6 Scholarships in Taiwan for Taiwanese and International Students

Scholarships in Taiwan are offered to both Taiwanese and international students wishing to attend or already attending institutions of higher education within or outside Taiwan. These scholarships are provided by Taiwan’s generous government, higher education institutions and other non-governmental organizations, and range from partial to fully-funded scholarships. Read the following overviews of some of the most generous scholarships in Taiwan and see if any one of them suits your needs for financial support for your degree studies!

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  1. TIGP Scholarship

Established in 2002, the Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP) presently offers international candidates PhD degree granting programs in a wide variety of areas. The program provides superior scientific training coupled with cutting-edge facilities and leading technologies to ensure its PhD candidates are well supported both academically and socially. All PhD programs are conducted in English so that candidates can be fully engaged in the learning and discovery process. Further, the program works very closely with Taiwan’s leading universities to make certain candidates have access to the best minds in their chosen field. Importantly, TIGP offers affordable rates on PhD level programs with the potential to qualify for scholarships.

Taiwan International Graduate Program now offers PhD programs in Chemical Biology and Molecular Biophysics, Molecular Science and Technology, Molecular and Biological Agriculture Sciences, Molecular and Cell Biology, Bioinformatics, Nano Science and Technology, Molecular Medicine, Earth System Science, Biodiversity, Interdisciplinary Neuroscience, Sustainable Chemical Science and Technology, and Social Network and Human Centered Computing.

TIGP will be accepting applications from October to January annually. Once admitted, TIGP candidates receive a stipend of NTD 34,000 per month (approximately USD 1,130) for the first year. For students who perform well, this stipend will be extended for a further 2 to 3 years. Post the stipend allowance period, further financial support is dependent upon individual thesis advisors.

  1. Taiwan ICDF Scholarship Program

International education and training has long been the Taiwan ICDF’s core operations, among many others. Human resources development programs play a vital role in assisting partner countries achieve sustainable development, and education is a crucial mechanism for training workforces in developing countries. The Taiwan ICDF provides scholarships for higher education and has developed undergraduate, graduate and PhD programs in cooperation with renowned partner universities in Taiwan. The Taiwan ICDF provides each scholarship recipient with a full scholarship, including return airfare tickets, housing, tuition and credit fees, insurance, textbook costs and a monthly allowance. As for the monthly allowance itself, the specific amounts are as follows:

    • Undergraduate Program: Each student receives NTD 12,000 per month as an allowance for food and miscellaneous living expenses. This is deposited into a student’s local bank account on a monthly basis.
    • Master’s Program: Each student receives NTD 15,000 per month as an allowance for food and miscellaneous living expenses. This is deposited into a student’s local bank account on a monthly basis.
    • PhD Program: Each student receives NTD 17,000 per month as an allowance for food and miscellaneous living expenses. This is deposited into a student’s local bank account on a monthly basis. A student’s host institute may offer to continue paying this monthly allowance for courses exceeding 4 years; the duration and amount will be determined by the host institute.
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The Taiwan ICDF has established the Taiwan International Cooperation Alliance (TICA) with 21 partner universities, setting up an operational platform under this TICA framework to manage and improve the Scholarship Program. In 2019, there are 31 programs offered for Taiwan ICDF Scholarship application.

  1. Asia University Taiwan Scholarship

Asia University provides a limited number of scholarships each year for talented students from other countries. All applicants may have an opportunity to compete for scholarships provided by Asia University, depending on the qualification of applicants, programs admitted, and funding available. Applicants who have received other scholarships are not eligible to apply for scholarships offered by the University.

The Asia University Scholarship consists of:

    • Half Tuition Waiver Scholarship: Offering a 50% tuition waiver
    • Full Scholarship: Including a tuition waiver, a dormitory fee waiver, and a monthly stipend of NTD 6,000 (approximately USD 176)
    • Tuition Waiver Scholarship: Offering a full tuition waiver

To apply for scholarships provided by Asia University, a completed scholarship application form with all required application materials must be sent to the Center for International Academic Exchange. Awarded students in the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programs are supported for at most four, two and three years, respectively. An average score of less than 75 and 80 in the previous academic year for undergraduate and graduate students, respectively, will result in disqualification of receiving the scholarship.

  1. MOE Taiwan Scholarship Program

Taiwan Scholarship offered by the Ministry of Education (MOE), ROC (Taiwan) is awarded to four qualified students from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries of this Office’s consular district to undertake studies at the undergraduate or postgraduate level in Taiwan.

