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Have you ever dreamed of pursuing a study in a foreign country? Think about it. You get the chance to travel, see the world, adapt to new things, and meet new individuals, all while getting instruction at a legitimate school. In case you are a Japanese language understudy, what preferable approach to get even more fluent than to associate with local speakers? 

This, shockingly, is only a dream for a large portion of us. Voyaging and studying abroad is costly. You need to consider travel costs, nourishment, lodging, transportation, educational cost, and a huge amount of different costs. It is not something you can do spontaneously except if you have the methods.  


Fortunately, for those who are interested in studying in Japan, there is the MEXT (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship. We are going through all that you have to think about this Japanese study abroad opportunity, from what it is and how to apply, to every one of the prerequisites you have to meet to fit the bill for a free semester or a greater amount of tutoring in Japan. So, keep on reading! 

About MEXT Scholarship

For the individuals who want to go to Japan and study abroad but do not have the way to do as such, this scholarship is an unimaginable chance. The MEXT (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship means “the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Scholarship” and is otherwise called Monbukagakusho.” It is a scholarship distributed every year to enable international understudies to enroll in Japanese colleges and universities.  

The MEXT Scholarship is a student trade program for understudies who want to study at a Japanese university. Regardless of which level of the scholarship you apply for, there are two fundamental prerequisites for getting acknowledged:  

  • Get suggested by a Japanese embassy or office general 
  • Get suggested by a Japanese university of your choice that acknowledges you for study 

You will accomplish the first through the application procedure which requires a form to be sent to your nearby Japanese government office. You will accomplish the second by applying to various Japanese universities and noticing in your entries that you are applying for the MEXT Scholarship.  

Two progressively key stipulations are that you should be a native of a nation that has a political association with Japan and you should have a legitimate understudy visa.  

If you effectively meet all requirements for the MEXT Scholarship, you will get:  

  • 120,000 yen every month for university understudies 
  • 146,000 yen every month for Japanese Intensive Course understudies and research understudies 
  • 147,000 yen every month for master’s program understudies 
  • 148,000 yen every month for doctoral program understudies  
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Generally, you will get around at least 1,000 USD every month to live, eat, and travel in Japan and have all your educational costs secured. 

Tips to Win the MEXT Scholarship

Below are 6 tips to win the MEXT Scholarship:

1. The First Screening  

After you have presented all the application archives, it is your time to stand by calmly until they assess every one of your reports. It will take around a month or more in the vicinity. They will, at that point, distribute the rundown of numbers who have passed the principal screening around mid to late June. When they regard your application reports to be finished, they will get them and give you a slip that has a sequential number, or the application number. 

Since they distribute the numbers and not the name, keep the slip securely. They will not illuminate every up-and-comer exclusively, nor engage the calls concerning the determination. You must be patient and continue checking the site all the time. On the off chance that you have passed this screening, in any case, you can call the government office and get some information about the procedures. 

2. The Preparation 

On the off chance that you have passed the primary screening, you are advised that you need to go to the government office once more. This time, however, you need to present a total research proposition to the government office. You will not have a great deal of time to set it up if you begin to work on it after the consequence of the main screening. So, it is suggested that you start it possibly ahead of schedule. 

Additionally, alongside the proposition, you should present the theoretical or the rundown of the examination that you had done during the undergraduate study. At that point, when you present those, you will be given a passage card and told the date of the language assessment. 

3. The Language Assessment 

On the off chance that you believed that you have given a TOEFL test or passed a NAT/JLPT Exam, you will not need to give any tests once more, that is not true. Because the language test at the embassy itself is required. For research understudies, even though you need to seem both English just like a Japanese language test, the last is not required to pass. What they will do is they will score every test independently and consider whichever is most noteworthy in our language test score. Along these lines, you do not need to stress over your Japanese capability presently and center around your English preparation.

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4. The Interview  

In this way, if you breeze through the language assessment, you are nearly there. The consulate will inform you about the date of the interview and obviously, you must be dependable. The meeting will be taken by four to five individuals or might be more. They will approach you with inquiries for around 45 – 60 minutes. If you are considering what sort of inquiries they pose for so long, do not panic. They do not pose extreme inquiries. Some will be identified with your foundation, look into interests, your arrangements, and some will be about your intentions. 

Some tips for the interview: 

  • Be formal: It is profoundly suggested that you wear formal dresses for the interview. 
  • Be timely: Do not arrive at the government office 15 minutes late and gripe about the traffic. Be on time as much as possible.  
  • Be smart: In the interview, they will pose a portion of the inquiries identified with the form that you filled. In this way, be savvy and remember to keep a duplicate of the considerable number of forms with you so you could change them before the meeting.

5. The Acceptance Letter 

On the off chance that you pass the screening of the embassy, they will give you a letter and a declaration showing that you have passed the screening. Additionally, they will restore the duplicates of the forms that you filled up to this point with the seal of the government office. You will presently need to discover in any event one LoA (Letter of Acceptance) from the teachers in Japan. 

You need to filter every one of the reports and send them to an educator through mail alongside your admission letter. You need to specify that you have passed the screening of consulate and need to join his university and lead an examination under his watch. If he answers emphatically, you need to demand the letter of acknowledgment from the educator with the seal of the university. 

Neighborly tips:  

  • Looking through the University: When you have passed the screening, it is normal for you to need to go to the top universities such as the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University. Be that as it may, when you search and mail the educators, mail the teachers of these universities, yet also, some different universities to be on the safe side. It is because the teachers in top universities are regularly occupied and most likely hesitant to answer.  
  • Looking through an educator: You can go to the site of university and quest for the teacher that matches your intrigue. Try not to stress if the educator does not have precisely the same research enthusiasm as you have submitted in a proposition. If it is something comparative, that will work.  
  • Mailing a teacher: Always be exceptionally amenable and formal while mailing to any educator. While this is valid for any educators over the globe, its compulsory in Japan. In some cases, you must be politer than you really might suspect is legitimate. 
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6. The Long Wait

When you have presented the LoA and the form, it is currently time to sit tight for around two months to know formally that you have been granted the scholarship. In around late November to December, they will inform that you will get the scholarship and in about a month from that point, they will affirm your university. 

If you have resulted in these present circumstances point, congratulations. You have merited it, for your insight, yet also to your understanding. You can now plan your outing to the place that is known for the rising sun. 

So, those are 6 tips to win the MEXT (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship. Follow along and see for yourself how effective they can be in helping you to win the scholarship.  

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