10 Scholarships in Canada for International Students

scholarships in canada
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Looking for scholarships in Canada? Canada might be less popular than the USA for international students from Asia or Africa who are looking for a place to study. But actually, Canada has been long known as one of the most desirable countries in American continents for students. In fact, 6.5% of postsecondary education students in Canada come from abroad. It is due to the fact that this country offers many interesting things to explore for visiting students, not to mention several internationally ranked universities to study in.

List of Scholarships in Canada

In addition, there are numerous scholarships available for international students who are in need of financial support to fund their study in Canada. Here are 10 scholarships in Canada for international students of different level of education that you can apply.

  1. University of Calgary Graduate Award Competition

Only graduate students of the University of Calgary who are eligible to apply for this scholarship. The fund is from $1,000 to $40,000 and is available for students from different fields of study. Some scholarships which are awarded through Graduate Award Competition (GAC) are Izaak Walton Killam Doctoral Scholarships, Open Doctoral Scholarships, Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarships, and Special Awards, and Bursaries.

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How to Apply.

  1. Trudeau Foundation Scholarships in Canada

You may have heard the infamous Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, who founded Trudeau Foundation. The foundation offers a distinct field of scholarship as it is the only doctoral scholarships in the humanities and social sciences in Canada. Fifteen scholarships with annual value is up to $60,000 are available for a maximum of three years of study. Students from emerging countries do have opportunities to get the scholarship.

How to Apply.

  1. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Annually, Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship which was launched by the Canadian government awards up to 167 scholarships for Ph.D. students. The candidates must demonstrate leadership skills, has a potential future research topic and research history, and show outstanding achievement during their secondary education in Natural Sciences, Engineering, Health, Social Sciences or Humanities. If you are interested in applying for the scholarship, you must be enrolled in a Ph.D. program at a Canadian university. The scholarship provides $50,000 per year for three years. July to November is the period of application submission.

How to Apply.

  1. Ontario Trillium Scholarship

To get this scholarship which is valued $40,000 annually, you have to pursue a full-time doctoral study at Western University. The candidate have to meet a minimum of 80% achievement of the last two full-time university study.

How to Apply

  1. University of Waterloo International Master’s and Doctoral Awards

This funding is available for students who are enrolled in full-time research-based graduate degree programs at the University of Waterloo. It provides $2,045 per term for a 2-years master program and $4,090 per term for a 3-year doctoral program.

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How to Apply.

  1. Ontario Graduate Scholarship

This is another scholarship offered for master and Ph.D. students in all disciplines who are studying in Ontario. The scholarship which is valued $15,000 per year is a merit-based scholarship. You will be assessed based on academic excellence, research ability and potential in your program study, and communication and leadership ability.

How to Apply.

  1. University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships

The scholarship is available for master and Ph.D. students in all disciplines, except college of medicine, at the University of Manitoba. Master students will receive $14,000 for a 12-month period of 2 years, and Ph.D. students will receive $18,000 for a 12-month period for 4 years. The candidate must have a minimum GPA of 3.75 in their previous level of education.

How to Apply.

  1. Carleton University Awards for International Students

This is one of the scholarships in Canada which is open to undergraduate students. If you happen to be the students of Carleton University with the admission average of 80 percent or better, and meet the language requirements, you will automatically be considered for the scholarship. The scholarship value will be determined based on your admissions average. Students with 80-84.9% of admission average may get $1,000 per year for four years. Students with better score will get a higher amount of fund.

How to Apply.

  1. Queen’s University International Scholarships in Canada

If you happen to be an international student from India, Pakistan, and the US, you may apply for this scholarship to study at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

How to Apply.

  1. Presidential Scholarship

Presidential Scholarship is provided by Fairleigh Dickinson University for undergraduate students with exceptional academic performance. A full-tuition scholarship is available. However, it doesn’t cover for housing, living expenses, insurance, and other fees.

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How to Apply.

Tips to Apply Scholarships in Canada

Scholarship funding for international students who are studying or wish to study in Canada might be limited. It is also competitive and is mostly available at a postgraduate level. However, here are some tips that will help you to identify scholarship opportunities in Canada.

  1. Try to explore scholarship possibilities in your home country by asking information Department of Education or Canadian Embassy in your country to determine if there are opportunities for which you are eligible. You might also need to find information from the provincial government in Canada or private foundations and nonprofit organizations in your home countries who might offer scholarships for international students.
  2. Contact the chosen university to request information about scholarship opportunities available for international students and their guidelines of application.
  3. Find information about a part-time job for students available in case you need additional funding to support your living.

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        I would like to enrich my knowledge. Would it be possible to get a full scholarship for Master of economics policy.

