Chinese Government Scholarship for Foreign Students in NEAU

About the Northeast Agricultural University

The Northeast Agricultural University, commonly shortened to NEAU, is an accredited university located in the city of Harbin in Mainland China. The university is home to 17 well-known colleges as well as 10 post-doctoral research stations, 2 post-doctoral work stations, 10 first level PhD disciplines, 22 first level master disciplines, 1 PhD professional degree, 10 master professional degrees and 71 undergraduate majors. Established in the year of 1948, the university has gone through an impressive growth throughout the decades. Boasting a number of national-level research centers, as well as National Prizes for their Science and Technology department, the Northeast Agricultural University is China’s pinnacle for research and tertiary education.

About the Chinese Government Scholarship for Foreign Students in NEAU

The Northeast Agricultural University is currently offering the Chinese Government Scholarship for the year of 2020. Through the Chinese Government Scholarship, oftentimes shortened to CGS, the scholarships hopes that through this programme, they are able to provide the necessary financial support that will allow international students, teachers, and academicians to pursues their future educational degrees in the country of China.

Just like other 279 universities in the country, the Northeast Agricultural University is one of these many domestic institutions that are willing to offer the Chinese Government Scholarship. Thanks to this program, there has been an approximate of 200 international scholars coming from all parts of the world who have or are currently attaining knowledge in China. With a variety of programs that are provided, CGS scholars feel thoroughly supported during the entire course of the scholarship.

All of the classes will be delivered in the Chinese language. However, should any candidate be unable to speak or write in Chinese, they need not worry. These types of candidates will be required to take a pre-scholarship Chinese language program where they will learn how to write, speak, and read in the language. However, the scholarship duration will automatically be extended for a year, but when it comes to learning and seeking knowledge, this should be a great opportunity for scholars out there who’s willing to learn an entirely new language.

Program Value

The NEAU Chinese Government Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship that is provided for future Master’s or Doctoral degree scholars originating from all parts of the world outside of China. Grantees who are successful enough to be offered this scholarship will be awarded with plentiful of financial benefits that will hopefully aid them during the pursuit of their degrees. The scholarship will provide several values, which include:

  1. An exemption from registrations fees, tuition expenses, and on-campus accommodation fees.
  2. Coverage for their Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Benefit Plan for International Students in China.
  3. A stipend that is given on a monthly basis granted by the host institution.
    • Master’s Degree scholars will receive a monthly stipend of CNY 3,000 Yuan
    • Doctoral Degree scholars will receive a monthly stipend of CNY 3,500 Yuan
  4. Full-paid accommodation.
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Important Notices:

  • Regarding laboratory experiment of external internship expenses, those will be covered by the students themselves and is out of the scholarship’s responsibility.
  • The scholarship programme will be covering the basic learning materials that are prescribed by their respective institution – however, additional learning materials is out of the scholarship’s responsibility as well.
  • The monthly stipend will be distributed as per according to the date of the candidate’s registration.
  • The Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Benefit Plan for International Students in China is provided to all scholarship grantees in the event of a serious illness or hospitalization.


Before you can apply for the NEAU Chinese Government Scholarship, all candidate are to adhere to this list of criteria to see whether they are eligible enough for the program. This set of criteria is extremely important in selection process, as the committee will be filtering all of these candidates based on this eligibility list. In order to be eligible for the scholarship programme, all candidates must:

  1. Hold a non-Chinese nationality.
  2. Be in a healthy condition, both physically and mentally.
  3. Have a bachelor’s degree and be under 35 years old (for Master’s degree applicants).
  4. Have a master’s degree and be under 40 years old (for Doctoral degree applicants).
  5. Have an astounding academic track record.
  6. Display potential within the research department.
  7. Not be in a contract with other types or scholarships.


Once you have checked and double checked whether you are eligible enough for the NEAU Chinese Government Scholarship, all applicants are then tasked to gather up all of these listed requirements. From application forms, to legitimate transcripts, each and one of these requirements plays a crucial role in the success of your scholarship application. Therefore, please take these requirements seriously. This can be done by retrieving the the right documents, checking whether your personal details are accurate, and such.