The MOE Taiwan Scholarship Program encourages outstanding international students to undertake undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Taiwan by awarding up to NTD 40,000 each semester for each recipient’s approved tuition and miscellaneous expenses. In addition, each recipient’s undertaking undergraduate studies will also be granted a monthly living stipend of NTD 15,000, while undertaking postgraduate studies will get stipend of NTD 20,000 each per month.

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Eligible applicants from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries of this Office’s consular district must apply for admission directly to the university or college within its application deadline and submit their application form for Taiwan Scholarship to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office together with all required documents.

The maximum period of a Taiwan Scholarship may be held is: four years for undergraduate programs, two years for master’s degree programs, and four years for doctorate programs. The maximum total period that any one person may hold a Taiwan Scholarship is five years.

  1. MOFA Taiwan Scholarship

The Taiwan Scholarship Program is a joint initiative launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and the National Science Council (NSC) in 2004. At the Republic or China’s centennial in 2011, the Taiwan Scholarship program evolved into the MOFA Taiwan Scholarship program and the MOE Taiwan Scholarship program in order to cater to students of varying backgrounds.

The MOFA Taiwan Scholarship continues to encourage outstanding students to pursue academic degrees in Taiwan and to deepen their understanding of Taiwan’s academic environment, thereby enhancing exchanges and building friendships between Taiwan and their home nations.

The MOFA Taiwan Scholarship is, in principle, granted to students from countries that have diplomatic relations with Taiwan. However, special consideration may also be given to students from other countries.

The Program consists of:

    • The non-degree Mandarin Language Enrichment Program (LEP): Recipients may take the LEP for a maximum of one year at Mandarin-teaching institutions (the Mandarin Training Centers) affiliated with a university or college accredited by the Ministry of Education.
    • Degree programs: Recipients may apply for admission to any degree program leading to an undergraduate, master or doctoral degree, including in-service programs.

The award periods are as follows:

    • Non-degree LEP: One year
    • Degree programs: A maximum of four years for undergraduate programs, two years for master’s programs, and four years for doctoral programs.

Scholarship recipients will be given a monthly stipend of NTD 25,000 for the LEP and NTD 30,000 for degree programs. Recipients are responsible for all expenses during their stay in Taiwan. MOFA will not provide any other subsidies. MOFA will, however, provide recipients with one-way, economy-class plane tickets for direct flight to and from Taiwan.

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The application period for MOFA Taiwan Scholarship is February 1 to March 31 (subject to change) for every year.

  1. Taipei Medical University Scholarship

The Taipei Medical University (TMU) offers grants and scholarships to students attending the University. The scholarships are differentiated into 4 types with each having its own amount and criteria.

    • Type A+ TMU Scholarship: Scholarships offered for graduate programs, consisting of a monthly stipend of NTD 25,000 and tuition waiver. The scholarship is only eligible for enrolled students who entered TMU before the academic year of 2019. Application for this scholarship is open from March to April every year.
    • Type A TMU Scholarship: Scholarships offered for doctoral programs, consisting of a monthly stipend of NTD 16,000 and tuition waiver. For prospective students, applications for this scholarship should be submitted along with the admission application. Whereas for enrolled students, the scholarship is open for submissions through March and April every year.
    • Type B TMU Scholarship: Scholarships for master’s and doctoral degree programs. The scholarship includes a monthly stipend of NTD 12,000 and tuition waiver. Applications for this scholarship should be submitted along with the admission application for prospective students, and through March and April of every year for enrolled students.
    • Type C TMU Scholarship: Annual scholarships for graduate programs offered as tuition waiver. Prospective students should submit their applications for this scholarship along with the admission application. Enrolled students are given the time to send in their applications for this scholarship from March to April.

Scholarship beneficiaries are required to re-apply for scholarships every year, as the number of awardees is based on each academic year’s budget.

Besides TMU Scholarships, the University also offers grant for outstanding international graduate students. The grants are categorized into 3 types:

    • For students graduated from or admitted by universities (excluding universities in Taiwan) in the Top 150 Academic Ranking of World Universities or the Top 100 QS World Ranking: An amount of NTD 50,000 per semester offered for graduate programs for a maximum of 2 academic years or until the last semester before graduation.
    • For students who receive full scholarship from their home countries: Grants worth NTD 3,000 per month offered for graduate programs, for a maximum of 23 months for master’s degree programs and 35 months for doctoral programs.
    • For students who are the first author of a SCI / SSCI / A&HCI paper within 3 years prior to application deadline: Grants offered in the amount NTD 50,000 per semester for graduate programs, for a maximum of 2 academic years or until the last semester before graduation.

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