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  4. Helo Sir
    Iam Abdul Jabbar
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    I Complate 2nd year
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      I am subhanullah Mohmand i want

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  8. I was born from Somali children. I want to learn an education that does not have a sale
    Please help me to be a member of these students who want science education

  9. Sir My name is Ezaz Ali i am from Pakistan and recently graduated from Gomal University situated in Dera Ismail Khan Kpk with the degree of pharm-D.
    Dear sir i am also the employee of Abbott nutrition international. Sir i want to apply for Ms(Mphil) program in pharmacology or Clinical Pharmacy if there is Some opportunity of such program through Scholorship I am waiting for your kind reply..
    thanks Regards

    1. I am Bahirullah Bahar from afghanistan how i can apply for that and also. it is free?
      I want to study (civil engineering) in canada

    1. I’m an Ethiopian citizen and BA degree in management from Mekelle University (Ethiopia) and more than 10 years working experiences. So would you tell me, how can I apply for the opportunities provided please?

  10. Hi sir my name is Muhammad Hafeez from pakistan i m studying geology currently last year in b.s and wanna take scolarship in m.s in petroleum geology sir what should i can do next that i get a scolarship of master in geology and which requirements needs to necessary plz explain it

  11. Hello
    I graduated from school and I want have medical education
    Have you any scholarship for me

  12. Sir i belongs to a poor family and my family can’t support me in my educational purpose so please help in this scholorship plzzzzzzzzz

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  16. As I’m Candidiate of English Language & Literature
    I would like to take this Opportunity
    to Attain Scholarship For Canada
    I ve Completed My Masters MA in English
    So how can I proceed for Scholarship
    & How can I take the Moment & Make it peefect

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    I’m student from Benin Republic ,
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    Juvenal Mujyambere ( +250788458426)

  21. My name is Marvington Mambiah from Liberia, West Africa. I am associate degree holder in medical laboratory science. Due to lack of financial support, I am searching for undergraduate scholarship to advance my career in medical laboratory science.
    Where can I find such financial aids whether in Canada, USA etc.

  22. I ( MD) have interest in improving quality of health by doing clinical research, and keen to do MPH at Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

  23. May not necessarily be a schoolarship but want a university from the northern part of Canada to attend.
    please help me

    1. My Name is Zeleke Ergicho
      I have first degree by forestry from Hawassa university ,Ethiopia
      I want to take MSC

  24. Dears : I’m from Ethiopia, I have BA degree in management and 10 years working experiences in different sectors. Now I need to apply for the scholarship opportunities provided in Canada for upgrading my education to Masters degree. So would you advise me how can I apply and win the program please? Thanks.

  25. My full name is
    Ahmed Omar Mohamed
    I live from somalia City Mogadishu
    I’m very interested this scholarships
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  26. Dear sir,

    I am Naweed Omarkhail bachelor of science mechanical engineering from Afghanistan.
    Can I get to a fully fundded schokarship in canada in my field?

    1. Dear sir I have done my llb from Pakistan and am seeking scholarship for llm from Canada how will I apply and is there any scholarship available for masters in law from Canadian university?

  27. Hello Sir,

    This is Mr.Abdul Habib Shinwari from Kabul Afghanistan. I am very interested in scholarship of Canada for Master Degree.
    Can you update us from the procedure of scholarship of Canada.

    I will be waiting for your prompt reply.

  28. I’m from somali, I have BA degree in Human Resources management and leadership I want to full Scholarship in master in canda

  29. My name is Maxamed Cabdiqaadir, firstly and formost i greeting all networks operating scholarships in different countries in the world.
    I live in Somalia,
    i want scholarship, i’m low income , i don’t have money to paid University fee in my country so i ask you to help me.

    I always thinking and dreaming to study outside my country like Europe United State of America and Canada.

    I would like to receive a scholarship , i was patient for 3 years but I still have not found anyone who promise to me scholarship.
    thank you.

  30. Hello dear Iam Haimanot Alemineh from Ethiopia and I have BA degree in foreign language and literature and Graduated Igraduatedwith good grade in Ethiopian university. Now I want to study MA in your university if you give me this golden opportunity.
    yours faithfully
    Haimanot Alemineh
    contact address : 0937358127

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  31. Sir, I want to study in australia on 2019 so please give a chance for complete my study well.
    I’m sure you will get me this scholarship for me.
    Thank you,

  32. How do I apply a full scholarship in Canada to offer my Masters. Please help me. A third year student offering Natural Resource Management in
    Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

  33. Hey am doing a Diploma in Information Technology Business in Uganda and i would love a full scholarship in Software engineering.

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    Contact me any futher information my number 00252 634122107


  36. My name is Hooria Ijaz. I’m the students of Orthoptics final year at College of opthalmology and Allied Vision sciences KEMU. I want to apply for internship abroad so is there any chance of the feild ive been doing.

  37. Salam.
    I’m from Pakistan , i have master degree in fine art ..so I want to know , any scholarship for me ?

  38. I am Dawit Girma Abdi. I was graduated from Ambo University by Statistics since 5 years ago.
    Now, I want to apply this golden opportunity. Please encourage me in anny alternative. Contact me
    Thank you very much!

  39. Dear Sir, I have my first degree in Sociology and Social Anthropology. Am looking for my masters program on social work. Would like to thank you for your kind support.

