5 Free Online Master’s Degree Program for International Students

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You can of course do it without it, but going to college is also aligned with higher lifelong wages, potential for employment, and a more fulfilling life for an overwhelming majority of foreign graduates. Around the same period, in the past 40 years, no other form of expense has risen as dramatically as the costs of higher education except for health care expenditures.

Even though it sounds like a completely impractical investment, the facts are that in the vast majority of situations (even with the cost increase) higher education is still worth it. In this guide, we’ll give you a free online Master’s degree program that you can take in order to reduce potential expenses and prevent huge bills that historically affected other college students.

The advent of massively accessible online courses (MOOCs) has opened the door to having free world-class education. Many of the world’s best universities offer a wide variety of courses that are offered online and free of charge (or a nominal fee for a certificate).

While MOOCs are unlikely to lead straight to a degree (except for a few advanced programs), MOOCs may be seen as the first opportunity to receive a free college education. In other words, you can use an experience obtained from a free online Master’s degree program to “test out” classes at a college or university based on competencies.

This will (at least) significantly reduce the time and expense of college. Additionally, whether you’re searching mainly for work training or knowledge rather than college credits, all of these places are perfect ways to get free tuition.

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1. MIT OpenCourseWare

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the pre-eminent social sciences, education, industry, and colleges in the country. This forward-looking university has taken a variety of steps to make world-class education accessible for all and is now one of a couple of colleges in the U.S. to meet 100% of the established financial need.

That ensures that students who earn under a certain amount (or whose family does) can enter MIT free of charge, including free open online classes. Potentially the toughest part of the process is winning admission because MIT has one of every school on the planet’s most rigorous admissions procedures.

In an attempt to make world-class education open to the widest possible audience, MIT was an early supporter of MOOCs and helped to create any university’s largest selection of free online courses. MIT calls its OpenCourseWare website, and there, in thousands of subjects, you can find free online courses at the graduate level (a novelty among other institutions on this list).

Not all of the courses available on the website are entirely “complete” with some having single-class videos, others only reading lists and notes, and some including a whole course-like experience online. Although for some this could be a drawback, it has allowed MIT to provide the public with a much broader variety of educational classes free of charge than any other comparable institution.

2. University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is known globally for the quality of its teaching and the excellence of its human, animal, and environmental health studies. Global students can benefit from their experience by learning one of their online classes, wherever they are in the world. Their online revolutionary degrees were developed to specialize in improving your analytical skills and to help you progress your career.

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3. The University of Illinois

Urbana-Champaign-based University of Illinois is one of the nation’s finest computer sciences, engineering, and business colleges. They have built up a strong online presence in recent years, both with free online classes and paying online for-credit programming.

Notable online programming clusters provide a number of MOOCs, paying bachelor’s and doctoral degree programs, and technical credential programs.

If you’re searching for the University of Illinois’ free online Master’s degree program, all of them are hosted on Coursera. There is a broad variety of subjects, from education, engineering, world affairs, health care, law, and even 3D printing.

A variety of groundbreaking for-credit options can be completed at a reduced cost than conventional curriculum and offers students taking online classes the ability to earn a master’s degree in business management or a master’s degree in accountancy.

4. PDMF University

The University of PDMF was founded out of necessity. The founders of this electronic, free college believed that if education were available to anyone who usually couldn’t afford to pursue a college degree the planet would be a better place. These same pioneers also saw a need to offer education to everyone, irrespective of location; to build online courses.

Bear in mind that if you are asking for a hard copy of your degree or diploma, PDMF University will ask you to make a “donation” of a specified amount. When you need any authentication services from this free online education, you’ll also be asked to make a significant donation. Prices vary from about $200 USD to about $800 USD, depending on which country you are in.

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This tuition-free Institution is accredited by the International Council for Open and Distance Education. Although it claims it provides valid and acceptable degrees in the U.S., it also states the accreditation services used by the U.S. do not accredit it.

5. University of the People

UoPeople is the first free online university and has been approved. This offers both Computer Science and Health Science degrees. You can apply online for the degree of a 2-year associate or a 4-year MBA. This free college is recognized by the United States Department of Education, Distance Education Accrediting Commission as well as the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. University of People is committed to offering great education to those who would otherwise not be able to afford it.

Although UoPeople is a tuition-free institution, it does entail a $60 Application Processing Fee to be charged by each student. It also demands an Exam Processing Fee of $100 for every test that is taken. There are 20 tests to complete the Associate’s Degree which will cost $2,000. UoPeople may however offer scholarships to those who may not be able to pay for the exams.

Actually, when you take a master’s degree in a university/college you need thousands of dollars from your bank account or from student debt, but if you just need to have some skills with certificates that will help you in getting a better career, you just need to pay less than $50 to learn online and get a certificate from some reputable universities. You just need to go to this page to start learning and earn a worthed certificate more easily than you ever think!

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