Top 7 Fully Funded Masters in Psychology

Looking for financial aids that offer fully funded masters in psychology? Fully funded Master of Arts (M.A.) programs in psychology can be difficult to find, but we have some great news for you.

Fully Funded Masters in Psychology
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We’ve rounded up some generous scholarships that have helped many psychology students pursue their degrees debt-free. Whether you aspire to become a researcher or a certified marriage counselor, here are the scholarships for you.

1. Fully Funded Clinical-Counseling Psychology Masters

Sponsor: Illinois State University

Deadline: January 1

This master’s degree provides rigorous training in basic areas of psychology and their application in assessment, counseling, and psychotherapeutic treatment. It’s perfect if you’ve always dreamed of helping people experiencing emotional difficulties, psychological disturbances, and related issues.

Illinois State University offers graduate assistantships to facilitate the progress of students during their studies. The package includes a monthly stipend, a 100% tuition waiver for one semester, and a waiver of up to 12 credits for tuition fees during the summer.

2. Fully Funded Masters in Clinical Psychology and Psychological Sciences

Sponsor: Montclair State University

Deadline: March 15

Montclair State University in New Jersey offers MA programs in Clinical Psychology and Psychological Sciences. They are designed to encourage students to join research laboratories and gain a broad base of knowledge on the subdisciplines of psychology.

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The university also provides graduate assistantships for students of these departments. The financial assistance includes tuition reimbursement and stipend which are valid for 10 months. Simply enroll in one of these two fully funded masters in psychology and see if you’re eligible for the competitive award.

3. Full Funding for A Master of Science in Psychology

Sponsor: Western University

Deadline: December 1

If you’e considering pursuing a Master of Science (M. Sc.) in psychology, this could be the right option for you. Western University in Ontario, Canada, invites you to train directly under the best scientists in computer programming, data modeling, and other unusual but cool fields of psychology.

Additionally, Western University fully funded masters in psychology offer generous funding packages for two years, and they’re available to both domestic and international students. On top of that, students are allowed to seek financial support from external sources to cut more expenses.

4. Graduate Assistantships for Masters in Psychological Sciences

Sponsor: University of South Florida

Deadline: February 1

Those seeking admission to the best master’s programs from a nationally recognized institution should consider this opportunity. The University of South Florida has limited seats for prospective students seeking competitive graduate assistantships.

While summer funding is not yet available, recipients will be eligible for tuition waivers during the fall and spring semesters. In addition, the university allows recipients to apply for other scholarships and fellowships during the award. This will enable them to receive more support for less work obligations.

5. Funding for Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Psychology

Sponsor: University of Cambridge

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Deadline: December 1

If you’re unable to commit to the study period required for doctoral research, the University of Cambridge has the perfect program for you. This MPhil program in psychology lasts only one year, during which you can take up research in any area of psychology.

The university also provides various types of funding for their postgraduate students. Most of them are competitive, but we believe that there’s something for everyone here. These include the Cambridge Trust, Gates Cambridge, Vice-Chancellor’s Awards, and Cambridge International Scholarships.

6. Full Tuition in Psychological Sciences

Sponsor: University of Denver

Deadline: November 15

Dreaming of joining a group of dedicated researchers collaborating on psychological science? This is the place for you. The University of Denver’s Department of Psychology has a state-of-the-art master’s program that offers students real-world experiences.

What’s even better is that there are many funding packages you can apply to!

For example, the University of Denver provides full tuition and a stipend for students pursuing research both on and off campus. Also, the recipients will also be eligible for health insurance. Furthermore, the stipend supplements award up to $4,500 for each student, so there’s no reason for you to pass on this opportunity.

7. Fully Funded Educational Psychology Masters

Sponsor: The University of Arizona

Deadline: February 1 (fall, summer) and October 1 (spring) each year

The University of Arizona basically offers a lot of funding that students can use to further their studies. Its Department of Psychology, in particular, has full scholarships for those interested in pursuing a master’s degree in educational psychology.

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Other funding opportunities include assistantships, tuition waiver, fellowships, and part-time employment. They are available to both domestic and international students, so if you want to study abroad, come here and apply to this fully funded masters in psychology!

There you go, seven fully funded masters in psychology to help you realize your dream! Make sure to apply by the deadline to ensure your chance of being considered for any programs we listed here. In the meantime, you can bookmark this page to get future updates on other funding for master programs in psychology.

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