  40. I am from Ethiopia i have nursing diploma and i am graduated 2015 now i need canada scholarship currently in mekelle university second year student in neonatal upgraded

  41. I’m from Ethiopia, I have MA degree in teaching English language Now I need to apply for the scholarship opportunities provided in Canada for upgrading my education to PHD. So would you advise me how can I apply and win the program please? Thanks.

  42. Dears : I’m from Ethiopia, I have BA degree nursing. Now I need to apply for the scholarship opportunities provided in Canada for upgrading my education to Masters degree. So would you advise me how can I apply and win the program please? Thank you

  43. Hello, am so much passionate with communications in business. I really wish I could have this scholar, to do PHD in the major i mentioned above from Ontario Trillium Scholarship. Will you please consider me. Thank you for your time.

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  49. I am 4th year mechanical engineering student in degree program at mekelle university ethiopia &I want to learn in your university by professional.

  50. Hello dears i am somalia my name is ali adam i am studant from muqadisho in somalia pleas i want to computer softiwer give me scholarship thanks

  51. Hi my name is Hamse need to get scholarship in Canada and study international relationship thanks please contact me soon

    1. Hi my name is Hamse am from somalia a had finished my secondary school or higher school am so interest to get scholarship in Canada and study international relationship thanks please contact me at thise number 2520612482980 please contact me soon

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  53. I am from Bangladesh. I have completed my graduation from Bangladesh Agricultural University on Animal Husbandry (Livestock Science). Have any Scholarship on this sector for Masters degree?

  54. Dear Mr. Thank you for this chance. I’m Bizualem Desta from Ethiopia I have Bachelor degree in English-language and Literature. I want to study MA degree in your university. If you have, please contact me. Thank you!

  55. My name is dagnachew Abebaw from Ethiopia and also I have BA dgree in governance and development studies . I am interesting to study masters degree in your free scholarship program. Thanks !!!

  56. Dear Mr. Thank you for this chance. I’m Bizualem Desta from Ethiopia I have Bachelor degree in English-language and Literature. I want to study MA degree in your university. If you have, please contact me +251965841307 this is my phone number. Thank you!

  57. Hello i am Salauddin from Bangladesh I have complete BSS and MSS from Social Science. Department of political science how i can get fully funded scholarship from Canada.

  58. Iam Abdullatrf shadab from afghanistan i want to get master in tealated subject to civil engineering

  59. I am from Pakistan.
    I have done B-Tech (Mechanical).
    I wanna connect with you for scholarship program.

  60. Please am so much interested to study MEDICINE(MBBS) in any of the Canadian universities on scholarship. Am from Cameroon. Thank you.

  61. i am student of mba marketing from indus university .. is there any scholarship for me?in canada?

  62. Hello Sir/Madam,
    I am from Ethiopia and I have completed my Bsc by biomedical engineering, I want to have this opportunity to do my Msc, please consider me.
    Thank you

  63. Hello to the concerned at Trudeau Foundation, I am Hailemariam Yimenu from Ethiopia. I was pleased to read the free scholarship on Humanities announced by the foundation,for I would like to pursue my further degree,i.e., PhD. I have got my master’s degree in TEFL (Teaching
    English as a Foreign Language ) from one of the domestic Universities,Ethiopia. Thus I put forward my kindest inquiry to accommodate me for the scholarship I made clear above. I thank you for the endeavour you are gonna make.

  64. This is Rodas from Ethiopia. I am a 4th year bachelor degree student of urban land management & information system with cummulative grade 3.74 for the past 3 years education career and will finish it on june 2019. I also graduated by diploma in the field of law and have 5 years work exprience in leadership. can I apply on the no. 5, 6 and 7 universities ? I kindly asking your suggesion on which universities are appropraite for my educational background? Thank you

  65. I belongs to a very low and underdown poorest family.In short,I have’t any family to support me,my father and mother’s were died before 5 years ago.I’ve a vission and I’m a vissioner,So,I need fully funded scholarship opportunity to study Msc at the Economic and Social affairs in University of CANADA.I’ve BA degree in Accounting and Finance.accumulation grade 3.89.graduated at ADAMA UNIVERSITY, ETHIOPIA.

  66. hi this is Belachew from Ethiopia I like this opportunity pls contact me +251939337176/e-mail ;-belachewmuche19@gmail.com

  67. Hello sir , I want to get PhD in public health .in mph health service .how I get a scholarship

  68. hello; I am biruh habtewold I want to gat secular ship I started learning architecture(first year) in Ethiopia gonder university

  69. I’m Kokilananthan from Sri Lanka
    I’m intrested to study in Canada I have done BSc honour in chemistry and I want to persuve my education in Canada please have a mercy on me I will be very thankful to you for this act of kindness

  70. I full fill all the criteria to Carleton university,I have average 95% ,score 541 out of 700 in Ethiopian university entrance exam and no problem in language and communication

  71. Hallo
    This is imranullah mahboob recently i completet my bba degree and i want master .so how can i get master scholorship for canada

  72. Good Day!
    I’m from Philippines, I just wanna know if you have a available scholarship for me to sustain my needs in my studying. Thank you!

