7 Easiest Countries to Get Citizenship, Country #5 is in Asia!

Citizenship – it is a moral and governmental right that every person on this planet deserves, and yet, the process of earning one is not at easy as it appears to be. While some countries extend their arms to help people earn their citizenship, other nations make it extremely difficult to get one. This may either be due to reasons such as administrative purposes, security measures, or it could even be caused by diplomatic ties that have been severed in the past. However, one thing is for sure. Each country has their own way of offering citizenship to people who require it.

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All difficulties aside, fortunately there are quite a handful of countries that have opened its doors to everyone coming from all regions of the planet. Whether you’re an expat, immigrant, diaspora, or refugee, the nations we will be mentioning later on have been doing their best to go out their way and facilitate these people with earning their own citizenship. Not only do they give them the opportunity, but they also provide much help during the procedure as well. Curious to know what these countries are? We have you covered! Below are 7 countries where you can easily earn your citizenship.

Country #07: Canada

Canada, the country that’s known for its delicious maple syrup, the jaw-dropping Niagara Falls, and is superbly kind society, provides a fuss-free procedure to earning a citizenship. One major requirement that you will need in order to earn a Canadian citizenship is by having a job in the country. The purpose behind this is to make sure that you are under some sort of financial security if you plan to move to Canada from some other country. However, if you do not have a job, you will need to find another way to prove that you have an alternative source of income during your residency in Canada.

Regarding the process, it’s actually pretty simple. A single individual who plans to become a Canadian citizen must be able to have a minimum fund of at least C$12,000. This is to prove that you have enough income to earn your status as a skilled immigrant. Once you become a permanent resident, you may then register for naturalization in order to become a full-fledged Canadian citizen. However, this can only be allowed after four years of becoming a permanent resident. The best part? The Canadian government allows dual citizenship within the nation.

Country #06: Ireland

Ireland, the country that’s known for its exciting and hustling pub life, their joyous festive celebrations, and their love for the color green and four-leafed clovers, is another nation where you can get your citizenship without a hassle. An foreign individual is considered to be eligible for an Irish citizenship by living in the country for one year continuously. After that one-year part is over, in addition, the individual must have four years of cumulative residency within a period of eight years. Once he or she has done so, the individual will then automatically be considered as a naturalized citizen of Ireland.

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As a bonus, if you currently have all the right supportive documents, the Irish government may be able to provide a waiver for a part of your residency time requirement. These documents include proof of Irish ancestry within the family tree, proof of having been associated with Ireland, proof of having an Irish grandparent. Just by simply proving that you have the blood or virtue of Irish ancestry, you may instantly have a chance to earn an Irish citizenship. Just like Canada, Ireland also offers the chance for its people to hold dual citizenship.

Country #05: Singapore

Singapore, the country that’s known for the culturally-epic Merlion statue, the iconic Esplanade that’s shaped after a durian fruit, and their extensive rules that keeps the country in order, has been coming out of their way to providing an easy procedure for people who would like to earn a citizenship in Singapore. This can be done by building and establishing some sort of business prospect in Singapore. Once you are done with that, you will be qualified to earn a permanent residency in the country. Besides owning a business, you can also receive permanent residency by getting a job in Singapore or marrying someone who has Singaporean citizenship.

Once you have undergone at least two years of permanent residency, you will the be eligible enough to start your applications to become a naturalized citizen of Singapore. Unfortunately, there is once certain downside behind all of this. Unlike the two previous mentioned countries, Canada and Ireland, Singapore does not permit its citizens to obtain dual citizenship. If you wish to continuously pursues a full-fledged Singaporean citizenship, you will ultimately have to let go of your previous citizenship. If you don’t, you will ten continue to be considered as a Permanent Resident in the country..

Country #04: Uruguay

Uruguay, the country that’s known for its exquisitely delicious crafted wine, its amazing soccer team that’s made international headlines, a its rich South American culture and history, surprisingly has a unique way of helping people earn their citizenship in the country. If you belong or have ties to a family that been residing in the country of Uruguay for a long time, you are deemed eligible to apply for a citizenship in Uruguay after a long period of three years. You may be required to provide verified proof that you have valid connections to Uruguay.

These substantial ties to the country can be proven by owning some sort of property, renting a house or an apartment, having a membership in one of its many social communities, or even having ties to a local doctor in the country. If you’re a single person, you are only allowed to apply for a full-fledged citizenship after five years, which is two years longer than the normal requirement. It is worth nothing that having familial ties does not only mean having a husband or wife who’s living in Uruguay. It could also mean if you’re a single child who lives with a parent, then you are still able to register for citizenship.

Country #03: Argentina

Argentina, the country that’s known for it’s lively street music that keeps you up, the amazing culinary experience that waters your taste buds, and the lovely tango that sweeps people of their feet, is another South American nation that is opening its doors for people who plan on applying for citizenship. Two basic requirements that people need to fulfill to be able to apply for an Argentinean scholarship is that they must reside in the country for a period of at least two years and must be above 18 years old.

With a citizenship law that has been unchanged since 1869, citizenship in Argentina has been offered and granted to immigrants who don’t have the the privilege of having legal residency or working without verified permit. Recently, it has been announced that no one in Argentina is considered as an “illegal alien” as the rules of legality only works during cases of going against criminal laws. Those who violate the country’s immigration laws will only be considered as a simple administration issues that only takes a short period of time to resolve.

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Country #02: The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, the country that’s tucked within the islands of the Caribbean, well-known for its white tropical sandy beaches, the clear blue skies and ocean waters, and also the friendly people that welcomes tourists from all over the world, has its own ways of providing a simple procedure to earn citizenship. An individual is required to provide proof of having a monthly salary of at least $2,000. Once this basic criteria has been fulfilled, you may then be allowed to instantly apply for a permanent residency.

After holding the permanent resident status for a period of two years, you may then register for a full-fledged citizenship in The Dominican Republic. All of this will eat up a short period of three years. However, since 2015, a $5,000 application fee has been implemented to those who are planning to receive their citizenship. There will also be an interview that will be held in the Spanish language, and also a medical examination. Fortunately, The Dominican Republic allows its people to hold dual citizenship.

Country #01: Peru

Peru, the country that’s known for its world-acclaimed Macchu Picchu landmark, the hundred of towering hills, and the deep indigenous history that has been ingrained into it, is our final country of this list that offers you an easy way to earn your citizenship. The entire process in Peru takes two years, and you will only be obliged to follow a few requirements and contribute to a small fee. All you have to do is pay an investment of $25,000, which can be done in installments. Applications are usually approved with a short period of three months.

If there are still some affairs that you need to take care of in your home country, the Peruvian government has you covered. Once you have received your citizenship, you will be granted with a six-month time period to settle down all of your errands before you make your move to Peru. Once you’ve already moved to the country, you can then make the finalization of your residency visa.

Feel like moving to any of these countries in the future? Well, you’re in luck! Not only do they each have their own respective uniqueness to it, but they also offer some of the most easiest ways to get a citizenship. So pack your bags and book your plane tickets. We hope to see you soon in one of these seven countries!

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