What is the Best Canadian Scholarship for African Students?

Are you on the hunt for a Canadian scholarship for African students? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve got just the scoop you need. In this article, we’ll unveil a carefully curated list of seven fantastic Canadian scholarships for you. But first, let’s take a look at some great reasons why you should consider studying abroad in Canada.

Canadian Scholarship for African Students
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Why Study in Canada?

Why settle for ordinary when you can embrace the Great White North’s exceptional education system and vibrant multicultural atmosphere? From maple syrup to ice hockey, Canada has it all.

But wait, there’s more! Prepare for top-notch universities, globally recognized degrees, and a diverse community that celebrates differences. You’ll gain a world-class education, expand your horizons, and make lifelong connections with friendly Canucks.

Plus, Canada’s commitment to inclusivity and welcoming international students is as warm as a cozy cabin in the Rockies. So pack your bags, bring your maple leaf spirit, and let Canada be your academic destination of choice!

What is the Best Canadian Scholarship for African Students?

If you’re on the hunt for scholarships to study in Canada, you’ve stumbled upon the jackpot! Feast your eyes on this fabulous list we’ve cooked up just for you.

We’ve rounded up the crème de la crème of Canadian scholarships, ready to make your dreams of studying in the land of poutine and polite apologies a reality.

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What are you waiting for? Get your scholarship-hunting on and make Canada your academic playground!

1. The Richard J. Van Loon Scholarship

This prestigious Canadian scholarship for African students, valued at $5,000 annually, is granted to one outstanding recipient each year. Established in 2005, it stands as a tribute to the remarkable contributions of Richard J. Van Loon, who served as the esteemed 10th President of Carleton University.

The memorial scholarship was made possible by the generosity of Richard J. Van Loon’s friends, family, and colleagues, who wished to commemorate his legacy and dedication to education.

To qualify for this esteemed award, you need to fulfill a few requirements. First, you must be a citizen of an African country. Additionally, you must be enrolled as a full-time student at Carleton University and successfully progress from one academic year to another in any program of study.

Lastly, it’s important to maintain good academic standing.

2. The Jim Leech Mastercard Foundation Fellowship on Entrepreneurship

The Jim Leech Mastercard Foundation Fellowship on Entrepreneurship opens doors to a world of training, resources, financial support, and a network of mentors at Queen’s University. This fellowship empowers you to cultivate your entrepreneurial skills and embark on your own venture.

Over the course of eight months, this program will help you develop and exceptional entrepreneurial skillset and mindset. Queen’s University warmly welcomes applicants from all academic disciplines and any African post-secondary institution.

One of the great advantage of this program is its flexibility. It’s delivered virtually, allowing you to complete it at your own pace. However, you should dedicate a minimum of 10 hours per week to fully engage with the materials and make the most of this transformative experience.

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3. International English Excellence Scholarship

If you’re an English-speaking international student from Africa looking to pursue your undergraduate studies at the University of Ottawa, this scholarship can provide you with substantial tuition fee reductions. This renewable scholarship is awarded based on your academic performance.

To be eligible for this Canadian scholarship for African student, you need to meet a few criteria. Firstly, you must be a citizen of a country in Africa. Additionally, you should not enroll in the French immersion stream, as this scholarship specifically targets students studying in English.

Lastly, full-time enrollment is a requirement to qualify for this scholarship.

4. The Sonia Marryshow Black Scholar Award

This remarkable initiative that aims to support and celebrate Black students pursuing their studies at Toronto Metropolitan University. This award has been specifically designed to alleviate some of the financial challenges that often accompany post-secondary education.

In particular, the Sonia Marryshow Black Scholar Award places a special emphasis on recognizing the achievements of Black women, including those whose identify as Afro-Caribbean or African-Canadian, within the realm of higher education.

To be eligible for this prestigious award, you must be an undergraduate student at Toronto Metropolitan University enrolled in one of the following degree programs:

  • Sociology
  • Criminology
  • Politics
  • Governance
  • Public Administration and Governance

5. The UdeM Exemption Scholarship for International Students

The UdeM Exemption Scholarship for International Students is a fantastic opportunity created to provide support for international students pursuing their university studies at Université de Montréal.

Are you wondering if you can benefit from this scholarship program? Well, if you’re an international student who has received an offer of admissions to the university and will hold valid study authorizations, then you are eligible to apply.

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Additionally, to qualify, you should not already be receiving another form of tuition fee exemption and should not be enrolled in an independent study program.

6. The Canadian International Development Scholarships

These scholarships by the Queen’s University are designed to empowering students from partner countries, including African countries, to become catalysts for positive change within their communities.

The primary objective of these scholarships is to strengthen the strategies of the partner countries in supporting students who will actively shape the future.

By focusing on priority areas aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the university ensures that education and training opportunities address the specific needs of each partner country.

The programs offered under the Canadian International Development Scholarships encompass a wide range of thematic areas. These include:

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Health Sciences
  • Governance and Administration

7. University of Alberta’s Entrance Scholarships

Whether you excel academically, demonstrate exceptional leadership skills, or possess a well-rounded profile, the University of Alberta have over $40 million in undergraduate scholarships, awards, and financial support available for international students, including those from Africa.

To be eligible for these prestigious scholarships, candidates must meet or surpass the admission average required for the specific scholarship or award. Additionally, you should be entering the university directly from high school, having completed fewer than 12 credits of university coursework during your high school studies.

Lastly, you should be starting your first year of full-time studies in an undergraduate degree program at the University of Alberta in September of the upcoming year.

Final Words

Now armed with these scholarships, you have the power to turn your dream into reality. From coast to coast, a Canadian scholarship for African students await. It offers you a chance to thrive academically and embrace the vibrant multicultural tapestry that Canada has to offer.

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