past assignments to get accurate results. By far, it offers the simplest interface, so everyone can navigate through it easily in seconds.

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6. GradeCentric

It is easy to see why GradeCentric is so well accepted by many students. Its simplicity is just one reason behind the rave. With the GradeCentric final grade calculator, you can find out the grade you need for the final exam in three steps. Simply enter your current grade, desired grade, and weight.

In addition, GradeCentric offers other tools to help you go further in your studies. For example, it has a grade raise calculator that helps you to learn how to improve your overall grades. There is also a grade calculator that works for all school stages.

7. Ontario Tech University

To use the calculator designed by Ontario Tech University, you only need to input your current percentage of the assignment, test, or exam. For each new category, just click on the button, and your results will be updated as you add different tasks.

Ontario Tech University also has a comprehensive guide to help you operate the calculator. Plus, it lists examples for different scenarios, so you can use the calculator for whatever your needs are.

8. Student Edge

The final grades calculator by Student Edge is all you need to keep track of, whether your high school or university grades. It is easy and free to use this amazing feature to record or predict your final grade based on the grades you know so far.

The calculator is as easy as 1, 2, 3 because you only need three steps to get your results. However, you will need to register for an account to access full features, such as adding or editing a subject or unit.

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Now, time to choose a final grading calculator from our list. Start forecasting the minimum grade you need to score on a final exam to achieve a desired grade for a class or course.

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