Poland Scholarships 2024 for International Students in All Academic Stages

Poland has emerged as a leading study destination in Europe, attracting students globally with its vibrant academic landscape, affordable living costs, and inclusive environment. In 2024, Poland reaffirms its commitment to international education by offering a diverse range of scholarships, ensuring higher education is accessible and financially feasible for students from across the globe.

poland scholarships
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Scholarships for All-Academic Stages

1. University of Warsaw Scholarships

The University of Warsaw offers scholarships across bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD programs for international students, providing financial benefits ranging from EUR 2,000 to EUR 10,000. With flexible English proficiency requirements, these scholarships aim to accommodate a wider applicant pool. Website: University of Warsaw Scholarships

2. Poland Government Polski Scholarships

Managed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA), Polski Scholarships include study, internship, and research opportunities for international students. These scholarships offer comprehensive support, covering tuition fees, living allowances, and travel grants.

Website: Poland Government Polski Scholarships

3. AGH University of Science and Technology Scholarships

Renowned for engineering and technology programs, AGH University provides scholarships for international students in various disciplines like engineering, science, and business. These scholarships aim to support students pursuing excellence in their chosen fields.

Website: AGH University of Science and Technology Scholarships

4. Adam Mickiewicz University Scholarships

Known for humanities and social sciences programs, Adam Mickiewicz University offers scholarships to support international students pursuing higher education in these fields. These scholarships enable students to explore diverse academic interests.

Website: Adam Mickiewicz University Scholarships

Beyond Financial Aid

The scholarship landscape in Poland offers numerous advantages for international students:

  • Affordable Living Costs: Poland boasts relatively lower living costs compared to other European countries, making it an attractive study destination.
  • High-Quality Education: Polish universities are recognized for their rigorous academic standards and world-class research facilities, ensuring students receive quality education.
  • Diverse Program Offerings: Universities in Poland offer a broad spectrum of programs across various disciplines, catering to diverse academic interests.
  • Flexible Eligibility Criteria: Many scholarships in Poland have flexible criteria, including English proficiency requirements, enhancing accessibility for international students.
  • Cultural Immersion: Studying in Poland allows students to immerse themselves in a rich and vibrant culture, with historical landmarks, beautiful landscapes, and a welcoming population.

Leveraging available scholarships, international students can unlock their academic potential and pursue their educational aspirations in Poland. The commitment to inclusion and affordability makes Poland a unique and rewarding study-abroad destination.


To maximize Polish scholarship opportunities, thorough research and understanding of application deadlines and required documents are essential. Reach out to scholarship program coordinators or university representatives for guidance and assistance.

Poland invites students with its exceptional educational experience, enriched by a vibrant culture, affordable living costs, and a welcoming environment. Embark on your journey of academic and personal growth in Poland.

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