An Ultimate Guide to Study in China for International Students 

On the off chance that it was exceptionally clear in your mind that you needed to ponder someplace non-Western to find a culture that was not quite the same as the ones, you have lived in as long as you can remember, a study in China experience most likely sprung up on your radar. 

China has turned out to be the front-line nation in industrialization and a pioneer of the worldwide economy, making it an alluring study abroad location. And while you thought simply searching for the ideal goal to study abroad was overpowering, you have currently discovered it is considerably more overpowering since you pick such a question mark of a nation like China.  

China is a unique world and there is a great deal you have to learn before you pack up and ride off into the dusk to studying abroad in China. 

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Reasons to Study in China 

Both living expenses and school charges are similarly reasonable, particularly by the correlation with the United States and other western nations. International understudies can both study and set aside cash to ponder in China. There are scholarships from the administration, colleges, establishments, and enterprises intended to help international understudies from various scholarly disciplines. 

Global understudies can get training with the vehicle of guidance in English. English trained program is a decent choice for worldwide understudies who want to study in a degree program in China. 

After the administration has adjusted the visa arrangement for foreign nationals, international understudies are currently permitted to work low maintenance or take on temporary positions while they are studying in China. International understudies in China with living arrangements licenses are permitted to participate in part-time jobs. 

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To conclude, there are six reasons to study abroad in China: 

  1. Affordable educational cost and grants  
  2. Learn from China’s improvement  
  3. Enhance your worldwide experience  
  4. Improve your profession prospects  
  5. Learn the Chinese language  
  6. Discover Chinese culture 

Study in China for Free

There are numerous approaches to study in China for free. Be that as it may, relatively few of these choices are reasonable, for example, getting a lottery. The most ideal route is to get scholarships with the goal that you can study for free. 

We sifted several Chinese scholarships for universal understudies to get detailed and engaged as possible. Strangely, Chinese scholarly programs organize sciences over expressions of the human experience, yet some business courses are offered, just as language programs. 

Listed below are available Chinese scholarships for international students.

1. China WISS Outstanding Achievement Partial Award 

China WISS Outstanding Achievement Partial Award is open for Chinese nationality understudies. The scholarship permits level program(s) in the field of all subjects educated at Western International School of Shanghai. The due date of the scholarship is not set. 

Official Link

2. Schwarzman Scholars Program at Tsinghua University 

Schwarzman Scholars Program at Tsinghua University is open to international students. The scholarship permits a Masters’s level program(s) in the field of financial matters and business, international studies, public policy instructed at Tsinghua University. 

Up to 200 understudies, about 45% of the top of the line will originate from the United States, 20% from China, and 35% from the remainder of the world. 

Intended to set up the up and coming age of worldwide pioneers, Schwarzman Scholars is the first scholarship made to react to the geopolitical scene of the 21st Century. The program will put forth a strong effort and most brilliant understudies the chance to build up their initiative aptitudes and expert systems through a one-year Master’s Degree at Tsinghua University in Beijing. 

Official Link

3. Hubei Provincial Scholarships in China 

Hubei Provincial Scholarships in China is open for Non-Chinese. The scholarship permits Bachelor, Masters, Ph.D. level program(s) in the field of all subjects educated at China’s selected universities. 

To adjust the improvement of study abroad in China and increment the utilization productivity of scholarship for global understudies, Hubei Province has built up guidelines of Hubei Provincial Scholarships Management with the end goal of abilities development, science researches, social administration, and social trades in colleges and schools. 

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Official Link

4. Guizhou Government Scholarship for Southeast Asia  

Guizhou Government Scholarship for Southeast Asia is open for Southeast Asian students. The scholarship permits Bachelor, Masters, Ph.D. level program(s) in the field of all subjects instructed at Guizhou University.  

Official Link

5. Nankai University Undergraduate and Master Scholarship in China 

The new Nankai University Scholarship is presently accessible on offer to examine Undergraduate as well as Master qualification programs. These scholarships are accessible for Non-Chinese understudies. 

