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Harvard Scholarship
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About the Foundation

The Boustany Foundation was established in 2006 by Nabil Boustany and his son Fadi, and is active in Switzerland and Monaco. The two companies share a similar mission but each has its own Board of Directors comprising a range of different nationalities and backgrounds.

Preceding the Foundation itself, a MBA student at the University of Cambridge was awarded the first Boustany Scholarship in 1997. Since then, the Foundation has granted many scholarships for outstanding students in various fields with plans to create more opportunities in the coming years.

Today the Boustany Foundation actively promotes and operates scholarship and aid programs-all of which have ambitious plans for further growth, global reach and depth. New scholarships are increasingly being developed for young and ambitious people. Each year further initiatives are introduced and brought to fruition, providing incentives for disadvantaged children.

The Foundation seeks to appeal to human development and health. The Foundation must pursue the following to achieve its mission:

  1. Support all subjects that lead to the evolution of human civilizations: biology, medicine, research, technology, banking, economy, government, law, culture, philosophy, etc. This goal is accomplished mainly by granting scholarships to excellent and talented students, but not strictly.
  2. Foster harmony among human populations by improving communication, understanding and tolerance between individuals, promoting awareness and acceptance of the culture of others, facilitating the dissemination and flow of information where appropriate.
  3. Our potential is youth, and they are not autonomous. The aim of the Foundation will be to allow children to live safe, secure, efficient, fulfilling and satisfying lives, as well as to support needy children. The above functions are to be gradually incorporated over time.
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The Boustany Foundation works in collaboration with a limited number of international NGOs to accomplish its goals.

Throughout the years, the Foundation is honored to have already been active with massive projects including constructing a summer home and operating a day care facility for children with special needs, funding research into new prescription medications, contributing to the welfare of children, and even the care and protection of children from violence and abuse.

The Foundation does not however consider unprompted offers for collaborations.

The Foundation generates a large number of unsolicited plans for collaborations and can only finance a small number. The projects funded must fall within the Foundation’s objectives. All new proposals will receive a rigorous and fair review. The Foundation does not offer any reviews of the proposals received.

Please bear in mind that if they reject a specific proposal, it is not a representation of the view of the Foundation on the quality of your project.

Harvard Scholarship Overview

The Boustany Foundation understands the importance of helping people grow and leave the world with positive impacts.

They realize that ensuring the opportunity for highly talented individuals to enhance their capability can have remarkable and wide-ranging impacts that ring true far within their own specific field.

To accomplish the above, the Foundation is granting numerous scholarships across a number of academic disciplines with intentions to gradually extend the scholarship program in the future years.

Stipends are granted to exceptionally talented candidates and those demonstrating outstanding potential.

Moreover, the Harvard MBA, delivered at one of the world’s most prestigious institutions, is one of the world’s leading management programs.

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The Harvard Scholarship for the Boustany MBA is granted once every two years at Harvard Business School for a two year course. The Foundation hopes to help individuals seeking to have a positive impact on the world; through their internship, the Boustany Foundation wants participants to spend two months working with them on a project related to one of the Foundation’s priorities.

The Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship offers the following:

  • Financial aid amounting to US$95,000 (US$47,500 per year) towards tuition fees
  • Travel and accommodation expenses related to the internship (prospective Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship recipients may be asked for a phone interview and in some cases to travel for an interview, and travel expenses from the University to Monaco for the Internship, together with accommodation and food expenses during the internship are paid for by the Foundation).

The next scholarship will be given for the class which begins in the fall of 2021.

Successful candidates are expected to complete an unpaid internship with the Foundation which lasts two months. Projects are varied and contribute to the programs of the Fund, or those of its members. Students are required to work on a project that contributes to one of the Foundation’s goals during their internship. Students may also be required to work with one of their collaborators during their Internship.

The Foundation shall cover travel and accommodation expenses relating to the internship.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must have an excellent academic background, and they must show significant promise. Even though the Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship can be granted to candidates from any nation, the candidates of Lebanese descent will be given priority. Candidates of all nationalities that qualify for the Harvard Scholarship, although the nationals of Lebanese origin are given priority.

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Candidates may apply for the Scholarship only after they have received an admission offer from the Harvard MBA program. Candidates are chosen primarily on the basis of their excellence and merit.

Unfortunately we can not consider you for the scholarship given that you already hold an MBA degree.

How to Apply for Harvard Scholarship

Please send a copy of your curriculum vitae with a photo, GMAT scores and University letter of acceptance to: admissions@boustany-foundation.org, if you wish to apply. Students who wish to apply for the Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship will do so for a course funded by the Foundation once they have been approved by the University.

If you are shortlisted you may be called to a Foundation interview. The Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship will then be awarded to one student. The scholarship is to be presented in June 2021.


The expiry date for candidature submission is May 31, 2021. Unable to accept applications after the deadline date.

Contact Information

Boustany Foundation


1 Avenue des Citronniers
98000 Monaco

Fondation autorisée par Ordonnance Souveraine n°413


c/o Lenz & Staehelin
30, Route de Chêne
CH-1211 Geneva 17

Email: info@boustany-foundation.org

Link to Official Website


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