7 U.S. Colleges with the Best Financial Aid

U.S. Colleges with the Best Financial Aid
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Learning at university level can be very expensive. For this cause, universities and colleges have provided some of the best financial aid programs to help students pay for their college and education expenses. Such programs provide incentives for work-study, research grants, private scholarships, federal grants, state grants, fellowships, academic scholarships, and administrative funds.

Many institutions assist graduates who have a great academic record with financial support. Most financial aid services allow applicants to also be participating in a university degree before they can qualify for support.

When you’re looking for a college, it’s best that you review the various colleges’ financial aid plans and then opt for one that will help you. Below we have the list of U.S. colleges with the best financial aid based on the amount of financial assistance services offered, student funding from the institution and student input.

The following universities have some of the best financial aid programs in the U.S.

1. Georgia Institute of Technology

More than 35 undergraduate majors and more than 50 minors are on offer in any disciple related to science and engineering, as well as in other fields such as business, sport, public policy, and pre-professional.

Furthermore, Georgia Tech also offers financial assistance worth more than $105 million. The Georgia Tech Program, offers funding to chosen students who have demonstrated significant need. There are over 26 departmental honors and outstanding academic results reserved for the upper classmen. In addition, 12-merit based scholarships are also eligible, enabling applicants to apply. Students who are participating in the work-abroad programs, research assistants and internships are in paying jobs. This helps allow for affordable tuition.

  • Tuition at Georgia Institute of Technology: $6,726 (per semester)
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2. North Carolina State University

The engineering programs is ranked by the US News and World Report at the best of all undergraduate programs. North Carolina State University has many outstanding Humanities, Medical, Nursing and Technology programs.

Examples of the degree programs available include:

  1. Agricultural Education
  2. Accounting
  3. Civil Engineering
  4. Computer Science
  5. Aerospace Engineering
  6. Biology and Computer Science

In the other hand, there are nine academic grants open to University of North Carolina Program graduates. The university offers tailored scholarships for classes including incoming graduates, foreign students, and students at the Master level. In fact, there is also student work through the Career Development Center.

  • North Carolina State University net tuition: $7,613

3. Marshall University

Students have the opportunities to follow graduate studies academically in genetics, cellular biology, nutrition, nanosystems, rural health, computer science, education, economics, meteorology, international affairs, and popular languages, among many others.

Marshall University awards over $144 million in financial aid. All merit-based grants are available to the entire student body. Others seek only niche groups such as freshmen, athletes and top performers, though. It covers academic scholarships such as Scholarships by the Marshall University Foundation, as well as scholarships elsewhere. There are many opportunities for work-study, both on and off site. Graduates also receive medical school support, and veteran educational opportunities for students of the service.

  • Tuition at Marshall University: $8,457 (net price)

4. Texas A&M University

Rather than the competitive tuition rates, applicants qualify for the more than 100 undergraduate and advanced degrees it offers at Texas A&M University. With millions of dollars committed to this field, it focuses science and technical research.

Students can join more than 18 study programs overseas, not to mention the multitude of internship opportunities in the neighboring Dallas area. In fact, over $75 million is being made available to students in the form of financial assistance. The Century Scholars program, the product of the Texas A&M’s partnership with many Texan High Schools, is granting $20,000 to outstanding freshmen. In the meantime, other scholarship programs such as the Regents Scholarship, the Terry Foundation Scholarship and the Greater Texas Foundation Aggie Scholars Program are available at this institution.

  • Texas A&M University net price of tuition: $9,971

5. Louisiana Tech University

There students can select from several other fields as Architectural Studies, Aviation Management, Family and Child Studies and Geographic Information Science. Louisiana Tech University programs offered from the bachelor’s level up to the graduate level. Additionally there are also services for credentials.

More than 70 percent of students at Louisiana Tech University currently receive some form of financial assistance. There are many ways to secure a scholarship. Many are departmental and the more come from external private organizations. State-sponsored financial support programs include TOPS, and Louisiana GoGrant. Accordingly, students with disabilities can apply for financial aid through a grant program known as Louisiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

  • Louisiana Tech University net price of tuition: $9,137

6. University of Virginia

It provides outstanding degree programs, including the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the School of Architecture, the School of Medicine, and the School of Arts and Sciences, across different departments.

Students from the University of Virginia may be eligible for the Virginia Commonwealth Grants which award each recipient $30,000 per year. Government financial assistance programs include loans and vouchers, such as the Federal Pell Grant. Students from Washington D.C. will have access to the DC Tuition Assistance System. This plan covers the difference of up to $10,000 per annum for in-state and out-of-state fees.

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The university also keeps an online directory of all eligible scholarships on its website. It lets students search for them, too.

Tuition at the University of Virginia: $10,016 approximately.

7. Appalachian State University

Appalachian State University offers over 150 programs through six degree-granting colleges. They are as follows:

  1. Reich College of Education
  2. College of Fine and Applied Arts
  3. College of Arts and Sciences
  4. The Walker College of Business

Degrees available including:

  1. Computer Science
  2. Criminal Justice
  3. Education
  4. English
  5. Economics
  6. Geology
  7. Gender Studies, and
  8. many others

A broad range of scholarships are available, and the scholarship office strives to educate applicants on the number of scholarships to which they could be eligible. Around 20 basic and administrative scholarships are available solely to students attending this university. They include the Alumni Memorial Scholarship, Beatrice Watts Memorial Scholarship, Appalachian Students Memorial Scholarship and the Bob & Minnie Snead Minority Presence Scholarship, to name but a few.

Other need-based and merit-based incentives are provided by North Carolina State. Furthermore, the federal work-study is open to students in need. Those that are not registered are urged to visit the online platform for student jobs at Appalachian State.

  • Appalachian State University price of tuition: $10,203

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