Spain Scholarships 2024: Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

Spain, renowned for its vibrant culture, historical significance, and diverse academic landscape, continues to be an attractive destination for international students seeking exceptional educational experiences. In 2024, Spain reaffirms its commitment to international education by offering a wide array of scholarships across various disciplines. These scholarships aim to make higher education more accessible and foster talent among students from around the globe.

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Scholarships for Undergraduate Studies

1. European University of the Atlantic Collaboration Scholarship

The Collaboration Scholarship provides 100% tuition coverage for international undergraduate students pursuing computer engineering, based on financial needs and academic excellence. The scholarship aims to support talented students interested in this field.

Website: European University of the Atlantic – Collaboration Scholarship

2. UIC Barcelona International Excellence Scholarships

UIC Barcelona offers a 20% tuition discount for outstanding international students enrolled in undergraduate programs. The International Excellence Scholarships are designed to support students showcasing exceptional academic performance.

Website: UIC Barcelona – International Excellence Scholarships

3. European Atlantic University Merit and Academic Excellence Scholarships

Covering full tuition fees for undergraduate studies in all subjects, these scholarships aim to recognize academic merit and foster talent among undergraduate students pursuing diverse academic disciplines.

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Website: European Atlantic University – Merit and Academic Excellence Scholarships

Scholarships for Graduate Studies

1. Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarships

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarships offer stipends and travel expenses for graduate students participating in high-level integrated study programs across various European countries, including Spain. These scholarships encourage collaboration and excellence in education.

Website: Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarships

2. Barcelona Graduate School of Economics Scholarships

The Barcelona Graduate School of Economics offers full tuition coverage for master’s programs in economics and data science. These scholarships empower talented students in these fields to excel in their studies.

Website: Barcelona Graduate School of Economics Scholarships

3. Marie Curie Individual Fellowships

Geared towards PhD students, the Marie Curie Individual Fellowships provide a comprehensive support package, including mobility allowance, living allowance, research project fund, and additional allowances. These prestigious fellowships support advanced research projects.

Website: Marie Curie Individual Fellowships

Beyond Financial Aid

Spain’s scholarship landscape extends beyond financial assistance, encompassing various facets that benefit international students:

  • World-class universities: Spain hosts renowned institutions globally ranked for their high-quality education and diverse academic programs.
  • Multicultural environment: The country offers a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, enabling international students to immerse themselves in a vibrant culture and connect with peers from diverse backgrounds.
  • Affordable living costs: Compared to other European countries, Spain provides a relatively affordable cost of living, making it a financially attractive option for students.
  • Travel opportunities: Situated centrally in Europe, Spain’s location offers easy access to neighboring countries, enabling students to explore different cultures and broaden their horizons.
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By leveraging the available scholarships, international students can unlock doors to academic excellence and cultural immersion in Spain. The diverse range of opportunities caters to various disciplines, study levels, and financial needs, providing a transformative experience.


To maximize your chances of receiving scholarships, conduct thorough research, familiarize yourself with application deadlines, and prepare all required documents. Don’t hesitate to seek guidance from scholarship program coordinators or university representatives for assistance.

Spain awaits, offering a transformative educational experience enriched by its vibrant culture and academic excellence. Take the first step and embark on your journey of academic and personal growth in Spain.

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