The Best Online Degree in Business Management Courses

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Business degrees are today among the most common higher education area of study in the world. According to the National Center for Education Statistics for the academic year 2016-2017, the Master’s degrees awarded in business were the highest in any area of study in the United States.

Between 2014 to 2018, the number of online degrees in Business Management offered in the US, a more flexible option than traditional on-campus programs, doubled. For higher education, online business graduations have become abundant, and some are as little as half the expense of their counterparts on campus.

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Earn an online degree in business management from one of these excellent schools and colleges, and learn how to develop innovative and high-potential commercial opportunities, as well as drive innovation and business development today.

1. UNT Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences

  • Host university/institution: University of North Texas
  • Time to complete:
  • Cost (per credit hour): $330
  • Required courses: N/A
  • Admissions requirements: Minimum 2.0 GPA; 90 credit maximum, 60 credit minimum of transfer credits from an accredited institution
  • Official website: UNT Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences

Take the UNT Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences course today as the fastest, most affordable way to complete your bachelor’s online degree in business management from a top 9 research school in Texas while leveraging your previous college or military credits.

The University of North Texas (UNT) Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (B.A.A.S.) program is structured to streamline the path to a fully accredited bachelor’s degree by facilitating the transfer of coursework you have already done for academic, professional, or military credit.

The BAAS degree puts together knowledge, research, teamwork, and implementation. The courses were developed by the University of North Texas (UNT), and are taught with the help of teaching assistants by the UNT faculty.

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UNT is a university of public research, headquartered in Denton, Texas. They offer 105 bachelor’s, 88 master’s, and 37 doctoral degree programs across the 14 colleges and schools of the university, as one of Texas’ largest universities. UNT Online provides over 80 options for the online program.

2. MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Host university/institution: HEC Paris
  • Time to complete: 10-16 months
  • Cost: €21,950
  • Required courses: 20
  • Admissions requirements: Bachelor’s degree and 5 years of work experience (no GRE/GMAT required)
  • Official website: MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Discover new business opportunities and lead innovation with a Master’s online degree in Business Management from HEC Paris, one of Europe’s highest-ranked business schools. This program will enable you to identify and develop innovative and high-potential commercial opportunities and is particularly relevant for current and aspiring business leaders who aim to lead business development, drive product innovation, or launch new business ventures.

Formerly known as the Online Master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OMIE), the title of the degree program was changed to MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MSIE) to reflect what is specified on the diploma of the program.

Students will work in teams on an entrepreneurial project of choice over a 10-month span, from the planning stages to successful collaboration and execution. Learners get weekly mentoring from experienced businessmen and business leaders. By applying for seed funding from HEC Paris, successful graduates will progress their project to the next level. This helps ideas to be brought to fruition at HEC’s incubator, located at Station F, the largest startup campus in the world.

3. Macquarie Business School Global Master of Business Administration (Global MBA)

The 100% global online degree in Business Management program from Macquarie University not only develops your skills in basic MBA subjects like marketing and accounting, but will also help you grow the strengths you need to distinguish yourself and excel in the future.

This unique system from one of Australia’s top-ranking business schools provides a much greater impact than a conventional MBA and trains you for the boardrooms of the most promising businesses of tomorrow.

Uniquely designed around six main future-oriented skills, the Global MBA prepares you for success in tomorrow’s world through future-oriented skills while also offering a conventional accounting, marketing, and other core business foundations MBA curriculum.

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According to The Financial Times, you will master Strategizing, Leading, Analyzing, Influencing, Adapting, and Problem Solving for Alumni career advancement from the #11 school in the world according to The Financial Times.

4. Illinois Gies College of Business Master of Business Administration (iMBA)

Students in the iMBA program earn the same high-quality MBA degree that students on campus have received for decades — but without the need to put their career or family life on hold. Students develop mastery of business, acquire practical leadership skills and create a global network as they collaborate with fellow students and faculty members.

The iMBA program features live world classrooms during virtual office hours, through video conferencing, team ventures, and informal contact with teachers. Inside the iMBA family, nearly 2,000 students represent over 90 countries and 48 states throughout the United States. Poets & Quants, a leading voice on management education, praised the initiative as a “breakthrough.”

The iMBA is from Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, one of the original 37 public land-grant institutions created after President Abraham Lincoln signed the Morrill Act in 1862. Founded in 1867, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has earned a reputation as a world-class leader in research, teaching, and public engagement.

5. Illinois Gies College of Business Master of Science in Management (iMSM)

As an iMSM student, you’ll take a series of core management courses covering subjects like leadership and teams, brand management, strategic management, process management, and more. For accounting and finance, you can also take basic lessons. You will also have the ability to customize your degree by taking elective courses that concentrate on global business and business issues, as well as data-driven decision-making and communications.

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The iMSM, available to students from any major undergraduate, continues the Gies Business tradition of creating highly stimulating, versatile online programs. The Gies methodology provides groundbreaking technologies for online learning. Curriculum, content delivery, and interaction are designed to optimize the students’ positive impact in ways that go well beyond merely transferring an established residential program online. The hallmarks of Gies’ online programs – including its famous iMBA – are highly interactive online classrooms and professional, experienced instructors delivering material for top-notch courses. Gies Business is a recognized global leader in online education.

The iMSM is from Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a historical land-grant public research institution founded in 1867.

6. Illinois Gies College of Business Master of Science in Accountancy (iMSA)

  • Host university/institution: the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Time to complete: 18-36 months
  • Cost: $30,000
  • Required courses: 16
  • Admissions requirements: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution (GRE/GMAT required but may be waived for applicants with three or more years of relevant, full-time work experience or a graduate degree from an accredited institution)
  • Official website: Illinois Gies College of Business Master of Science in Accountancy (iMSA)

Become an analytics-minded expert from a top-ranked accounting powerhouse with a complete Master’s online degree in Business Management. The Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois, consistently rated among the top three accounting programs in the world, is a revered destination for global accounting education.

The online Master of Accounting Science (iMSA) offers critical thinking, data analysis, and strategic accounting skills to graduates. The accounting degree is intentionally versatile to meet the needs of today’s students: if you are looking to start your career as an accountant, become a CPA, develop your accounting status and become a CFO, or want to incorporate analytical skills in your current non-accounting profession.

Final thoughts

Online degrees in Business Management are usually career-oriented degrees. Educational content is also embedded in case studies across a range of sectors in MBAs and Business degrees, making it possible for various practitioners across disciplines to apply their learning. Team projects and live in-person networking opportunities remotely or regionally help students cultivate deep links with their professors and their peers.

Online degrees in Business Management, such as an MBA program, offers a simple path to create a fantastic network and advance your career with industry-recognized credentials.

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