Official Link

How to Apply to a University in China as International Students 

On the off chance that you chose to study in China, read underneath the simple strides for applying to a Chinese college.

1. Pick the Correct Degree Subject in China 

There are a lot of orders you can pick from to study in English at Chinese colleges. Here are a few of the most famous alternatives to consider: 

  • Masters in Computer Science in China 
  • Masters in General Engineering in China  
  • Masters in International Business in China 
  • Masters in Economics in China 
  • Masters in Languages in China

2. Pick the Correct Chinese University 

Here are some top Chinese universities you ought to consider for your study abroad experience: 

  • Peking University 
  • Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
  • Tsinghua University
  • Xiamen University 
  • Beijing Institute of Technology

3. Plan to Apply 

  • Try not to choose in a rush to which study certificate you ought to enlist. You can discover many intriguing degrees. However, you should deliberately peruse all the data. 
  • Check whether your capabilities match those required by the college. 
  • Confirmation depends on high scores of your past graduated school. 
  • China has set a point of confinement in regards to understudies’ age while applying: most colleges do not acknowledge understudies more than 30 for a Bachelor’s qualification and more than 40 for a Master’s certificate and a Ph.D. 
  • Apply to at any rate three colleges and you will improve your odds of being conceded. 
  • Look at the scholarship openings in China.

4. Where to Apply 

Concerning the application process, for some, the least demanding and the most advantageous path is to apply on the web, straightforwardly at the site of your picked college. Chinese colleges enable worldwide understudies to pick one of the accompanying alternatives. 

  • Apply through CUCAS – an online self-application stage that enables you to apply for any Chinese college. Fundamentally, it is an intermediator among you and the college. 
  • Apply through CUAC (China University Application Centre) – you can apply for a Chinese college. However, this site is likewise an online counsel and expert guide, helping you get the correct choice in regards to your education in China. 
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You can present your applications with the assistance of your companions who are studying in the same college. They can without much of a stretch get total data in regards to every vital record and capabilities and you can send expected archives to them and they will present the application for you.

5. Language Prerequisites for Chinese College Application 

On the off chance that you need to apply for an English-taught degree, acknowledged language tests are: 

  • TOEFL 
  • IELTS 

For a Chinese-taught program, HSK tests are acknowledged as pursues: 

  • HSK basic – for Science, Engineering, and Medicine degrees. 
  • HSK intermediate – for the remainder of the degrees, (for example, Liberal Arts, Economics, Management, et cetera).

6. Required Application Reports 

  • Passport photograph 
  • Photocopy of a valid passport 
  • Photocopy of a valid passport 
  • Individual ID card 
  • Health certificate 
  • Accreditation of no criminal record 
  • Chinese/English language capability certificate 
  • Letter of certification (parent or lawful watchman of understudy signs a statement by which they accept accountability for the understudy to tolerate guidelines of China and the college) 
  • Confirmation that you can bolster your education in China 
  • Certificate/confirmation from last graduated school 
  • Scholarly transcript from last graduated school 

More reports might be required, depending on each school’s solicitation.

7. College Application Due Dates for China 

The scholarly year in China more often than not has two semesters, spring semester and fall semester, except a couple of higher instructive establishments who actualized a three-semester framework. It is ideal to make sense of each college’s particular application due date for every semester, except these are the general proposals: 

  • For spring semester: present the application until 15th of July 
  • For fall semester: present the application until 30th of April

8. Last Strides in the Wake of Getting Your Acknowledgment Letter  

Studying in China implies a couple of additional means after the application procedure: 

  • Apply for the Chinese understudy visa as quickly as time permits. Check with the Chinese international department in your general vicinity for details. 
  • Inside 30 days of your landing in China, you should get a residence permit from a nearby open security office or police headquarters. 
  • Arrange a health care coverage plan; this needs to cover coincidental damage and restorative medications and cover in any event around 62,000 USD. You can get your protection from your nation of origin or buy a medical coverage card once you land in China. 

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