  73. Bonjour c’est tres interessant je suis interesse par les etude canada jai deplome bac gestion finance est marking et aussi maintenant je suis etude universite de djibouti 1annee des histoire je serais tres reconnaissance pour acte de gentillesse merci

  74. Thanks so much Am Maliselina petro from Tanzania (Africa).I would like to be among of Canada university students .Am postgraduated in Health program

  75. Please am much interested to study medicine (MBBS) in any of canadian universities on scholarship i am from somalia

  76. I want to study abroad and in Canada. I also that a day will come when I become the one who do much more than the expectations of others, I am the one who only survive for the goodness of peoples. Service for humanity is my only objective. So, I want to study agriculture form Canada.

  77. I’m from Sri Lanka I want to go to Canada and I start a new study life and earn money in canada so please include your scholarship

  78. My name Bashiir I was bron Somali (Mogadisho) I can Help you if your really want to study scolar ship For Canada Please Help me To contact whats’up +252907505455

  79. Good evening
    My name is Petan Ali from northern Arakan state, Myanmar. Currently, I am staying Ukhiya Cox’s bazaar, Kutupalong refugee camp, Bangladesh after rohingya crisis.I have been passed matriculation exam from Maung Daw high school in the education year of 2015/2016.The major which I got is B.A psychology. As habitual, rohingya don’t have the opportunity to learn higher education. I strongly interested to learn higher education. I am a boy of without parents and staying alone in the huge refugee camp in Bangladesh. I would like have such opportunities to learn continuosely. I hope you will include me in your thoughts.

  80. Hello.
    I am a student from uganda n as well as a refugee from south sudan i need u assistance i have completed my senior and i am doing science subjects physic, chemistry and mathematic because i want to do petroleum engineering.
    I will be grateful if u respond to my request thanks

  81. My Name Nagiiba Baari I’m student
    I am from Somalia
    I have Degreee of Human resource management and leadership
    And ilike to contunue my Education in Canada

  82. My Name is Nagiiba Ismail Ahmed
    I’m from Somalia
    I have Degree of Human Resource Management Ilike to continue my Education in Canada

  83. I m from pakisan and I want to stydy in canda .Can I get scholorship for masters in nursing (MScN)? I have passed my BSc in nursing (BScN) from The Agha Khan University.

  84. Dir, sir
    I am nove Atinafu ungraduated university student from Ethiopian and l would like to apply your scholarship chance and learn in your institutions like MD,PHO,PHARMACY, RADIOLOGY…and so on please give me the chance. Thank you!

  85. i am getu yiebele undergraguate student in ethiopia in the field of health and i am really interested on the chance for scholarships on your side on fields of MD ,PHO,RADIOLOGY AND OTHER RELATED FIELDS

  86. I want study in Mbbs I m from Pakistan please support me with this scholarship I shall be very thankful for it kindly support me

  87. My name is Mihretu Yoseph Gebriel from Ethiopian …I have Bsc degree in electrical and computer Engineering . now time I am serving my country and my people faithfully and I have three year Experience … …..I have international vision to add some value to this world so I need to upgrade my knowledge to perform my vision….I need to learn master program in electrical and computer engineering and related field…please support my vision…..thank you so much about your good ideas. You can contact with me in +251932574406.

  88. Thanks alot to this chance my name is isaac othman please i went to be one of them so could you help me to apply my tell is +25297141448

  89. Am very much interested in getting a scholarship to study in Canada. Am musonda Bornface holding my first bachelor degree of education in mathematics from Zambia. I really want to upgrade my self to masters in mathematics.

  90. Hi iam from Afghanistan
    I graduated from LLB I want continue my higher education abroad
    Please help me


  91. Hi,my name mahher mahamoud
    Ilive in somalia
    Iam student,and so l need this
    So facilitate me how toget this chance….. thanks…..thaks…….

  92. Thanks you
    Ineed that
    Contact me
    Helpful guide for commenwealth
    Scholarship in uk universities

  93. Hi I’m Aljon Billones from the Philippines, I’m willing to study in Canada. Currently I am a 4th year College student taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in T.L.E. What is the best scholarship that will suit for me Maam/Sir?. Hoping for your reply, thank you so much.

  94. Hello there, I would like to get myself enrolled for undergraduate scholarships, but the shared link does not work good enough. Could you people please contribute?

  95. Hi, my name is abdishakur from Somalia I’m 22 years old. I want to attend a foreign scholarship registration if you help me.
    This is my phone number +252907572842

  96. Hello Sir/Madam
    I want a scholarship for Gynaecology obstetrics, I am an undergraduate just finished high school and I want to study in Canada in Toronto although i live in Angola.
    Thank you

  97. I am from ETHIOPIA
    I have advanced diploma in electrical engineering and
    I am under graduating in Economics
    I want to study in CANADA

  98. i am from somali
    I need Full scolarship I want you to help me learn from a canada Thanks
    Good lucky

  99. am awet from Ethiopia and am interested to study abroad specially Canada, with pharmacy courses for masters programs.

