The Best 10 Bachelor’s Online Degree in Healthcare Management

When exploring the best Bachelor’s degree in online healthcare management programs, students should consider factors such as program duration, cost and reputation. For example, some programs offer accelerated timelines or generous transfer credit policies that allow students to speed up graduation.

online degree in healthcare management
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Prospective candidates will also examine the average expense of the degree, the cost of childcare, other spending on education and the potential for financial assistance. In order to determine the quality of the program, prospective students will consider graduation levels, work placement statistics and accreditation status.

Learn about the healthcare management field and the best schools offering an online degree in healthcare management you can choose to boost your career.

1. NSU Health Services Management Online

Offered through the Department of Nursing and Allied Health, the online BS in Health Services Management includes general education, majors and elective courses. General education standards include classes in English, social sciences and humanities.

Participants complete major courses on subjects such as emerging developments in healthcare delivery, health information systems, and integrated health planning. The 120-credit degree in Healthcare Management culminates in an internship and thesis study.

Although students complete most of the courses asynchronously, some teachers may need occasional synchronous meetings in virtual classrooms. NSU also holds virtual orientation webinars at the beginning of each academic term.

Online students can receive extensive technical assistance, academic guidance, and library as well as career resources.

2. Elms College Healthcare Management Online

The 120-credit online healthcare management degree is a degree completion program for students with at least 60 transferable credits.

Students complete a mix of business and health courses. Management courses address subjects such as corporate relations, business planning and computer applications. Healthcare management courses include the implementation of health facilities, health policy and the history of health care.

Students also complete an internship in order to obtain practical experience in the industry.

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The program uses a cohort format, meaning that students take classes with the same group of peers during the program.

Online undergraduate courses begin at the end of August / early September.

Advisors strongly suggest that candidates hold an associate degree in the field of healthcare and at least two years of clinical experience in the area of healthcare.

3. Viterbo University Health Care Management Online

The online BBA in Healthcare Management is a degree-completion program for students with at least 30 transferable credits from previous college or military training.

This online degree in healthcare management covers classes on improving the quality of healthcare, ethical and legal problems, marketing and economics. Students must also complete Viterbo’s signature core courses, including theological research, scientific reasoning and historical analysis.

Online healthcare management students take eight-week classes, with most students graduating within two years.

The Academic Resource Center offers technology, library, and career services for online learners.

Students can also access advising and tutoring services through the Center for Student Success.

4. SNHU Healthcare Administration Degree Online

SNHU’s 120-credit online BS in healthcare management covers general education, majoring, specialization and elective classes.

Students may choose one of the two concentrations in order to tailor the degree to their priorities and objectives: health information management or patient safety and quality. Regardless of the concentration, all students take courses in healthcare delivery systems, human relations in administration, and strategic health management and policy.

Students finish their degree with the Healthcare Administration Capstone course.

The curriculum is consistent with the criteria set out by the Association of University Health Administration Services, which include communication skills, analytical abilities, critical thinking, and the social and cultural context.

Online undergraduate students take one or two 8-week classes per week, with six terms a year.

Students can pass up to 90 credits to the degree.

All students pay a fixed per-credit fee for online coursework, irrespective of their country of residence.

5. SEMO Online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management

Established as a teacher training center in 1873, Southeast Missouri State University currently serves 12,000 students with more than 175 undergraduate majors and 75 associate degrees and certificates.

Students can select from approximately 40 online programs, including a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management with a focus on Quality and Patient Protection or Informatics.

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The 120-credit curriculum covers general education, the senior division and main coursework.

Students complete core courses in human genetics, health insights, macro-economic values and pre-calculation.

Learners must complete a healthcare management internship to obtain practical experience in the area.

6. Immaculata University Health Care Management

Immaculata’s online BS in Healthcare Management is an accelerated degree completion program offered by the College of Adult Professional Studies.

The degree in healthcare management consists of 126 credits, including general education, major and elective requirements. The program addresses subjects such as health and ethics laws, hospital procedures, human resources and financial management. Students learn how to prepare, direct and organize healthcare delivery.

