7 Worthy Financial Aid and Scholarships in Belarus for International Students, Researchers and Professionals

Belarus, a former Soviet republic in Eastern Europe, is a country with a lot to offer, with lush green spaces, historical but modern cities, and friendly, welcoming people. The country is also very affordable – another key attraction for international students who come to this country every year.

scholarships in belarus

There are 48 higher education institutions in Belarus, many of which are based in Minsk, the capital city of Belarus. Four Belarusian higher education institutions are listed among the best in the world.Many opportunities for work and study in Belarus are offered. These include scholarship programs for students, researchers and teachers from other countries.

  1. DAAD – Bilateral Academic Exchange

    Designed to improve international relations and bilateral research cooperation between German and foreign universities. To be eligible for the Program, you must be a German scientist who is required to do a doctorate and work at a university or research institution in Germany. This Bilateral Academic Exchange provides funding for research stays at a foreign university or research institute. The duration of the Program is at least 14 days (for stays in EU countries, as well as in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russian Federation, Ukraine: at least 7 days) up to a maximum of three months. The funding period depends on the project and the work schedule. The scholarship is not renewable.

  2. Erasmus Mundus “Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine – Mobilities for Innovation and Development (BMU-MID)” Project at BSU

    Funded by EU and designed to invite incoming applicants to study and conduct research at the Belarusian State University. For Erasmus Mundus exchange students, the University offers the following study opportunities:

    • Study visit in Russian language, in undergraduate / master level
    • Study visit in English language, in undergraduate / master level
    • Research stay in Russian or English language, in undergraduate / master /doctoral / postdoctoral level.

The Program provides support for accommodation of student dormitories (at about 15-20 Euro per month) or a rented room in Minsk such as a flat (costs about 100-200 Euro per month), monthly bus ticket (about 10 Euro), dinner at the University’s canteen (about 1 Euro per meal), registration for residence permits for the period of study in the Republic of Belarus (about 20 Euro), and an obligatory medical examination (approximately 30 Euro – in case the period of staying is more than 90 days).

  1. DAAD – Belarus Scholarship for Research Stays for University Academics and Scientists

    Available to graduates, Doctoral candidates / PhD students, Postdoctoral researchers and faculty members focusing on the following areas of study:

    • Language and Cultural Studies
    • Law, Economics and Social Sciences
    • Mathematics / Natural Sciences
    • Medicine
    • Veterinary Medicine / Agriculture, Forestry and Nutritional Science
    • Engineering
    • Art, Music and Sport

DAAD grants provide foreign academics and scientists with an opportunity to carry out research and continue their education in Germany and German academics and scientists to carry out research and continue their studies in partner countries – Belarus to name one of them. The Program’s funding is as the following:

    • Research stays at state or state-recognized institutions of higher education or non-university research institutes. A research stay can also take place at several host institutions.
    • Funding may only be claimed once within three years.
    • Lecture tours or visits to congresses are not funded.

The duration of the funding is one to three months. The grant is non-renewable. The length of the grant is decided by a selection committee and depends on the project in question and the applicant’s work schedule. The grant consists the following:

    • Monthly payments of 2,000 euros for assistant teachers, assistant professors and lecturers, and 2,150 euros for professors
    • Travel allowance, unless these expenses are covered by the home country or another source of funding
    • Other payments cannot be made
  1. Carlo Schmid Program for Internships in International Organizations and EU Institutions

    Available to students and graduates in the following areas of study:

    • Linguistic and Cultural Studies
    • Law, Economics and Social Sciences
    • Mathematics / Science
    • Medicine
    • Veterinary / Agricultural, Forestry and Nutrition Science
    • Engineering
    • Art, Music and Sports Science

The Program is aimed at German students and graduates. It familiarizes outstanding students and graduates as part of an internship with the problems and working methods in the international administrative area and contributes to the expansion of their intercultural competence. In addition, accompanying activities should improve the conditions and chances of these young people for a future employment in the international field of work. Applicants should already have dealt with international issues during their studies.

Two program lines are offered as full-time internships in EU institutions, the UN system, the Bretton Woods organizations, NATO, OSCE and accredited non-governmental organizations. The duration of the two programs differ as follows:

    • Program line A: Three to six months
    • Program line B: Four to ten months, in accordance with the specifications of the host organizations

Both programs exclude support in the summer months of July and August.

The scholarship includes the following benefits:

    • Monthly living allowance
    • Travel allowance
    • Benefits for health, accident and personal liability insurance
    • Contribution to conference and business travel as well as language course participation, which are profitable for the start of a career
    • Under certain conditions, family benefits may be granted to accompanying spouses or partners and/or children upon request
  1. Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno Discounts

    Fee discounts for students’ first year of study at YKSUG.

