39 Harvard Scholarships for International Students

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Harvard scholarships

Harvard University stands as an academic beacon, renowned for its excellence, innovation, and dedication to shaping future global leaders. For international students aspiring to study at Harvard, financial aid and scholarships play a pivotal role in realizing this dream. Despite the prestige of the institution, the cost of attending Harvard can be prohibitive for many students worldwide. However, numerous scholarships are available, offered by diverse organizations and institutions, aimed at supporting international students across various fields of study.

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Architecture and Design Scholarships

a/e ProNet David W. Lakamp AIA Scholarship

The a/e ProNet David W. Lakamp AIA Scholarship awards $5,000 to students demonstrating a strong interest in practice and risk management within architecture.

Architects Foundation

The Architects Foundation dedicates itself to offering scholarships to students in NAAB-accredited graduate programs and ARE candidates, providing significant financial support.

Association for Women in Architecture Foundation Scholarship

Female students pursuing majors in architecture, landscape architecture, urban and land planning, interior design, or environmental design can benefit from the $2,500 award offered by this foundation.

Connecticut Architecture Foundation Scholarship

Students with a Connecticut connection enrolled in accredited undergraduate or graduate architectural programs can receive up to $5,000 in support.

Landscape Architecture Foundation

The Landscape Architecture Foundation offers various scholarships and programs tailored for students in this field, encouraging and facilitating academic pursuits.

Vectorworks Design Scholarship

Open to both undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in design programs, the Vectorworks Design Scholarship aims to recognize and support promising talent in the design sphere.

Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architectural Scholarship Fund

This scholarship presents a $10,000 stipend and an internship opportunity at Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects LLP, exclusively for Master’s Degree students in Architecture, fostering both financial aid and practical experience.

Business and Real Estate Scholarships

CREW Network Scholarship

Supporting future female leaders in commercial real estate, this scholarship provides educational funding to aspiring professionals.

FIABCI Scholarship Foundation

For students interested in international real estate, the FIABCI Scholarship Foundation offers aid and travel assistance, fostering global perspectives in the field.

Flywire Charitable Foundation Scholarship

Valuing commitment to social justice, global health, citizenship, or environmental sustainability, this scholarship awards $5,000 to deserving students.

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Goldie Initiative Scholarship Program

Designed for women pursuing graduate-level business studies with a focus on real estate, this program offers substantial $15,000 scholarships.

NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association Scholarship

Preference is given to students traditionally underrepresented in the field of commercial real estate, empowering diversity and inclusivity.

Pension Real Estate Association Scholarship

Available to undergraduate and graduate students studying real estate, this scholarship assists in academic pursuits within the real estate sector.

WX New York Women Executives in Real Estate

Offering financial and merit-based scholarships for students studying real estate and related subjects, this program promotes excellence and diversity within the industry.

General Scholarships

Aga Khan Scholarship

The Aga Khan Scholarship supports outstanding students from developing countries, providing opportunities for postgraduate studies at Harvard and beyond.

American Association of University Women International Fellowships

This fellowship supports full-time study or research for women who are not US citizens or permanent residents, encouraging academic pursuits worldwide.

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC)

Administering various scholarships and internships, AUCC supports Canadian students in pursuing their educational goals.

Canadian Federation of University Women Fellowships

Multiple fellowships are available for Canadian women at the Master’s or Doctoral level, fostering academic excellence.

Fulbright Program/Institute of International Education (IIE)

Facilitating connections with national scholarship programs, the Fulbright Program opens doors for students seeking international academic experiences.

Houtan Scholarship

This scholarship supports students worldwide exhibiting high academic performance and an interest in promoting Iranian culture and heritage, fostering diversity and cultural exchange.

International Education Financial Aid

A comprehensive search engine for international scholarships, aiding students in finding diverse financial opportunities worldwide.

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Lambda Alpha International Scholarship

A $3,000 scholarship specifically tailored for graduate students pursuing degrees related to land economics, supporting academic pursuits in this specialized field.

Netherland-America Foundation

Offering fellowships, interest-free student loans, and scholarships, this foundation encourages academic exchange between the Netherlands and the United States.

Organization of American States Scholarship Program

This program awards scholarships for Master’s, Doctoral, and Graduate Research degrees, fostering academic growth and regional collaboration.

P.E.O. International

Providing substantial merit-based awards for women pursuing doctoral degrees, supporting academic excellence and empowering women in education.

Rotary Foundation Scholarships

With various funding opportunities available for graduate students across multiple disciplines, the Rotary Foundation facilitates educational pursuits worldwide.

Soros Fellowship for New Americans

Granting $20,000 to New American residents pursuing higher education, this fellowship supports academic endeavors across different fields of study.

World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program

Offering scholarships to students from countries other than the US, the World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program enables access to quality education at renowned institutions like Harvard.

Regional Scholarships

Alberta Scholarships Program – Sir James Lougheed Awards of Distinction

Tailored for Canadian citizens or permanent residents who are Alberta residents, this scholarship supports graduate studies outside of Alberta.

Barrie Foundation

Postgraduate grant programs specifically designed for Galician citizens, providing educational opportunities beyond geographical boundaries.

Becas Talentia

Scholarships catered to Andalusian citizens, encouraging academic pursuits and fostering talent within the region.

CSN – Centrala Studiestödsnämnden

Scholarship opportunities for students from Sweden, facilitating educational pursuits at renowned institutions like Harvard.

Cultuur FB Oranjewoud

Grant opportunities available for students from the Netherlands, supporting educational growth and cultural exchange.

Edmond J. Safra Graduate Fellowship

Supporting Harvard graduate students working on topics in practical ethics, this fellowship encourages ethical research and academic advancement.

Fundación Estudar’s Scholarship Program

Offering various educational programs for young people in Brazil, this foundation supports academic excellence and personal development.

Georges Lurcy Charitable and Educational Trust

Enabling outstanding students of French colleges and universities to study in the United States, promoting global perspectives and cultural exchange.

Global Education Program (GEP)

A Russian government-funded program for Russian citizens to study at leading foreign universities, encouraging global education and collaboration.

Harvard Clubs of Germany

Granting two loans of €10,000 each for students accepted to any Harvard school or college, providing financial aid to deserving students from Germany.

Harvard Graduate Student Award

Supporting advanced graduate students from Harvard, this award aids in further academic development and research endeavors.

Harvard University, known for its academic prowess and commitment to excellence, remains a dream destination for countless students worldwide. Through these scholarships, students from various backgrounds and regions can unlock the doors to quality education and shape a brighter future. These opportunities not only support individual academic aspirations but also contribute to a diverse and enriched academic community at Harvard, fostering cross-cultural exchange and global learning experiences.

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