8 Graduate in Marine Engineering Programs in the U.S.

It is easy to see why marine engineering is such a brilliant career choice. As marine engineers play an important role in many aspects of life, the need for them is steadily increasing every year. And if you are thinking of pursuing a degree in this discipline, these graduate in marine engineering programs might be perfect for you.

Graduate in Marine Engineering Programs
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They are designed by top higher education institutions across the country, ensuring you gain the knowledge and skills you need to become a marketable marine engineer. You will learn in depth about marine engineering, including the development and production of the internal systems of ships and submarines.

Without further ado, let us dive into it.

1. Master of Science in Marine Engineering Program

The United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) created this program) for engineering professionals looking for graduate education that applies to their careers without having to quit their jobs or travel to campus.

Any marine engineering undergraduate program can easily transition into this program. Even so, if your bachelor’s degree was not specifically focused on marine engineering, this program can complete and boost your preparation for a career as a marine engineer.

You will be able to show advanced level expertise in fundamental marine engineering issues once you have finished the program. Additionally, you will be able to use your knowledge in novel ways to solve problems that the marine community faces.

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USMMA also offers a graduate certificate program if you prefer advanced knowledge in specialized areas but do not wish to fully commit to the entire 36-credit master’s degree.

2. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Graduate Program

With a variety of concentrations available, including naval architecture and marine engineering (NAME), the University of New Orleans (UNO) provides a graduate program leading to a master of science in engineering.

You will be prepared for engineering-related professions in the shipbuilding or offshore industries by completing their graduate in marine engineering programs. In fact, many UNO graduates have become naval architects or marine engineers who operate in several fields.

Furthermore, you will learn about advanced marine engineering through core and concentration courses, a research-based project, and the development of your project management and leadership abilities.

After earning your master’s degree, you have the option of continuing on to a Ph.D. program or switching to a job with a stronger emphasis on instruction or analysis. This program also admits applicants without an engineering undergraduate degree, which is the best part of all.

3. Master of Science in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

The University of Michigan offers many opportunities for dual degrees with other university programs, besides courses leading to a master of science in NAME. Their dedicated alumni network will make your connections to business and prestigious universities possible.

Additionally, the curriculum will allow you to concentrate on areas of emerging and rapid growth. The academic focus areas consist of three major divisions as follows:

  1. Marine mechanics
  2. Marine systems design
  3. Marine robotics and controls

The best part is that, as one would expect from a top naval architecture program in the world, the curriculum is constantly adjusted to consider the demanding needs of the modern world and its ever-changing technologies.

4. The Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Major

With a concentration on the design and analysis of ships and boats, this major from the United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) offers a solid education in engineering, math, and the sciences.

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Even in the junior and senior years, their graduate in marine engineering programs place a greater emphasis on ship design and ship systems than on the other NAME programs.

The academy delivers a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise in ship design and construction. Once accepted into the program, you are free to conduct engineering research on your own or in small groups with the assistance of a faculty member.

Even better, you will have access to sophisticated tools, innovative technologies, and a wide range of expert resources. It makes sense that ABET’s Engineering Accreditation Commission accredited the program, proving that it satisfies the industry’s high criteria for maritime engineering.

5. The Marine Engineering Program

You will be prepared for jobs as a licensed engineering officer in the U.S. Merchant Marine and engineering roles in related shore side businesses by the Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s program.

Through classroom instruction and hands-on experience, you will develop a solid understanding of mechanical and electrical engineering systems.

This program is unique because it includes over 50 days of annual practical onboard instruction! They normally hold it during the annual sea term on board the Training Ship (T.S.) Kennedy or while on board a contract with a commercial merchant ship.

Several certifications are available through the program. You can get a third assistant engineering license from the United States Coast Guard (USCG) for unlimited horsepower steam, diesel, or gas turbine. The USCG also conducts the exams to make sure you finally advance to the rank of Chief Engineer.

6. The Marine Engineering Technology Program

The Maine Maritime Academy constructed a maritime engineering technology curriculum that combines additional math, writing and communication, and technical science classes with all the practical shipboard work.

The course will equip you with the knowledge necessary to work in a variety of maritime-related fields, both on land and at sea, as well as in non-maritime sectors, including manufacturing and public utilities.

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You will graduate with the same degree and licenses as the operations program with this major. The difference is that you will be qualified to take the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination as well.

It is another program that is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET, so you know you are signing up for a quality education by enrolling in this program.

7. Graduate Certificate in Naval Ship Design

This graduate certification from George Mason University is for you if you are dreaming of becoming a ship designer or design manager. You will gain expertise in the field of naval ship design through coursework and practices.

Additionally, you will gain the skills needed to assist in the management of both new and ongoing design programs.

  1. There are four core courses available:
  2. Naval engineering
  3. Fundamentals of naval architecture
  4. Ship design process and tools
  5. Defense industry project management

The certificate program’s hands-on learning curriculum will enable you to build a vessel to carry out a specific mission profile on your own after completion.

8. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Degree

One of the top engineering schools in the U.S., Webb Institute, focuses on naval architecture and marine engineering.

You will receive practical experience by working in the maritime sector after finishing their graduate in marine engineering programs. By the end of your first month at college, you will have gained practical engineering experience.

Ultimately, the institution aims to produce graduates who are prepared for the wide range of marine and associated businesses around the world.

Thanks to their winter work program, which covers eight months of paid internship opportunities all over the world, they have a 100% job placement rate. All in all, Webb Institute will ensure you to be job-ready as soon as you are admitted to the college.

Looking for other top graduate programs? Check out these courses:

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