10 Best College Online in the US that Worth Your Money and Time

It is a difficult choice to decide to attend school online. While it appears to be more convenient for you, it can be very daunting to see the thousands of claimed best online college available.

Best College Online
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How do you know which program you are looking to pursue? Which schools does give that and how do you know which one is right for you? At times the vast amount of details can seem too much, but we’re here for you to simplify the decision. Here’s a list of 10 best online colleges offering a range of bachelor’s, master’s, undergraduate and postgraduate diplomas.

Earn your diploma at your own rate, anywhere you choose, from one of the best college online in the US. You decide when and where to complete your degree, which makes it much more practical for you.

1. Northeastern University

  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Average net tuition: 51,522 USD
  • Graduation rate: 88
  • Number of programs: 8
  • Website: www.northeastern.edu

Northeastern Online provides more than 80 programs which are entirely online. Prospective students who already have an associate degree can select among other major degrees from the bachelor’s completion programs in analytics, digital communication and media, and health management.

Northeastern has unique programs for veterans, including the Yellow Ribbon Initiative, in addition to the conventional student services. Unlike other top online universities on this list, Northeastern boasts an online tutoring center and a virtual writing center.

Applicants should hold a high school diploma or GED credential, but no ACT or SAT scores are required. All students pay the same tuition rate per credit, and may compete for institutional scholarships. Such grants award up to $10,000, and are renewable.

2. Eastern New Mexico University

As an ENMU student, you can use the flexibility of online courses to complete many of the offered degree programmes. Most of its online courses use Mediasite, an on-demand and live lecture capture device that takes you, the student, into the classroom.

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Often, the ENMU faculty travels off-campus locations to teach upper-division and graduate classes leading to education graduations.

As a student of distance education, you have the same access to resources as on-campus students, such as financial assistance, counseling and career services, and other programs that are specifically for students of distance education.

3. Kansas State University

  • Location: Manhattan, KS
  • Average net tuition: 48,447 USD
  • Graduation rate: 63.97%
  • Number of programs: 100
  • Website: https://online.k-state.edu/

K-State online classes are taught by the same professional lecturers who teach their on-campus classes, and you can receive quality education regardless of where you are. Which means your course materials, assignments, and goals are going to be very close to what you would get if you were taking a college class.

K-State Online is dedicated to bringing you the best online experience possible. It is continually working to integrate new and innovative tools and online teaching techniques with the help of an on-site quality course instructor, which will improve your learning experience and set you up for success.

4. George Washington University

  • Location: Washington DC, WA
  • Average net tuition: 39,600 USD
  • Graduation rate: 82
  • Number of programs: 8
  • Website: online.gwu.edu

George Washington University was established in 1821 and now enrolls over 26,000 students. The school has implemented more than 100 online programs in 12 study areas and at different levels to expand its scope and accessibility.

GW Online provides access to nine bachelor’s degrees for undergraduate students, including nursing, police and security studies and a number of concentrations in health sciences. Learners can complete their degree in less than 15 months, depending on the number of transfer credits earned.

Online classes at GW are running asynchronously, and programs begin in the fall, spring, and summer.

In addition to technical support, online learners enjoy access to academic and career support resources throughout their training.

5. Pennsylvania State University

  • Location: University Park, PA
  • Average net tuition: 34,858 USD
  • Graduation rate: 29
  • Number of programs: 20
  • Website: www.psu.edu

Penn State’s online World Campus boasts over 150 degrees, minors, and credentials. Several of the hundreds of bachelor programs cover human resources, international relations, and communication strategies.

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Online learners are also able to receive an orientation, academic and job advice, and professional support services. Certain tools provide videos and prints on different subjects.

As a public university, Penn State charges all distance learners the same per-credit tuition rate. The new students need to apply their FAFSA results and an application for a World Campus Scholarship to qualify for scholarships.

6. University of Virginia

The University of Virginia has developed a variety of physical locations since it was founded in 1819 to accommodate students from all over the State. Introducing its best college online programs allowed UVA to offer its programs globally to students.

Online UVA learners can complete bachelor’s degrees in liberal arts and health care, in addition to a number of undergraduate and graduate certificates.

Students can complete those programs in less than two years based on their transfer credits. Some online classes at UVA are running asynchronously although some live sessions could be possible. The programs begin in autumn, spring, and summer. All online learners pay the same tuition rates no matter where they live. Military workers may qualify for even lower tuition rates.

Applicants need an associate degree with a minimum GPA of 2.0 to be accepted. Alternatively, they require 45-60 transferable credits, and or their equivalent, a high school diploma.

7. LeTourneau University

  • Location: Longview, TX
  • Average net tuition: 23,386 USD
  • Graduation rate: 61%
  • Number of programs: 16
  • Website: www.letu.edu/index.html

Founded in 1946, LeTourneau University enrolls over 3000 students.

In 1989, LETU started running more flexible services for non-traditional students in addition to traditional programs. Students can access more than 15 bachelor programs online, including business management, computer information systems, and criminal justice, out of the over 140 total distance programs. This best college online programs begin in autumn, spring, and summer.

Online classes at LETU run either asynchronously or in synchronous mode. Students also join the cohorts and work in eight-week or 10-week sessions across courses.

8. Maryville University

  • Location: Saint Louis, MO
  • Average net tuition: 28,470 USD
  • Graduation rate: 72%
  • Number of programs: 31
  • Website: online.maryville.edu

When online education became feasible, Maryville University welcomed its promise with eagerness. The school offers 31 online programs in areas such as forensic psychology, exercise science, and organizational leadership leading to a bachelor’s degree. The school maintains collaborations with many large corporations, such as IBM, providing a direct line to securing career opportunities for students.

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9. Mary Baldwin University

Online learners at Mary Baldwin University, Virginia, can choose from more than 30 programs while enjoying some of the most favorable tuition rates in the state. Bachelor graduates can explore 14 entirely online and hybrid options, including high-growth fields such as marketing, digital healthcare, and nursing.

Students with accrued college credits receive additional advantages, as up to 84 transfer credits are provided by MBU. That number reflects almost three-quarters of the course requirements of some programs, which enables qualifying learners to graduate in as little as one academic year. In certain cases, new learners can also get credit for volunteer work, career and life experience, military service, and other specific training types.

10. Peirce College

Peirce College was founded in 1865, and is a small private institution located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Peirce enrolls about 2,000 undergraduate and graduate students into various programs that can be taken by learners on the City Center campus or online at the university.

One of the first schools nationally to accept women as learners, Peirce now serves as the only online higher education institution Philadelphia committed to serving adults exclusively.

Many college online classes are accessible via the school. In fields such as accounting, business administration, and technology management, learners can obtain bachelor’s degrees online.

Final thoughts

There is no single best college online or online degree program in the field of online education, but you can always find the best choice. Ask yourself these five questions to initiate your search for the best college online:

  1. How much can you afford to spend on an online degree program?
  2. How much flexibility do you need?
  3. What degree level do you want to earn?
  4. What do you want to do with your degree?
  5. What majors will help you achieve your career goals?

You will make rational decisions about which schools and online courses can give you a reasonable return on investment by knowing what you want out of a specific degree.

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