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Here are the following requirements for the NEAU Chinese Government Scholarship:

  1.  A fully-written Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form. The application form can be retrieved after you have applied online through one of their two websites (the links will be mentioned in the “How to Apply” section.) The application form must have a two inch photo stamped and be officially signed in the blank area. Please provide the original document and a copy of it, either written in English or Chinese.
  2. A notarized photocopy of your certificate indicating your highest degree. For university students, please provide your pre-graduate certificates instead. Certificates written in other languages besides English or Chinese must be officially translated into those two languages.
  3. Graduate studies applicants are to provide academic transcripts of their previous undergraduate studies, whereas doctoral studies applicants are to provide academic transcripts of both their previous undergraduate and graduate studies. Just like the previous requirement, transcripts written in other languages besides English or Chinese must be officially translated into those two languages.
  4. An elaborate study or research plan fully written and explained in either English or Chinese. The minimum word amount for the study or research plan is 800 words.
  5. Master and Doctoral degree studies applicants are required to attach two letters of recommendations. The referees must either be from their professors or partnering professors – written English or Chinese.
  6. A valid copy of their existing passport.
  7. A digital ID photo with a white background – must be submitted in .jpg format. Send it to this following email along with your passport number:
  8. A valid photocopy of your Foreigner Physical Examination form, fully written in English and not much older than 6 months.
  9. Optional: an official acceptance letter from one of your supervisors.
  10. Optional: previous academic publications or achievements.
  11. Optional: a valid copy of the candidate’s HSK certificate.

Please have plentiful of document copies before submitting them to the International Exchange Division of NEAU. Whether you will be accepted by the programme or not, all submitted application materials shall not be returned back to candidates. Please take this into consideration before sending in the original copies of your important documents.

How to Apply

In order to apply for the NEAU Chinese Government Scholarship, all candidates must send in their written application materials, as well as apply for the scholarship online. To do this, kindly visit either of these two provided application website links: or After you have accessed any of those two websites, please click the “Application Online” button. From there one, you may be requested to fill in an important code – the Recruitment Agencies Code of NEAU is 10224, while the Program Category is B. From there on, there will be several clear instructions along the application process that will help you with the procedure. Pay full attention to them so that you will have a smooth time sending in your applications.

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Closing Date

Whether you’re rushing for a scholarship now or you’re still in the process of giving it a lot of thought, you still have more than enough time until you make your final decision. The closing date for the NEAU Chinese Government Scholarship is on the 31st of March, 2020. However, even though the closing date is a couple of months away, we highly encourage all future candidates to start filling in their application forms or gather their documents from now on.

In addition, since the scholarship implements an online-based application system, it is also highly advised to apply way before the closing date. While applying right before the closing date is no crime, candidate might risk the possibility of heavy online traffic due to the huge amount of interested applicants rushing to apply at the very last minute. Therefore, while you still have more or less 4 months left until the closing, please use your time wisely to ensure that you have a smooth and fruitful scholarship application process.

Official Contact

As much as we hope that this article has given you all of the information that you require for the NEAU Chinese Government Scholarship programme, we here understand that certain future applicants may have specific questions that needs further clarification. While we don’t have all of the answers, you don’t have anything to worry about. Below are the official contact information that you can refer to just in case you have an inquiry or two. From phone numbers to an existing e-mail address, there’s no reason for you not to ask all of the questions that you need answers to.

Take a peek at the provided contact information below. We hope for nothing but absolute success for your future educational endeavors. Happy scholarship applying, future learners of the world!

Postal Address: International Students Office 511, International Exchange Division, Northeast Agricultural University, No.600 Changjiang Road, Xiangfang District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, P. R. China
Postal Code: 150030
Phone Number: 86-451-55190155
Fax: 86-451-55190588
Official Website:

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