8+ Grants and Scholarships in Saudi Arabia for International Students You Must Apply for

Saudi Arabia is home to many of the leading universities in the Arab region. The country is a popular study destination for international students from within and outside the region. To study in Saudi Arabia means taking the chance to explore the nation’s distinctive political and cultural environment at first hand, as well as visiting some of the region’s greatest ancient archaeological sites.

scholarships in saudi arabia for international students
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Take advantage from the right scholarship to support your study and stay in Saudi Arabia with the following grant and scholarships in Saudi Arabia for international students.

  1. Government of Saudi Arabia Scholarships for International Students

Saudi Arabia government offers two types of scholarships for non-Saudis to get higher education in Saudi Arabian universities. The types are as follows:

    • Internal Scholarships: Offered to non-Saudi students who are legally residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).
    • Overseas Scholarships: Offered to non-Saudi students from outside KSA. There are three types or scholarships to attend Saudi universities, and the various benefits of overseas scholarships are as follows:
      • Full Scholarships: Students can enjoy all the benefits
      • Partial Scholarships: Students can enjoy some benefits that the educational institutions offer to the recipients of partial scholarships, which include, but not limited to, accommodation.
      • Paid Scholarships: Scholarships paid by donors.

Scholarships are granted in accordance with the rules and regulations that are set by the board of directors of the concerned educational institution.

  1. Internal Educational Grants Program for Private Universities and Colleges

This grants program is specially for students who are registered in private colleges or universities. If the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia approves the grant, the Ministry will pay yearly educational fees for each accredited major as per terms and conditions. The grant will continue until the student achieves the required percentage for entering the grant program. The minimum required equalization is 2.75 / 5 or 1.75 / 4.

  1. Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques’ Overseas Scholarship Program

The Custodian of the two Holy Mosques’ overseas scholarship program is composed of three stages of five years each. The first and second stages aimed at meeting the need for more study seats and scientific disciplines at universities. the program has been launched 10 years ago and since then the education sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has witnessed significant development and qualitative leap.

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The third stage, which has started in the year 2015 adopts a new method which draws a direct link between jobs and scholarships given to the students to study majors needed by the country. In the past, graduates who benefited from the program had to exert personal efforts to find jobs, but this third stage provides jobs first. Overseas scholarships are determined by offered jobs, the study seats, disciplines and academic levels.

The third stage of the program is based on the development of partnerships with government institutions to assess their needs of human resources, disciplines and academic levels. Overseas scholarships are given accordingly. Beneficiaries are given job guarantees for which they receive scholarships. The Program targets all male and female students graduated from domestic and foreign universities. The Program does not target employees.

  1. KAUST Competitive Research Funds

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) has developed a unique funding model that allows the University to have virtually complete control over its research destiny. The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) manages this funding model by supporting the most meritorious and transformational research proposed by KAUST researchers and by catalyzing synergies and collaborations between KAUST researchers and global partners.

The Competitive Research Funds (CRF) administers the University’s competitive process for internal funding; this merit-based process is designed to identify the best research and researchers at KAUST.

KAUST offers multiple funding opportunities to support curiosity- and goal-driven research from ideas to impact:

    • Center Competitive Funding (CCF) Program: Center goals and objectives under the CCF Program expressly aim to catalyze technological innovation and economic development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world. Center  programming  is  for  complex,  unrestrained  and  audacious  scientific challenges  aligned  with  KAUST’s research priorities and aimed at fostering creativity in goal-driven research. It’s open to all KAUST Faculty members to ensure a dynamic composition of the Center membership. This includes future faculty members and those who are not currently members of any Center.

CCF Program includes mandatory contribution commitment from external collaborators no less than 25% of amount awarded to support external collaborations to foster connections and strategic links with the best-in-science around the world.​

    • Science and Engineering Engagement and Development Funds (SEED) Funds
    • The Competitive Research Grants (CRG) Program: KAUST’s internal competitive research funding program for novel, curiosity-driven scientific research of the highest quality. Research funded under the CRG program is expected to lead to advances, if not transformations, in the frontiers of knowledge. Proposals crossing boundaries between different disciplines and fields are strongly encouraged. Two types of Proposals will be considered in the CRG program:
      • Exploratory Proposals: Proposals for very early stage small-scale, short-term, high-risk research projects, involving radically different approaches or applying new expertise. The Award Term is up to a maximum of 24 months.
      • Full Proposals: Proposals for high-quality, novel, ambitious and innovative research projects. The Award Term can be up to a maximum of 36 months.
    • The Support for Conferences and Workshops (CS) Program: Provides funding for events which enhance the global profile and impact of KAUST in science and engineering, and help attract faculty, students and researchers to the University.
  1. IDB-KAUST Joint PhD Scholarship Program

