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Scholarships in France for Students from Developing Countries

France is well known for its beautiful capital city Paris, the Eiffel tower with its romantic ambiance that makes many tourists from across the globe came to visit, not to mention French amazing culinary that worth to experience while you are there.

Aside from the great things mentioned above, the French government really take education matters very seriously, French higher education is subsided by the government that made the higher education is very accessible from a financial aspect, the students that are not yet 20 will have free access to student health insurance and the tuition fee only range between 150-700 EUR per semester.

scholarships in france

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The Emile Boutmy Scholarship at SciencesPo

The Emile Boutmy scholarship is an annual scholarship at SciencesPo institution to honor its founder Emile Boutmy legacy. SciencesPo is one of the most prestigious and influential academic institutions in France for Social Science.

The scholarship offers 5,000-19,000 EUR worths annual scholarship for 3 years Bachelor’s program and 5,000-10,000 EUR worths annual scholarship for 2 years Master Program. The scholarship will be awarded for the selected students in his/her first academic year at SciencesPo institution.

The Eligibility and Requirements

Non-EU nationality students and successfully admitted to SciencesPO for fulltime undergraduate or Master Program.


The students must announce that they are applying for Emile Boutmy scholarship in “financial information” section when they submit their admission to SciencesPO and will be required to provide eligible proof of their family financial situation, it might also be required for the students to take a language proficiency test for additional admission requirements. The deadline for the undergraduate program for the academic period 2019/20 is 8 April 2019 and 3 January 2019 for Master Program you can inquire using SciencesPo inquiry system here or by filling out this form.

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To know more about The Emile Boutmy scholarship check here.

INSEAD-Syngenta MBA Scholarship for Developing Countries

INSEAD as one of the best graduate business school together with Syngenta one of the world agricultural business giant offer scholarship for students that comes from developing countries.

INSEAD as the host institution for the scholarship program has many campuses all over the world, the scholarship program provides the selected student with 22,500 EUR worth of stipends to study their MBA at INSEAD France.

The Eligibility and Requirements

The applicants must come from emerging countries, have professional/ educational experience in their country, having experience in the industry is a plus, and proved in need financial assistance for continuing their study program


To apply the applicant must submit their complete their online application together with an attached essay. The essay topic should briefly explain business leadership characters in your country and how you picture to contribute to your country in the future (200 words), developing sustainable agriculture in your country (250 words), and describing your financial situation (200 words). The application for December class 2020 will be open on 25 March 2019 to learn more about INSEAD-Syngenta scholarship check here.

To find more about INSEAD MBA deadlines, scholarships, and admission process checks here.

HEC Paris MBA Scholarship for Excellence

HEC Paris is one of the leading business academic institutions in the world and among of French Grandes Ecoles. Grandes Ecoles is an establishment of French higher education system outside the French public higher institutions framework. Grandes Ecoles institutions are very selective, elite, and prestigious compared to normal public university.

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HEC Paris MBA scholarship offers 14,000-33,000 EUR worth of stipends in January 2019 and 15,000-35,000 EUR in September 2019.

The Eligibility and Requirements

All the students who are successfully admitted at HEC Paris for MBA Program with the exception students who are funded by their government or their company. The recipient of the scholarship program may apply for other scholarships that offered by the HEC Paris funding system.


For applying the students must submit their application through the online system and will be evaluated by Jurys based on academic performance, interviews and GMAT scores. The deadline for the scholarship will be one week after the admission deadline.

The general admission for applying must submit through HEC Paris MBA online portal or you can learn about the admission in general here and you can find more about HEC Paris MBA scholarship here.

HEC Paris EIFFEL for Candidate Working in Emerging Countries Scholarship

The scholarship program started in 1999 under the direction the French ministry of foreign affairs and offers a monthly allowance 1,100 EUR and cover other expenses such as health insurance, travel allowance, and cultural activities. However, the scholarship will not cover the tuition fee but can be combined with HEC Paris for Excellence scholarship.

The Eligibility and Requirements

The applicants for this scholarship must not be over 30 years old, successfully admitted at HEC Paris, non-French nationality or not holding dual French citizenship.


No additional Essay is required for application and the deadline will be one week after the admission deadline. To learn more about the Eiffel scholarship check here.

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Ampere Scholarship of Excellence at University of Lyon

The Ampere scholarship is an annual scholarship is offered for the master programs at the University of Lyon and provides selected students with monthly financial supports worth 1,000 EUR for one or two academic years.

The University of Lyon has 16 institutions and three main campuses; The Claude Bernard University of Lyon that focused on Health and Sciences study, The Lumiere University of Lyon that focused on Social Sciences, and the Jean Moulin University of Lyon than focused on Law and Humanities.

The Eligibility and Requirements

The students must intend to be enrolled for a full-time master degree program at the University of Lyon that falls into the following departments; Exact Science, Art, Human, and Social Science, no more than 26 years old by the time of application, and must be non-French nationality. See full Ampere (left side) scholarship description here.


The applicants must submit their application online and prepare the following documents;

  • CV
  • Certificate highschool diploma and Bachelor degree or equivalent certificate
  • University Academic records
  • Two reference letter from professors

To learn more about the application process and the next application deadline you can inquire to or visit the Ampere excellence scholarship at this site page.

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