UAE’s Scholarship Program and How Scholarships are Pivotal for Students

RizeUp, locally known as Khotwa, has announced its support of up to 6000 Emiratis with scholarships that will allow them to study in the US or Canada. This announcement is the biggest to date to originate out of Abu Dhabi; covering such a large number of its residents. Being exclusive to university students, the program has a total fund of 500 million dollars which roughly converts into 1.9 billion Dirhams. Let us dive into how far this program pans out in multiple aspects.

uae scholarship program
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The Plan

This will be a gradual and eventual plan. Currently, the government aims to enroll 100 students in the first year. Slowly and steadily. This number will then grow on an annual basis with the hope to reach a max of 6000 by the year 2028. Since this involves securing and processing countless student visa applications, performing background checks, and sifting through various data, the time taken may or may not elongate.

For Those Who Haven’t Had the Opportunity Before

Abu Dhabi’s Minister of State and Education has exclusively pointed out that Khotwa will be especially available for students who haven’t previously had the opportunity to avail of an international scholarship. Exposure is of the utmost importance to UAE and they’d like their upcoming generation to accustom themselves to the trends and updates of the rising west. This is a golden opportunity for those who’d like to get a taste of what the world, in general, looks like. Because the US and Canada are known to be melting pots for culture and people around the world, UAE residents could cash in on this opportunity to enjoy meeting various individuals.

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Gear Up With Better Technology

The US is known to equip its students with state-of-the-art technology. And pupils from the UAE can benefit from this as well. By equipping themselves with gizmos and gadgets that will help give them an edge over their studies and general tasks, they’ll be much more inclined to improve their workflow. As an added plus, there will be a range of internet services to choose from. With options such as AT&T internet to enjoy and make full use of as you pursue your degree with a handsome scholarship, this entire package seems to be a must-have for all eligible Emiratis.

Scholarships Enable Philanthropy

Opportunities like scholarships inspire students to give back to the community. People feel the need to pass on helpful tips and tricks for others to avail them as well. It wouldn’t be a surprise to have Emiratis go abroad, absorb as much content and knowledge as they can, and then come back home and use that to make their home environment much better. They may even go ahead and make their own companies that relish the idea of coming up with something new and empowering the masses with technology. It’s a domino effect and always clears the path for a productive future. Philanthropy can help take a country forward if equipped timely and efficient.

Support and Encourage Students in Need

Not all students who have a successful GPA would necessarily have an adequate amount of funds to carry on with their studies. In these troubling economic times, students are always juggling their personal life while trying to complete their degrees. This can involve taking loans, paying off loans, and living off a tight budget. With scholarships, they can get a breath of fresh air. It can even be a lifesaver for a struggling student. They may assist in filling in the gaps. Furthermore, they may also assist reduce the number of student loans required. Scholarships directly minimize the amount of money a student must pay for their education out of pocket. They also reduce the amount of time available for employment. This may allow them to study more effectively.

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Promotion of Diversity

Scholarships promote diversity by allowing more people from diverse ethnic origins to pursue their academic and professional ambitions. The financial load of higher education appears prohibitive in some minority communities. Completing a scholarship application, on the other hand, may open the way for those kids to assist pay for education. This is a pivotal factor in places such as UAE and thus the Khotwa scholarship can be a life changer for ethnicities.


Scholarships open up gates that are otherwise inaccessible for many. They serve as key opportunities to help alleviate not just academic experiences but also bolster one’s perspective on life and many of its aspects. UAE is making a crucial move for its future by enabling its youngsters to travel to epicenters of education and thus help bring back enlightened minds to help build a safer and better tomorrow. With this initiative, they will show the world in a few years just why education is a primary pillar for growth.

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