  100. I am ayal tilahun,a general practioner , in Africa,Ethhiopia.first of all love cannada bcose when I was a child I was supported by some good Canadian,like John bejent(who passedway 2 years back)and colin prechard, so my dream was to go to canada and have further education.i strongly wanna join one of your scolarship program please.if you give me the opportunity please contact me +251919834135
    Thank you

  101. Hi iam Mohammad aziz from Afghanistan khandahar I want to have free scholarship in your country if possible I would be a great student

  102. Hello Dear My Name is Abdullah. From Pakistan Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa . I Want To Have Free Scholarships In Your Country . If Possible I Would Be Great Student …

  103. hello! I am Ibrahim from karachi Pakistan i have done fsc i want to do mbbs but unfortunately i am a poor boy my father can’t afford me so i request you to please help me in getting a fully funded scholarship i will be thankful to you!
    Name : Ibrahim
    Contact no: 03222188285

  104. I am Simone from Ethiopia. I have Bachelor of degree in land administration and surveying program from Woldia University which is one of the governmental Universities in Ethiopia. Currently, I am working as Assistance lecturer in Mekelle University. This is one of the biggest international Universities in Ethiopia. So that, I have high inspiration to study my master’s program in your University by the property valuation and development, land and real estate appraisal, GIS and other related program.

  105. I would like to join your university though I am digree of public health and I would like to send my CV

  106. I am a graduate from Sri Lanka and I followed my degree in psychology special.I am a good martial artist and outstanding person.I have high computer skills and diving skills..I am inching for start my masters in psychology.I think if your organization will give a chance to me I can enhance my potential and do yemen service to world.I am talking seriously.Could you please consider my innocent request .I am waiting till you reply .Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

  107. Name:———————-Shafiullah
    Last name:——————-Ahmadzai
    Residence place:————————-Kabul
    Marital status:——————————-single
    Email account:————–shafiullahahmadzai12@gmail.com
    Phone No:———————————————-+93731114442
    Educational background:————————–BBA
    HI DEAR!
    I am just searching for scholarship programs.dear please help me.

  108. can i get full scholorship for MS.
    plz help me i am intrested in to get education in abroad.

  109. I am very much interested in getting a scholarship to study in Canada. I am Teshome Gizachew studying my first bachelor degree of education in Electrical And Computer Engineering from Ethiopia at Addis Ababa University. I really want to upgrade my self to study and continue my education in canada

  110. please I’m a hardworking, intelligent and an able graduate that need a scholarship to read my master

  111. Hello Sir.
    I want to study master field of finance plz help how to apply for the scholarship thanks.

  112. Sir I have passed inter exam with high 1st division and now I want to study in Canada
    How can I apply for getting admission in Queen uni of Canada for BS or for Bsc program
    Plz kindly guide me

  113. My name is Shafiullah I am from Afghanistan I have high school degree and I need a scholarship ofcourse I want to study English.

  114. my name is GETASEW DERSO i have Master’s in Hydrualic and Water Resource Engineering ( Engineering Hydrology) and in Bacholer Degree is Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering.

  115. I am Simone from Ethiopia. I have Bachelor of degree in land administration and surveying program from Woldia University which is one of the governmental Universities in Ethiopia. Currently, I am working as Assistance lecturer in Mekelle University. This is one of the biggest international Universities in Ethiopia. So that, I have high inspiration to study my master’s program in your University by the property valuation and development, cadastral surveying and mapping, land and real estate appraisal, GIS and other related program. Because in our country the land administration is burning issue and also the real property transaction is implemented in modernized ways.

  116. I’m Ikechukwu Akunne from Nigeria, I want any opportunity available to pursue and accomplish my goals.

  117. Hi respected sir:
    ihave more an more love to study in canada. I have a dream in mylife that is study in canada.
    can I get a full scholarship in masters

  118. I am Antu Barua from Bangladesh. I completed my graduation from public university that’s located in our country. To obtain the post graduation degree,I want to draw your attention.That will be on HRM.

  119. Salam sir I m from Afghanistan and I need this scholarship. Help me for getting this scholarship. I shall be very thankful for that.

  120. My name is Yohannes. I am living in Ethiopia. My profession is Mechanical Engineering. I am interested to study in canada Please give me scholarship. please contact me by phone +251923529987/email address:-yoniafework12@gmail.com

  121. My Name is Abdifatah Ahmed Gamadid I would have liked to help me free schoolership I am in Ethiopia specially in Somali Regional State [Ogaden Region] so let me help My masters degree please I am degree of food Science and Nutrition for Jigjiga University thanks indeed

  122. I did BS in English from Pakistan
    I’m searching for MS scholarship in English
    Plz help me to find it out

  123. My Name is Amin ismail omer would have liked to help me free schoolership I am in Ethiopia specially in Somali Regional State [Ogaden Region] so let me help My masters degree please I am degree of food Science and Nutrition for Hargaysa University thanks indeed


    1. Hello. My name is Querina Azoh I will like to study a master course in any of your unversities. But I have a worry, because I don’t know if the sholarships are fully funded.
      Thanks and I will be waiting for your responds

  124. Hi
    My name is Mohammad samim I am very lucky when I raceve this free scholaship.
    Forthermore when I was child my family encorage me to study MD facolta in Cananda.

