A True Story of Farmer’s Son Who Got a Fully Funded Scholarship in Harvard University

Everyone said to get better life sometimes need a big of luck! Well, this might be not a false statement. But, other than luck, there also other important things to consider. One of the main things is called hard work! Even if you have a lot of luck in this world, your hard work will never have defected you. Read the true story below, a farmer’s son who change his fate through a fully funded scholarship in Harvard. A prove that a dream can do come true, through a hard effort and a piece of parents blessed!

About Romnick Blanco

You might ever hear the story of a successful farmer’s son in the Philippines that luckily received a scholarship from Harvard. Through this fund, he changes his fate and become a successful person. Well, this is not only a story, but it is a true story! Romnick Blanco born in a poor family in Sierra Madre that works as a farmer to meet their daily needs. His father works hard every day just to find out that they cannot lose from poverty. However, this condition is not making Romnick Blanco blame his fate and do nothing about it.

Even Romnick realize that his only a little poor Filipino boy, he never gives up to dedicatedly cross over a river every day to study in his schools. His father even the person who always push him to diligently study and go to school every day. This spirit leads him to be one of the best students in his school. Through his hard work, plus big support from his parent, he able to get a good mark and be intelligence. For his highest mark in all his study subject, International School Manila give him an opportunity to received scholarship. So that Romnick will able to continue his education.

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romnick blanco
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Green Earth Heritage Scholarship

Related with Romnick story, there is an organization called Green Earth Heritage. This foundation believes that education is a key to community development. Therefore, Green Earth Heritage Foundation commit to helping to transform lives through organic agriculture. The foundation, which stands from 2009, receiving a donation of over 100 hectares of land in the historic town of San Miguel, Bulacan, Philippines. The same land with the land of Romnick was born and grow.

Through this donation, Green Earth Heritage Foundation help the society in that area to preserve the environment and adhere to sustainable agricultural practices. Which this effort believes can manage to help the alleviation of poverty through the community development.

Romnick, at that moment, is one of the boys who received supports for his study from Green Earth Heritage Foundation. Romnick received a monthly subsidy to help with his public-school cost including free access to an English and computer literacy class at the foundation’s Learning Centre. The foundation noted that Romnick is one of the outstanding students at that time. Therefore, through the foundation, Romnick gets the chance to receive scholarships in International School Manila for five years. This is how Romnick’s live is start to change.

When There is a Will, there is a Way!

Getting a chance to change his life, Romnick study hard in Manila. He then amazingly received acceptance and full scholarships to Harvard University. Not only that, it was noted that he also accepted in Darmoth College, Wesleyan University and New York University at Abu Dhabi. His big efforts so far along with his luck have brought him near to better education level.

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Romnick finally decided to select Harvard as the university motto is along with his vision. Romnick then graduated at 2017, traveling around the world for a year, and start his college with Harvard at 2018. While traveling, Romnick learns on many things to support his life. Including learn on how to drive and play guitar. By the time he has to start his study with Harvard, Romnick received a lot of meaningful experience that helps to support with his current life and education.

One of the interesting things is that Romnick still remembers with his land. He adds up to 1500 trees in his born land, the place where Green Heritage Foundation received its charity land that dedicated for the farmer on that land. Romnick also conducts a charity theatre class. This is one of his best decision to remember where he was belonging and to dedicate himself to his community back after his long luck and opportunity.

Currently, Romnick continues his study in Harvard and choose economics, environmental studies, math and history as part of his interest in Harvard. He still has a long path to continue on. He also mentioned that he currently focusing on his study. But apart from that, he mentions how he feel encouraged to see more farmer’s children receive an opportunity like him. He was blessed to get the opportunity, but it doesn’t mean that he keeps it for himself. Hopefully, in the near future, the Green Earth Foundation will able to receive more fund and supports to help others with a family background like him

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Overall, Romnick story and spirit proves that when there is a will, there must be a way! The way might not be easy. Poverty is not an obstacle, but it is a challenge. One of the important things is that we should never give up our current condition. Mainly if we wish to change our fate and get better education level. There are many scholarships and fully fund available for developing countries. They are available for many farmer’s sons such as Romnick!

That’s a little story of Romnick Blanco that already spread over the world. This true story has inspired million people not only to rely on their luck. But trust that hard work can change a bad fate though! Therefore, never give up to find the best scholarship to support your better education. If you’re growing in such a developing country that seems to promise you nothing, believe that the power of hard work and pray will result you with better living in the next day. Hence, keep trying and do not give up today. Your lucky day will come someday to meet you with a suitable scholarship to change your fate. Trust it!

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