How to Write a Good Scholarship Essay

The essay can be considered as one of the main document that the scholarship applicants need to prepare. The typical essay might provide an insight into your past and show your present and future objectives. However, each scholarship has its own style when assessing the applicant’s scholarship essay. Thus, you need to know exactly what are the things that the scholarship assessor need to know from you.

The key to a winning essay for a scholarship application is its uniqueness. Make your essay to be exclusive and personal to you. It should explain more about your strong interest and your drive studying your subject. You also need to create responses that can only relate to yourself. If your essay is individual enough it stands out, it will catch the judges’ eyes.

Here are some basic principles when you write a scholarship application essay

  1. Identify the key themes

The key themes of your essay are likely determined by the purpose of the organization who are funding the scholarship or the purpose of the award itself. Once you know this, you can choose what to highlight in your scholarship essay about the aspects of your life that are related to the said purpose.

You may also read the questions of the essay that you need to respond and find the key themes from the statement. For example, you are being asked the following statement: “In which occasion have you demonstrated a leadership ability? How did it make difference in your community and your work.”

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The key items of the above statement are ‘leadership’ and ‘community impact’.

After finding out, you need to understand those key ideas really mean, beyond their original meaning. For the above example, the questions were not meant to ask the position you held and your responsibilities when you were appointed to be a leader but includes the description of the effect of your leadership as well as the actions you’ve been taken and what results that have been achieved under your leadership.

If you are applying for a scholarship based on community service, you may list all the community service group in which you belong to or service project awards that you have won. Explain how your experience volunteering in community services could be the foundation to what you will learn on your future course.

  1. Use the keywords frequently

You will be considered to have committed addressing the questions being asked of you when using the keywords throughout the entire essay. For instance, you make an effort on putting references to ‘leadership’ term like ‘impacting communities’ and ‘innovation’ run throughout your essay.

  1. Start your essay in an engaging way

Sometimes you find it hard when starting to write an essay. You may include a statement or a quote that is related to the course you are intended to take. This will help you to link the topic to the text’s main body.

Showing a wider knowledge on several topics about your course subject will help to convince the scholarship committee who is funding your study is worthy for investment.

  1. Understand how the scholarship committee decide the criteria to evaluate your application essay
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Try to make an outline of the key criteria which you believe being used by the scholarship committee judges to evaluate the essays about the themes related to your study object.

  1. Answer the underlying question

Sometimes the questions being asked of you is just a springboard for you to answer the real question the judges want to address. The scholarship committee who gives an award for students who want to study chemistry will ask, “Why do you want to study chemistry?” The underlying question that they are implying is, “Why do you want to study chemistry, and why are you the best future chemist we should give our hard-earned money?”

If you’re able to identify and answer the underlying question, your essay might be stand out more than the other applicants who are not able to address the real question. This will help you to make your essay as a way to prove that you are the worthiest applicant to receive the scholarship to the committee.

  1. Check your essay for spelling errors, use correct grammar and punctuation

Spelling errors and incorrect grammar could be one reason for the judges to kick you out of the competition even before they finish reading your whole essay. They have piles of application to read and if you give them hardship by bad writing due to spelling errors, they will make it easy by throwing your application into the can.

  1. Avoid redundant conclusions

Before writing a scholarship essay, make an outline of what you want to explain and make a conclusion based on the body text. Your conclusion should be able to explain why the rest of the essay was important. It should answer the arising question, “So what?”

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Hope the above tips will help. Good luck!

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