  125. Hi
    My name is Mohammad samim I am very lucky.Becase when I recive this free scholashio.
    Forthermore when I was child my family encorage me to study MD facolta in Canada.

  126. The whole world knows how difficult to leave in a very poor nation of Africa but if the developed nation helps this poor nation we will defeat poverty for ever for this your country must give free scholarship program for those African students so I am the one who leaved in ETHIOPIA so i need your help.

    1. Hello sir,my name is Alemayehu kumsa from ethiopia. I need so much Interest to study abroad scholarship MBA by Economics/related field, before I graduated bachelor degree by Accounting and now I worked from ethiotelecom company….

  127. Hello my name is Salma sulub odowaa l am in somalia l would have to liked to help me free scholarship in Canada pls contact me my number
    252634767027 l am hope eductian canada becouse eduction canad is qulity hay i like eduction l am to learin health eductian of the fuclty publice health thanks you for much I will be good luch insha Allah

  128. Hello first My name is Abdihakiin Hirsi Esse so I went to help me because I went give me scholarship

  129. Je m’appelle Mata Keita j’ai 17ans, je fais la terminale TSS. Je veux une bourse d’étude à Australie ou Canada. keitamatta003@gmail. com c’est mon email s’il vous plait. Mais je ne comprends pas l’anglais

  130. My name is Salma sulub l want scholarship in Canada because Canada education is every quality Hay I like Canada education l want study in the health science l will be successful insha Allah I will be good lunch insha Allah

  131. thank you for this valuable and useful information.please inbox me the format for filling scholarship in agricultural enginering area.

  132. Hi , my name is Abdulahi , am from Somalia where I have finished my secondary school. So I want this opportunity to study in Canada .
    Plz help me to get it .
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

    Your new student Abdullahi

  133. Hello sir my name is nasra. I’m from
    Somalia where I have finished my secondary school. So I want study of health sceince
    I want free full scholarship in canada
    Plz help me to get it . I’m looking forward to hearing from younuber:+252615281659

  134. I live in Ethiopia i have Bsc degree in urban planning i like to join masters program please help me +251913115213

  135. I am ngendahayo Theodore from Rwanda , I have a bachelor degree in computer science with education , i want to study a masters degree . helpe me plz

  136. I Am from afghanistan I Hoppful to be a master student of CNADIAN Universities becuas the canadian Universities are in glooble rank.

  137. I m inyat from pakistan I have A.com degree and I want scholarship in canada becuse I want to do M B A from canada my contect nuber +923130104637 thanks

  138. Hi i am abraham.I atend at bhu university by Information technology
    But i went get to chinas scholorship.if you realey how can i get to that one.

  139. Hello sir or madam yeah am so entiresting for this scholarship so thank you first and contact with me please am from somalia thank you

  140. I’m interesed in canada for higher education.I’m from Bangladesh.I need this scholarship badly.

  141. Hello, my Name is Hashi Rabi am MBA holder and I wanna to upgrade my status of education at international university eapecially I interested canadian univeraity.
    So leave me here under any direction thay helping me to have such scholarship program.

    Sincerly your

  142. My name is Habtamu lakie I am from Ethiopia and I have Bsc degrees in health science and I want to study MSc in clinical nurse in your institution,please give me a chance for my phone number,+251915506758

  143. Hi , my name is Nesar Ahmad Yadgari Im 3rd year trainee student of orthopeadics in afghanistan i wana study in midical field in Canada .
    Is there any chance for me ?

  144. Hi , i am Md humaun kabir
    from Bangladesh
    Now i am M.Phil student of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology BUET
    I want to Ph.D .

  145. My name,s Shukri Iimaan Mohammad
    I,m from Somalia I am learning public administration but am graduated September 30/9/2019
    Now I wanna need scholarship in Canada currently in mekelle university I hope give me a chance to I get high education in Canada thank you so much my Dear connected with my number what’s app +2520907030627

  146. Hello Sir/Madam
    I hope your doing well!
    I like to stady my Bachelor or Masters degree in Canada. If you accept me as a student I sure you I will try my best and study hard.
    Thank you!

  147. I am Bassazin Assefa from Ethiopia. I want to study Planning and Project Management for my MA.CONTACT ME VIA 251923077966, IF THERE IS A PLACE .THANK YOU.

  148. I hope your doing well
    I like to stand my bachelor
    Or degree in Canada if you eccept me please please as astudent
    I sure you l will try my best students please thanks

  149. I am from Ethiopia. I took my first degree in civil engineering department,now I want to apply a full scholarship in civil engineering or any related field of study. Thanks

  150. I am Ethiopian I studing Hydraulic&water resourse engineering now,and I want to study Hydraulic or other related department.

