15 Affordable Universities to Study in Europe for International Students

Affordable Universities to Study in Europe
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Finance is the biggest concern foreign students have while studying in Europe. The positive thing is that many European universities give foreign students an affordable tuition or free tuition.

Most universities in Germany and Norway do not offer fees for foreign students and instead offer a small fee for the course. This list of affordable universities to study in Europe will certainly be considered by foreign students who have a financial problem.

While the tuition is free, other expenses associated with living in Europe, such as housing and food, are concerned. Undoubtedly, foreign students can receive extra funds such as global grants or get funding from their own wallets.

Students these days have limitless chances of learning at very low rates in various nations. Millions of students from all over the world would like to obtain their degrees in Europe, and each year the number is increasing.

Reasonably priced, and even free, European universities offer world-class education for foreign students, an opportunity to improve valuable language skills, and, of course, a remarkable and exciting cultural experience.

Here are the best affordable universities to study in Europe for international students you should learn about.

1. University of Würzburg

A low processing fee of about € 130 or $145 a semester is charged by the University of Würzburg, making it extremely economical and tempting for students overseas everywhere. As it is a university in Germany, it needs a mastery in German. That being said, the international students are given a handful of classes taught in English.

Cultural and music studies, as well as astronomy, molecular and computational biology, and politics are among their main programs.

This university’s curriculum is one of the best on the planet and many prestigious scholarships have been part of the faculty at this university including 14 Nobel Laureates. International students in Europe are eligible to study at this outstanding and affordable university, but they need to be really competent.

2. University of Hamburg

University of Hamburg is a university of public research, located in Hamburg, Germany. It is listed in the world’s top 200, and is named one of Germany’s biggest and most rigorous universities. The University of Hamburg made three recipients of the Nobel Prize in Physics, Physiology, and Medicine.

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While they do not charge any tuition fee for the bachelor’s degree, applicants are expected to pay a slight payment of $414 a semester donation and $2,220 for the Master’s degree tuition.

3. Free University of Berlin

The Free University of Berlin tuition charge is free. You would also be liable for the cost of living, such as food and rent. Living expenses in Berlin amount to just under $800 a month. With such a top university this is a great bargain.

This university is one of the affordable universities to study in Europe which lecture in English. They deliver a Bachelor of Arts degree, consisting of English-based courses. This school in Berlin awaits you with lots of cool trips abroad education.

4. University of Basel

The University of Basel was founded in 1460, and is the earliest university in Switzerland. This also makes it one of the world’s oldest operating universities. And the library is the country’s largest. Not to mention, it is also one of the most affordable universities to study in Europe.

There are a variety of various departments at the university, including business and economics, humanities and social sciences, law, medicine, psychology, science, and theology. Most classes are delivered in a combination of both English and German. Learning German is worth it, however for a price of almost $800 a semester!

5. ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich is a public institution in Zurich, Switzerland, and is also known as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. This is a university focused on engineering, science, technology, and mathematics, and is one of the most renowned higher learning institutions in the world in those disciplines, ranking in the top five.

While ranked very high in global rankings, it costs an inexpensive tuition fee of about $603 for both undergrad and grad tuition fees for both international and domestic students.

6. University of Crete

No public college in Greece requires tuition fees to EU students, and neither does the University of Crete demand tuition fees to international students. Education, medicine, philosophy, science and engineering and the social sciences are the primary subjects taught. In Greece, birthplace of philosophy, you can be learning philosophy!

Most courses are taught in Greek at this university but there is also a large foreign English speaking group.

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7. University of Athens

This institution is the first in all of Greece. In regard to nursing, social theology, and the theater studies, University of Athens‘ undergraduate programs range from dentistry to music studies. In amongst the Greek columns and art you’ll love to attend class.

And the city of Athens has scattered Greek ruins all over the place; you’ll have plenty to discover and see there during your time studying abroad. Athens’ average cost of living is about $800 a month which can be as low as $500 a month.

8. University of Paris-Sud

Some of the best universities in Europe is the University of Paris-Sud; they cost only a minimal registration fee of about $190 a semester. Their English-teaching programs cover science and languages, physics, economics, and management.

And the place is stunning, Paris! Tower and lots of other French surprises await for you! The other downside is that the cost of living in Paris appears to be a bit higher because it is such a large city.

Now, your fantasies of studying abroad in Paris are realistic here with a university that is so affordable.

9. Nantes University

If France is calling your name, Nantes University will have the study abroad experience for you. The University of Nantes pays only a tiny $200 processing fee per term. Living costs here are relatively modest, at just $670 a month.

Nantes University offers a variety of programs taught in English, including:

  • Biology and Earth Science
  • Foreign Languages, Literature, and Civilizations
  • European and International Studies

10. Nord University

Nord University doesn’t charge tuition fees as a publicly funded Norwegian institution. The only drawback is that you are expected to show as a non-EU citizen that you have the money in Norway to support yourself for a year to get a visa to study there. Currently, the cost of living in Norway for a year is around $13,000.

Although this is much more than any of the other living costs on our list, it is worth the Nord University experience. Nord University is one of the most affordable universities to study in Europe which teach in English. The programs taught in English include:

  • 3D Art
  • Animation
  • Biology
  • Circumpolar Studies
  • English
  • Games and Entertainment Technology

11. The University of Vienna

Vienna, Austria is another perfect place to study in Europe, with cheap universities.

The University of Vienna is government funded, with only a small charge of $815 a semester for processing. There are almost 200 different classes to pick from and others are also taught in English.

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Since this University was established in 1365, it has lots of heritage, and is one of the oldest universities remaining. The city of Vienna is known for its culture and nightlife, and would be the ideal location for studying abroad.

Some of the common subjects offered are computer science, cultural studies, philosophy and theology among others.

12. RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University specializes in architecture, goresources, and materials engineering. All bachelor study courses are taught in German, so you will need a certain amount of fluency to attend school here.

Learning German is worth it, though!

The University does not charge a tuition except for a limited student body and a $290 a semester registration fee. The estimated cost of living is around €800 a month, or just under $900.

While this doesn’t let you study abroad absolutely free in Europe, it’s pretty much close.

13. Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies

Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies effortlessly fits its place on our list of affordable universities to study in Europe. There are two major programs to this school: experimental and applied sciences and social sciences.

Although some classes are taught in English, studying here would allow you to learn a fair amount of Italian. It is worth the extra work to master the language. The education is free of fees, which will even pay all living expenses.

In Pisa, you’ll love to stay and attend college, all for free. This University is the perfect choice to help you study freely abroad in Europe.

14. Scuola Normale Superiore

Scuola Normale Superiore is a top-rated college in Italy, and one of the best in all of Europe.

The school has three main academic programs for students: the humanities, sciences, and political sciences. The humanities program offers certifications in subjects such as art history paleography, modern literature archaelogy and philosophy of linguistics. The school also has the research education emphasis on genetics, chemistry, and physics.

The best thing of all of this is that for foreign students Scuola Normale is one of Europe’s tuition-free universities. As if it wasn’t great enough, the school even pays costs of living such as accommodation and food. If you are here to study abroad you could hardly spend a penny.

15. University of Siena

Founded in 1240, and formerly known as Studium Senese, University of Siena is one of Italy’s oldest universities. The most famous including Schools of Law, Medicine and Economics and Management.

University of Siena has 20,000 students, and is a part of the Coimbra Group. Their graduates are charged one of Europe’s most competitive tuition rates, about $2,203 for both the undergraduate and graduate tuition.

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