Top 10 Online Degree in Criminal Justice to Elevate Your Knowledge

An online degree in criminal justice can give you the tools you need to make a successful entry into the field of criminal justice.

Students who want to improve their knowledge of the criminal justice system and study criminal behavior can complete a bachelor’s degree in online criminal justice.

online degree in criminal justice
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A bachelor’s degree may help students take on leadership positions in the justice system or focus on research or policy analysis.

We evaluated several factors to rank the best online degree in criminal justice, including cost/fee, reputation and graduation rate.

1. Odu Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

The online division of Old Dominion University has supported distance learning for over 30 years and is committed to adaptable and accessible education designed to help all students excel in their post-graduate careers.

The Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice is also offering a full online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, where students can learn from an seasoned professor about the nuances and intricacy of the criminal justice system.

Course topics include Human Creativity, Technology Impacts and Criminology Intro, and are encouraged to pursue a minor in Psychology, Sociology, Informatics, Information Systems or Management.

Students can create a flexible schedule that works best for each situation, but all courses follow the ODU’s regular semester schedule.

Graduates of these programs may seek careers in corrections, casework and therapy, juvenile justice, probation and parole or victim advocacy.

2. UofM Global Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice Online

The University of Memphis offers an online degree in Criminal Justice at Bachelor degrees.

Recognizing the nuances and complexity of the field, the Criminal Justice Program of the College of Arts and Sciences emphasizes an approach that incorporates criminal investigation, intervention strategies, program evaluation and social justice issues. Core courses include ethical dilemmas, criminology and court introductions.

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Delivered by a nationally recognized faculty, most classes are asynchronous, allowing students the maximum flexibility and freedom to take part in the course work at their own pace.

In addition, online students have access to many of the same benefits as on-campus students, including Honors College, library services, financial assistance, career counseling, disability resources, and veteran programs.

This degree prepares students for careers in different law enforcement or related fields, or may encourage students to complete a Master of Arts degree in Criminal Justice.

3. CBU Online Bachelor of Online Degree in Criminal Justice

As one of the fastest-paced Bachelor’s online degree in Criminal Justice, California Baptist University’s online bachelor’s degree in criminal justice equips students to discuss crime and justice problems in a global sense and to apply Biblical principles and ethics to those beliefs.

Virtual CBU resources include online career services, financial support options including flexible payment arrangements, 24/7 tutoring, online or in-person faculty counseling, and student service advisors.

This program is designed with working people in mind and allows working professionals to stay on the job while completing this accelerated online program.

Graduates must be trained to begin or advance their careers in local, state, or federal law enforcement, or will provide guidance to students seeking to start their careers in similar fields of public service.

Students should expect courses to “integrate Christian values as they relate to law, justice and other central topics in the area of criminal justice.”

4. UNT Online Criminal Justice Bachelor of Science

The University of North Texas offers an online Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and prepares students to pursue their respective careers in criminal justice or to continue their graduate studies.

With classes beginning every fall, spring, and summer, UNT allows students to take one, two, three, or more classes at a time and work out a flexible schedule that fits best for the student’s lifestyle.

Course topics address a broad variety of subjects and knowledge such as criminological philosophy, principles and diversity in criminal justice, the history of crime and punishment, investigative methodology, and criminal and procedural law.

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Like most online criminal justice programs, UNT offers an internship program to its students, but one of the key features of most programs is the availability of a study abroad program for those students interested in international criminal justice experience.

5. WSU Online Criminal Justice

  • Host institution/university: Washington State University
  • Credit hours: 120
  • Tuition: $25,816
  • Official website: WSU Online Criminal Justice

WSU’s Global Campus offers a full online bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the College of Arts and Sciences, with a variety of related minors available, including Sociology and Political Science. Criminal justice courses include Crime Control Policies, Ethical Problems of Criminal Justice and Criminal Procedure.

Students are involved in a vibrant and engaging online curriculum designed specifically to build a community of distance learners, such as chatting online with friends, completing group and team tasks, and participating in the WSU Global Campus Student Government called ASWSU Local.

Inside the student government association, students can run for office or engage in both virtual and face-to-face extracurricular activities (located in Washington State).

Certain advantages include virtual mentors, 24/7 support for technology, free online tutoring and writing, and access to Global Connections.

6. SHSU Online Degree in Criminal Justice

  • Host institution/university: Sam Houston State University
  • Credit hours: 120
  • Tuition: $18,022
  • Official website: SHSU Online Criminal Justice

Sam Houston State University is offering an online BS in Criminal Justice, consisting of 36-45 major credits out of 120 undergraduates available.

Among the most common courses are Cyber Crime, Global Terrorism, Forensic Science, Victimology, Violent Abuse, Child Abuse and Neglect, White Collar Crime and Criminal Investigation.

The online learning system of SHSU allows students full flexibility in scheduling and provides many of the same tools on-campus students receive, including technical assistance, library facilities, writing center tutorials, and more.

7. FSU Online Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology

Florida State University’s online BS in Criminology requires 36 major credits in addition to its general education core. Students are often expected to receive a minor in a different field of study, although a full-time internship can be used to meet the requirement.

Example courses include White Collar Crime, Victimology, Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice, Introduction to Criminology Research Methods, and Criminal Justice and Public Policy, among others.

As one of the country’s largest public universities, FSU online students reap the same advantages and recognition as on-campus students, including a large and dedicated alumni base to kick-start careers and professional networks.

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8. EKU Online Criminal Justice Degree Program

Eastern Kentucky University recognizes the need for trained criminal justice professionals to help navigate today’s complex and changing justice system, and therefore offers an online 120-credit bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

EKU online combines competency-based approaches with appropriate leadership skills to effectively prepare graduates to serve their communities in a variety of areas, such as law enforcement , social services and corrections, or the court system.

Key courses include Living and Working in a Prison, Legal Evidence, Surveillance and Culture, Criminal Justice Studies and Criminal Justice Analysis.

With 27 elective credits, students can customize their degrees to suit their needs and interests.

9. FHSU Online Undergraduate Programs in Criminal Justice

In an interdisciplinary approach, FHSU focuses on the cause and reaction to crime.

Many of the students are either employed professionals in the industry or professionals searching for a career change. With this in mind, FHSU has a flexible transfer policy that can accelerate progress.

The Department of Justice Studies is offering work placement assistance as an added gain.

A minor and five related credentials are also accessible to eligible students: Victim Advocacy, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Law and Courts, and Justice Networking.

10. Penn State World Campus Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Penn State World Campus BS in Criminal Justice Online requires 39-40 total credits out of 120-credit undergraduate degrees and is impressively accredited by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS).

Curriculum breaks down as follows: 24 core classes, 3-4 additional primary qualifications (depending on the student taking the Statistical Analysis for Social Sciences or Elementary Statistics) and additional upper-level classes.

Students with previous work experience may transfer some credits to accelerate their degrees.

The Penn State World Campus offers the Military Grant-in-Aid program to make online education more affordable for military personnel and their families.

Final thoughts

An online degree in criminal justice is a completely modern, miraculous event. You get a degree that moves your career forward while still making payments to your 401k during those peak earning years (compound winning interest). You will also continue to meet your personal and family obligations with regard to the modest time requirements of online undergraduate education.

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