  151. I am Faisal from bannu kpk i interested urgently visa for m.com to the USA or canada TnQ……?

  152. My name is Kaleb Kalo .I need to have MA degree in sociology from any university you offer to me .

  153. My name is Fentahun Walle, I have a sociology BA degree, I want to learn masters degree at your university, can you help me !!!

  154. Dear sir/madam!
    I’m From Ethiopia I complete my bachelors Degree in Accounting and finance,I want to apply to study Accounting and finance for master program,in same field am reliable for the way to give me opportunity to study for free scholarship Canada or United Kingdom.

  155.     My name Zerihun Teklemariam I from Ethiopia I graduated first degree in Dry Land Scrop Science (BSc.) & Accounting and Finance (BA) so please give me masters program in your scholarship. My phone number +251-915646863/905617490. Email:-godezed@gmail.com

  156. I am gradute bsc degree in civil engineering from Ethiopia i am intersted to suport me please callme +251924310640

  157. I’m graduated degree management. I’m interested to learn in u country pls give me this chance

  158. I am lakmini kumari marasinghe.I want to learn more language.My mager is chinese and Japanese. How can i apply for that.But now i am 28 year old.If it is doesn’t matter. Please let me to know about more

  159. I wanted to help schlorship of canada I wanted to studying computer science of degrees I wish to help you say alah

  160. My name is abdullahi ahmed ali
    Iam from somalia my graduate is bachelor degree of social science dp public admin
    I would like it to help me this free scholarship in canada

  161. Is their any university that gives scholarship for afghan student to enrich his knowledge for Master of Electrical Engineering?

  162. I belongs to a very low and underdown poorest family.In short,I have’t any family to support me,my father but nor more .I’ve a vission and I’m a vissioner,So,I need fully funded scholarship opportunity to study Msc at the material science affairs in University of CANADA.I’ve MSc degree in Physics.accumulation grade 3.13.graduated at Malakand UNIVERSITY, pakistan

  163. I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for your kind of invitation in joining of your free scholarship under your respective country. Am a degree holder with English language and literature ( MA) here in Ethiopia located jimma university.i almost took four years since I’ve been graduate. fortunately,i meet with your website which is allowed me to get apply in good manner.so dear concern, I kindly request you to get such a blessing opportunity in the field I mentioned below,such as international relations or any related fields.anyway for further information please,hope you to hear from you . Thanks.

  164. Great thanks for your kind of invitation of free scholarship opportunity.so I am happy to get such an important opportunity to upgrade my degree in your respective study center.so I am degree gratitude in English language and literature in Ethiopia jimma university ( oromiya region ). dear concern,allowe to get opportunities to keep continued in the field of international relations department or any possible related topics(category ) further information please,contact me , and hopefully you wishing you to hear a positive response from you . stayed blessed .

  165. Dear sir/ madam
    My Name is Bereket Zeleke am 25 years old from Ethiopia, i have Bsc degree in Midwifery from the well known university of Ethiopia(jimma university) in June 22,2016 G.c, i have 2+ work expriance, now am working in gambella, Abobo catholic health project head, i hope to concerder my expriance, qualifecation
    Thank you

    With best regard

  166. I’m from Ethiopia and I done my bachelor degree in accounting and finance and I want to apply for master program If you have willing to allow me as your student in free scholarship thy institution, and has experience as working as Teacher in College in our region Gambella. +252912747334

  167. My name is zekrullah hakimi I am form Afghanistan am 23 year and I am graduate legal G B and I have one work and I studying in national legal
    Traninig Center and expriance kabul
    Urbanismcity part legal I hope to concerned exprianc qualification tank you

  168. I am under graduate student of Agriculture I am in 7th semester Agronomy (plant biology) . Now i want to sudy abroad post graduate. I am interested in Agronomy field for the development of modern innovation in agriculture for rural areas to defeat on hunger and eradicate poverty. I am interested on the behalf of scholarship for post graduate study, If you have willing to allow me as your student. I will be very thankful to you for this kind of act.

  169. My Name Is Mudesir Kemal I’am from Ethiopia I have Bsc degree by computer science I so much interested to learn MSC by any field of computer science at Canadians by scholarship.
    Pls contact me phone +251921370011
    E-mail mudesirkemal85 @gmail.com
    Thank you

    1. My name is alemgena yadeta Iam form Ethiopia Iam 23 years old and Iam graduate by Gender and Development Studies BA Degree

  170. My name is Yohannes Afework. I am living in Ethiopia. I have BSc degree in mechanical engineering. I am interested to upgrade my Academy as well as knowledge. Please contact me by email yoniafework12@gmail.com/phone +251923529987

  171. I’m Daniel Belachew Ararso
    from Ethiopia.and also fourth year mechanical engineering student at Wollega University. I am very interested please give this chance. I want to study mechanical engineering .
    Contact me on +251937737328
    Email danibungule@gmail.com

  172. My name is MAMO SEFERA From Ethiopia I am graduated From Mekelle university by Banking and Insurance AM INTERESTED FOR MASTERS please call me by +251922996933 thank you!!!