Scholarships sponsored jointly by King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) to study at KAUST. The IDB-KAUST PhD Scholarship Program was established within the scope of the (DB Merit Scholarship Program and the KAUST PhD Program. Under the scholarship program, citizens of IDB member countries are eligible to apply for the scholarship to study at KAUST for a full-time 4-year PhD. The Program is jointly funded by IDB and KAUST to award 5 scholarships annually. The scholarship is a fully funded program as per the KAUST rules and procedures will be supported throughout the eligible duration of the study program. To be eligible for the scholarship, the candidate must be:

    • A citizen of an IDB member country (visit the IDB Merit Scholarship Program for a full listing of member countries)
    • Age not over 35 years
    • Engaged in full-time employment in an academic, research or development institute in the home country and the application is nominated by that institution
    • Meets the eligibility criteria of the IDB Merit Scholarship Program
    • Have a firm admission offer at the KAUST for a PhD program (Application form)
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Scholarship Division
Islamic Development Bank
Qasr Khuzam,
Al Malik Khalid Road,
Jeddah 21432,
Saudi Arabia
Tel. (9662) 646 6833 / 6835
Fax. (9662) 646 6887
website: www.isdb.org

  1. MBSC Scholarships and Grants

Grants and scholarships offered by the Prince Mohammad Bin Salman College (MBSC) to a selected number of applicants, which will cover a certain proportion of the tuition fee, depending on the strength of each candidate’s application and commitment. The scholarships will be awarded for merit and/or merit and financial need and will be awarded at the discretion of the College’s Scholarships & Grants Committee together with the Admissions Committee. In order to apply for the scholarship, students must first apply for the MBA Program (full-time or part-time).

  1. Effat University Scholarships

A variety of scholarships to study at Effat University are available to all nationalities. Most awards are for academic achievement, while others go to talented athletes, performers and artists. The available scholarships are currently limited to cover the tuition and nothing else of the services for the students. Applicants who are granted a scholarship will sign a contract with Effat University indicating the scholarship grant allocated towards graduation. The scholarship programs at Effat University include:

    • IQRA Scholarships: A ranged of scholarships awarded to students with exceptional academic excellence in their previous education (high school for applicants to undergraduate programs and undergraduate or Master’s for applicants to graduate programs). Scholarship awards may cover full tuition or a specified amount. The University selects scholars through a competition. Candidates with the strongest academic records receive priority consideration for available funds.
    • Merit Awards: For continuing students only and are renewable toward graduation, provided the student maintains the cumulative grade point average at the end of each semester as specified in the award contract, and remain in good disciplinary standing at the University.
    • Ministry of Education (MOE) Scholarships: Scholarships granted by the Ministry of Education to Saudi students studying at Effat University who have been on MOE Scholarship Program prior to the academic year 2015/2016. The scholarship is provided renewable toward graduation provided the student meets the Ministry’s criteria and eligibility requirements.
    • Talent Scholarships: Talent-based scholarships available to students in graduate and undergraduate programs. Academic excellence is a requirement but achievements outside the classroom make the difference. Areas of interest may include, but not limited to, athletics, entrepreneurial skills, film-making, green environment, creative writing, innovation, and design. Scholarships may cover full tuition or a specified amount.
    • Field of Study Scholarships: These awards follow the specifications of the granting individual or institution and are awarded to students who intend to pursue their career in a specific area / company. The Field of Study Scholarships are available for graduate and undergraduate programs. students with the strongest records receive priority consideration for available scholarships.
  1. Alfaisal University Scholarships

Alfaisal University has several scholarship programs available to students such as merit-based (excellence in academic performance) and financial need-based. The scholarship opportunities are available to new undergraduate students applying to Alfaisal University. Scholarships are awarded at the beginning of each academic year for new students only.

    • Need-based Scholarship: Offered to help undergraduate students from all countries, who have financial difficulties to achieve their academic goals. The scholarship covers 20% of the tuition fees.
    • Merit-based Scholarship: Offered to incoming undergraduate students who meet the scholarship criteria for merit scholarships. Selection is made based on students’ academic records. The scholarship covers 20% of the tuition fee.
    • Dean’s List: Awarded at the end of each academic year for continuing students with a minimum grade point average of 3.75 and its 20% of tuition fees.
    • Sibling Discount: Granted to siblings enrolled in Alfaisal University. a 15% discount will be granted to the second sibling and 25% for each successive siblings.
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A scholarship holder must maintain scholarship requirements throughout his or her study to sustain the scholarship. The scholarship will continue until the student graduates from Alfaisal University and will cover:

    • One year for the University Preparatory Program
    • Four years for the College of Engineering, Business, or Science
    • Six years for the College of Medicine or Pharmacy

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