    • Preparatory course
      • Discount is provided if admission and payment are performed before August 31: 180 USD
      • Discount is provided if admission and payment are performed from 1st to 30th September: 110 USD
    • Bachelor’s degree
      • Discount is provided if admission and payment are performed before August 31 (training in Russian): 450 USD for full-time study, 200 USD for part-time study
      • Discount is provided if admission and payment are performed from 1st to 30th September (training in Russian): 300 USD for full-time study, 100USD for part-time study
    • Master’s degree
      • Discount is provided if admission and payment are performed before August 31 (training in Russian): 300 USD for full-time study
      • Discount is provided if admission and payment are performed from 1st to 30th September (training in Russian): 150 USD for full-time study

The discount system for citizens of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Tajikistan is a 30% discount for tuition fee.

  1. VSMU – Leibniz ScienceCampus EEGA Scholarship Grants

    Twice a year, the ScienceCampus “Eastern Europe – Global Area” (EEGA) offers various scholarships (each with several funding places) that address guest scholars and postdocs, as well as support the organization and implementation of thematic workshops. Depending on the funding format, the Leibniz ScienceCampus EEGA supports the scholarship holders with coaching sessions and workshops, individual scholarships (based on the current funding rates for research grants of the German Research Foundation / DFG) or grants for workshop organization costs (journey, accommodation, guests, event materials). Rates are defined individually, related to origin and employment situation of the scholarship holder, as well as the duration of the stay. Fellowships are intended to cover the recipients’ costs of living in the Leipzig-Jena-Halle science region and may not be used to supplement grants from other funding organizations or income from employment. Joint publication projects can also be promoted, for example through support for editorial meetings and writing retreats.

The Leibniz ScienceCampus EEGA is committed to developing new research perspectives on Eastern Europe, engaging in knowledge exchange activities on the region with stakeholders, and promoting young researchers. The focus is on Eastern Europe’s diverse, tension-filled, and sometimes paradoxical globalization projects “from within” and “from the outside”, and thus, on the self-positioning of Eastern European societies under the global condition. The EEGA focuses on five research areas:

    • Mobilities and Migration Regimes in Eastern Europe
    • The Self-Positioning of Eastern Europe in a New World Order In-The-Making
    • Business Strategies and Frameworks of Political Economics
    • Cultural and Intellectual Perspectives and Identifications
    • Eastern Europe in Times of Europeanization
  1. Fulbright Scholar Program – Belarus

Grants awarded to U.S. teachers and researchers visiting Belarus. In addition to being a prestigious academic exchange program, the Fulbright Program is designed to expand and strengthen relationships between the people of the United States and citizens of other nations and to promote international understanding and cooperation.

    • All Disciplines: Teaching and/or research activity in any discipline in Belarus. The grant lengths are:
      • four or five months for a one-semester grant (beginning in September 2020 or February 2021)
      • nine months for a two-semester grant (beginning in September 2020)

The grants are available for teaching and research activities in Minsk or regional universities, or other locations in Belarus depending on concurrence of host institution.

The Flex Award, which can also be an option, is designed for scholars who require multiple-visits to the host country (in this case Belarus). This option allows grants to be conducted over short segments, preferably during the fall and/or spring semesters. Interested applicants should clearly indicate plans for Flex in their project statement, including a project timeline. The Flex grant parameters are as follows:

      • minimum length of the total grant is four months and the aximum is six months
      • minimum length for any segment is one month and the maximum is three months
      • two or three grant segments may be spread over one or two consecutive years
      • Flex awards are offered for teaching, teaching/research and research grants

Applicants are sought in all appropriate disciplines, but applications in the following disciplines are preferred:

      • American Literature
      • American Studies
      • Communications
      • Computer Science
      • Engineering
      • Environmental Sciences
      • Information Sciences
      • Law
      • Linguistics
      • TEFL

The award benefits are:

      • Research monthly stipend and allowances: $3,470 – $4,020
      • Teaching or teaching/research award monthly stipend and allowances
        • Assistant professor or below: $4,240 – $4,790
        • Associate or full professor: $4,460 -$5,010
      • Travel and relocation allowance: $ 3,650 – $8,850
      • Book and research allowance: $1,500
      • Dependent tuition allowance
    • Economics and/or Business Administration: Teach Business Administration courses to undergraduate students and/or M.B.A. program courses to professionals. The grant lengths are:
      • four to five months for a one-semester grant (beginning in either September 2020 or February 2021)
      • nine months for a two-semester grant (beginning in September 2020)

The teaching activity should be performed in Minsk and regional universities. Possible affiliations include:

      • Belarusian State University (BSU), Minsk
      • Belarusian State Economics University (BSEU), Minsk
      • Grodno State University
      • Polotsk State University
      • Mogilev State University

Only applications in Business Administration and Economics will be considered. Specializations may vary as follows: Marketing, finance, investments, multinational corporations, management (strategic, international) and organizational behavior. Other specializations are also acceptable.

The award benefits are:

      • Monthly stipend and allowances
        • Assistant professor or below: $4,240 – $4,790
        • Associate or full professor: $4,460 – $5,010
      • Travel and relocation allowance: $3,650 – $8,850
      • Book and research allowance: $1,500
      • Dependent tuition allowance

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