  173. My name is MANDAD MAALIN ABDULAHI From Ethiopia I am graduated From JIGJIGA university by CIVIL ENGINEERING INTERESTED FOR MASTERS please call me by +251913449509 BY WhatsApp, thanks

  174. hello my name is Endalk nigusie graduated in BSC degree in electrical and computer engineering how can i apply masters program in canada

  175. Hi,
    My name is M.Zafran ullah belong from pakistan warst area,i did BBA(Hons) & MBA(HR) completed 18year schooling and now i’m in search of fully funded scholorship for Phd in managment sciences,i belong from very distitud family,hardly we servive here in pakistan.

    Note: This is humble request to the scholorship offering team,please help me and put me out from pakistan and give us opportunity in canada geting education,here in pakistan we are not secured,every time we feel life threats,so please if posible kindly give us chance to cimplete my Phd degree in canada and please once again i’m requesting to fulfill my turst of education over there in canada.hop you(Scholorshipgiving Team) will understand my satuation life tbreats.Thanks for provinding us such a great opportunity and for time to read my text massage.

  176. I am Getachew Yibeyin from Ethiopia. I have Bsc.degree by civil engineering & i want to study my Msc in highway either engineering or Structural engineering .

  177. Dear Sir/Madam my name Abdullahi fatah I life in Ugandh I student old 21 2019 gratuated high school in this year very need free scholarahip Economic Bacholer degree please help me Email abdullahifatah1@gmail.com
    good lucky

  178. I’m so interested on canada scholarship im first year student in department of wildlife & ecotourism management please help me?

  179. hello i am mohammad eliyas ebadi son of abdul rahim i finished my bba
    in afghanistan i wanna study my master in canad.

  180. Hello my name is asad I have done my LLB I want to do my masters in Canada so how can I apply for scholarships in canada

  181. My name is kebeki Tilahun, I am from Ethiopia, I was graduated my msc degree in electrical and computer engineering, I want to study my msc degree in communication engineering. Please will you help me to get this scholarship chance .

  182. Hello sir. I’m faisal from Afghanistan I got bachlar degree in BCS I want Start mastery in canada MY phone NO 0093767607258

  183. My name is Workinesh Kebede i live in Ethiopia special in oromia region,I am female so that i want to get a free scholarship.please help me!

  184. Hello dear. My name is Haben kidu from ethiopia,tigray,shire i was graduted from loliq enginering technology college in deploma by Accounting and budget service.so i liki and intresting for this scholarship.please contact/call me by this phon number or email 251934620764 and email is Hhhabenkidu@gmail.com. many than you for reading my writen.

  185. Hello sir I’m naseebullah from Afghanistan i want to apply in BCS how can i do it please help me

  186. Hi ,my name’s IQRA Ali Hussein, I am gratuated medical university this year and am so interested to get this scholarship in Canada. Thank you so much for given this opportunity. Contec me +252(615205625).

  187. Ahmed sheikh ali mohamed I live in mugdisho capital city of somalia I am a graduate of high school who needs a plural and how can I get it and thank you

    1. My name is Ahmed Ali mohamed I life in mugdishu capital city of Somali. I am a graduate student of high school who wants to get scholarship of university postgraduate to proceed my study.
      I hope that you will give me that opportunity.
      Email ahmadyare88@gmail.com
      WhatsApp +252615890002

  188. may name is sahra abdi shiiq iam somali ilive in somali i studey faculty of buplic health iwant to join master degree of narsing i abale to join studey mester i happe to helpe me thanks i hope may requesty will be ansewer me may whatasappe 0615800924 sahrocbadi@gmail.com

  189. Hello ! Sir or madam
    I am a Somali boy, and i live in somalia, so i want to success this scholarship for a little time to get the answer will come from you.
    So i wish to accept my request because i need a high education to emprove my knowledge with strong education.
    That is a few request but I have another request to accept for me.

    Dear Teachers

  190. Dear sir
    I am pleasure to write this. First all of i would like to introduce my self I am Teferi Gebru from developing country Ethiopia, Aksum . i am Health professional in fucality of public health and medical science in department of Reproductive Health.
    I have a burning desire to make my PHD program in Canada universities . if you can help me the possibility soonest.

  191. My name is yousuf Ali Aadan
    I live in somalia specially city of mugdisho i need free scholarship of canada because our education no qualty so please help me my phone is +252618369049

  192. Hi gentalman my name daud i from somalia specially Puntland state i want in this opporunity in master progrram faculty of social science Departement of International Relationship(IR) please help me Thanks All of u

  193. My name is Anab A yusuf im form Somalia lives in galkaio May education level university so i want master scholarship of medicene becouce of do not have money to complete my knowledge so how can you help me

  194. hello,my name is Abere Kassie Enyew and i,m graguated in electrical and computer engineering in the stream of industrial control system in gondar universtiy .so please contact me by the :yosef.kassiet@gmail.com and make me confirm.

  195. Hi, my name is Henock Meseret .I studying at Addis Ababa university in Ethiopia. I am second year civil engineering student. Please contact me I am interesting this scholarship