Applicants must possess a high school diploma or equivalent and request an official transcript. The school suggests that applicants send letters of recommendation to improve their applications.

Both online students pay the same rate of education irrespective of residence. The university provides a wide range of financial support programs for online students, including academic scholarships and a school payment plan.

7. WKU Health Care Administration (HCA) & Undergraduate Certificate in Long Term Care Administration (LTCA)

WKU’s 120-credit online BS in healthcare administration is one of only 11 of its kind in the country to earn programmatic accreditation.

Students take online classes as part of a cohort, taking courses with the same community of peers during the program.

The degree focuses on skills and expertise in healthcare financing, efficiency, organization and management.

Students take courses on subjects such as current health problems, management of healthcare institutions and medical terminology.

The online degree in healthcare management also requires an enhanced credential in the administration of long-term care. The Certificate focuses on caregiving for aging communities, enabling graduates to apply for licensed nursing home administrator qualifications.

Distance learners graduate with a medical administration internship to obtain practical experience in the industry.

8. UofL Online Healthcare Leadership

UofL provides an online BS in Organizational Leadership and Healthcare Leadership Learning through the College of Education and Human Development. The 120-credit program covers general education, majors and elective classes.

Learners research subjects such as Healthcare Law and Ethics, Healthcare Systemic Reform and Healthcare HR Management. The degree in Healthcare Management culminates in the Capstone Project and the Exit Portfolio.

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The program is structured to match students with previous college experience, enabling students to add up to 48 free credits to their degree.

Online learners can choose from two study formats: a term option that provides directed learning over accelerated 8-week courses, or a flex option, a self-guided, competency-based format that gives students up to 32 weeks to complete each course.

All distance learners pay the same rate of education irrespective of residence. Active-duty members and veterans are entitled to earn a scholarship discount.

9. The University of Oklahoma Lifespan Care Administration

The online degree in healthcare management program consists of 120 credits, including general education, major, elective and specialization credits. Students can choose to specialize in early childhood, adolescence, or geriatrics. Regardless of their specialty, all students take core classes on subjects such as ethical and legal problems in nursing, human aging biology and public service administration.

The graduates would culminate in a degree with a capstone consisting of a practicum and an in-depth life-span care study project. Students can, at the same time as a degree, apply for licensed behavioral technician qualifications.

The online degree in healthcare management includes an accelerated schedule and asynchronous courses, giving students the flexibility to balance their studies with their professional and personal obligations.

Students can start classes in the fall, spring or summer.

10. SJCME Health Administration

  • Host institution/university: Saint Joseph’s College of Maine
  • Credit hours: 128
  • Tuition: $44,040
  • Graduation rate: 63%
  • Official website: SJCME Health Administration

The online bachelor’s of science in health administration prepares graduates for careers as health managers and administrators. The curriculum includes general education, the core health administration and elective classes.

Students take key course research on subjects such as environmental policy, quality assurance, financial management, human resources and healthcare systems.

Students can pass up to 95 credits to a degree in online health management.

SJC also offers an online health administration certificate for pre-graduate students and a fast-track option that allows students to earn a BS in Health Management and a Master’s degree in Health Administration (MHA) at the same time.

Online students have access to tutoring, training and IT resources. In addition, students can take advantage of paid internships.

SJC accepts applications on a roll-out basis during the year. Students will start at one of four start dates per year.

Final thoughts

Graduates with an online degree in Healthcare Management can work as Healthcare Administrators, Patient Care Managers, Practice Managers, and Healthcare Executives.

Throughout these positions, practitioners oversee the running of the hospital departments, the administrative services and other healthcare facilities.

Healthcare managers can work as health managers and directors with experience.

Healthcare management wages differ by experience, job title and place. Nevertheless, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), hospitals and human care executives earn a median income of about $100,000 a year.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your future online learning, discover the best schools with free online master’s degree programs and healthcare online courses with certificates that you’re interested in, and start learning today.

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