International Scholarships in Netherlands through Fulltime Program

The Netherlands is a European country located near Germany and Belgium, in term of economy Netherlands ranked the seventh in Europe right after Spain based on nominal GDP per year. Although Netherland relatively small country it has a very important role in contributing economic growth in Europe region for centuries. The Netherlands ranked 10th in term of global export, ranked first in agricultural exports in Europe and second in the world right after The US.

Education plays a very important role when it comes to developing a nation and the Netherlands is no exception. Education in Netherlands has a division that categorizes different education system that starts from secondary education level. The division is made to accommodate different needs, interests, and capability of the students.

The education starts with primary education, the student age range from 4-12 years old and becomes compulsory after the children reach five years old to attend the school. Then at the end of the education periods, the student generally will be administered for a test called Cito Eindtoets Basisondewitjs or an aptitude test in English, which design to evaluate and asses the student capability followed with a recommendation which secondary school system will be best for the students.

The secondary school categorized into three systems first called The VMBO (Voorbereidend middelbaar beroepsonderwijs) internationally known as pre-vocational education that focused on practical knowledge, The HAVO ( Hoger algemeen voortgezet onderwijs ) or in English Higher general continued education, and The VWO ( Voorbereidend wetenschappelijk onderwijs ) education system that focused more for theoretical knowledge. To know more about the secondary education structure in Netherland check here.

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scholarships in netherlands
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The University

The higher education system in Netherlands has two types of institutions first universities of applied science known as hoghscholen (HBO) and the other is wetenschappelijk onderwijs (WO).

HBO is more focused on higher learning and practicality of education on the other hand WO has a more research-oriented or theoretical approach system in the program. To know more about HBO and WO check here.

Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships

Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship program is a full scholarship master program for the international student who wants to study at the University of Amsterdam. The scholarship awards the selected students a full scholarship 25,000 EUR that covered tuition fee and other expenses for one academic year.

The University of Amsterdam is one of the largest university in the Netherlands that enrolled over 30,000 students, 3,000 Ph.D.’s, and 6,000 staff from more than 100 nationalities. The University of Amsterdam is considered a top university in Europe and in the world, The University of Amsterdam ranked highly in arts, humanities, and social science.

Located in Amsterdam as the capital and business center in the Netherlands the student can have many wonderful experiences outsides their academic life. To find out more about The University of Amsterdam you can find here.

Eligibility and requirements

The Applicants must be enrolled or to be enrolled for a full-time Master program at the University of Amsterdam, the scholarship recipient candidate must be able to demonstrate academic excellence in their class, expected within among top 10% achiever in their previous class. The applicants for the scholarship is for International students outside from EU countries.

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The students that are planning to take two years master program have the possibilities to extend the scholarships and the scholarship recipients are expected to take social activity such as an extracurricular that relevant in their field that will develop their needed skill. To find out more about The Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship check here.

How to Apply

To Apply the students must check on each department for any specific deadline and application procedure when applying, there are some general requirements that the applicants may be prepared beforehand, the requirements are following;

  • CV
  • Certified copy of Bachelor’s transcript records
  • English proficiency certificates TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent
  • Reference letter (the amount reference letter needed might varies for each department)
  • Motivation letter (also varies for each department, some might not be needed)

To find out more detailed information, deadline, how to apply, and additional requirements for each department you can find it in the following links:

Holland Scholarship 2019

Holland scholarship is provided for international students outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) and funded by the Dutch government. it started in June 2014 under the Dutch ministry of education and science to increase the Dutch student’s international mobility to study outside the EEA region by inviting talented students from around the world outside the EEA region.

The scholarship is granted for those who want to study Bachelor’s or Master’s program in the Netherlands, must be noted that the scholarship itself is not a full scholarship. Any students or candidates outside EAA countries may apply and the selected students will be granted 5,000 worth financial awards from the scholarship program. To find out more check here.

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The Eligibility and Requirements

The applicants must be a non-EU citizen or EEA citizen, intend to enroll full-time bachelor degree or Master degree programs at one of the listed Universities in Netherland, meets the enrollment requirements given by your chosen universities, and do not hold any degree’s from Dutch universities or institution.

You can see The listed research-oriented Universities here and The listed Universities of applied science here.

The deadline for application is either 1 January or 1 May 2019, please also check the application deadline for your chosen study program at your chosen universities. You can use the links above to inquire more information for each listed university respectively.

Dutch universities are considered one of the lead universities in Europe and also in the world, regardless of whether the universities research-oriented or more practical-oriented. The Dutch lead Universities has offered many scholarship programs that ranged from a full and partial scholarship program, which provided for full-time Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral/Ph.D.’s program. You can check the listed universities above if they have other scholarship programs to help your study.

Good Luck.

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