Netspend Scholarship Awards Up to $5,000 for College Students

It’s never too early to begin the search for college scholarships. As soon as you begin applying for college, you should begin the search. Applying for scholarships is important. One of the many reasons is that it provides you an opportunity to earn an education, just like what this Netspend Scholarship does.

Without assistance from an outside source, you may have trouble paying for the degree. However, having a scholarship that pays for your education and living expenses can actually reduce your risk of dropping out and not getting the degree you want. You may even be able to consider a more selective institution or major.

Also, earning a Netspend Scholarship can actually make you a more attractive job candidate. Employers who understand the competitive nature of the scholarship will recognize it as an accomplishment. It can help you stand out when you search for a job, possibly helping you achieve the career you want.

Before you fill out the application, make sure to review the eligibility requirements below.

Netspend Scholarship
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About Netspend Scholarship

The Netspend Scholarship Program aims to provide access to education, skill-building, and resources that allow its customers to increase earning power, improve their quality of living, and reach their full potential.

Netspend understands that many of its customers are working hard to improve their lives, and the company wants to help! This scholarship program grants tuition assistance to Netspend or Netspend affiliated customers.

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Netspend Scholarship can help you pay for your education to gain new skills needed to earn a better-paying job. Moreover, it provides support for those who are looking to attend vocational or trade schools, community colleges, or university programs.

Program Benefits

With the rising cost of education, it becomes very challenging for many students to continue their higher education and pursue their dream. For many students, college becomes unaffordable due to its expensive fee structure.

However, Netspend Scholarship plays a great role in reducing the financial burden by sponsoring the college fees for you! Netspend Scholarship awards up to $5,000 worth of scholarships for the qualifying students. The scholarship money will apply to your tuition, books, room, and meal plans.

Consequently, you can have more time to focus on your studies. Research shows that work can take up more than 15 hours per week and becomes an obstacle to academic success. The stresses of working can make it difficult for you to graduate on time or graduate with the high grades you have the potential to achieve.

Hence, applying for the scholarship is a great decision.

Eligibility Requirements

When it comes time to start applying for scholarships, choose only those awards for which you are qualified. There is little point in spending the time on a scholarship application and essay submission only to find you were not an eligible candidate.

Choose only those scholarships that match your college career path, and that have requirements you are able to meet. As in this case, to qualify for a Netspend Scholarship, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be a primary cardholder whose account is in good standing at the time of application and at the time the award is claimed.
  • Be a U.S. resident.
  • Not be related to a Netspend, TSYS, or Global Payments employee.
  • Be 18 years of age or older at the time of application.
  • Claim scholarship within 6 months of being awarded.
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How to Apply for a Netspend Scholarship

The application will ask you for basic information about yourself, including age, gender, contact information, and household income. It will ask you to share information about the education program you are attending or plan to attend, and your plans for how to finance the education.

There are also a few short-answer questions to help the committee get to know you better. Finally, they will also ask for the name and contact information for two references.

As you complete your scholarship application and complete the short-answer questions, you must be yourself. While it is always tempting to puff yourself up on the scholarship application, it is all too easy to get caught when the time comes for the final interview.

The committee will evaluate your application first, and the more honest and forthright you are the easier the next process will be. Be secure in your potential as a student and your value as a person, and be as honest and open on your application as possible.

Netspend wants to get to know you, and you do them and yourself a disservice by trying to be someone else. All in all, click here to start your application for Netspend Scholarship today. Note that you’ll need to create an account before you can submit your application.

Closing Date

The deadline to submit the online application is October 1 at 12 midnight Central Time. Make sure you’re writing this down. Knowing when the scholarship is due will help you stay on track. Waiting 10 minutes before the deadline is a good way to have things go wrong.

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If the Internet goes down, your power goes out, or the scholarship’s website crashes, you could miss out. Netspend doesn’t allow late submissions, so waiting could mean wasting your work. Hence, staying on a schedule will help you stay positive about the application process.

Contact Details

Got any questions about Netspend Scholarship? Or, do you need one-on-one assistance to help you navigate your application? Feel free to send your inquiries to Their team will be more than glad to help you!

Official Webpage of Netspend Scholarship

Visit the official webpage of the Netspend Scholarship at for more information about it. While we provide guidance on the program, please note that this is a general post. We are not responsible for changes made unilaterally by the scholarship provider. However, we will try to update this information periodically.

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