10 Fully Funded Scholarships in Australia for International Students

Australia is a top destination for international students seeking quality education, offering various scholarships catering to diverse academic fields and backgrounds. Here are some of the latest scholarships available in Australia:

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1. Australia Awards Scholarships 

The Australia Awards Scholarships, supported by the Australian government, cater to undergraduates and postgraduates from developing nations, primarily the Indo-Pacific region. This initiative aims to empower awardees with skills essential for contributing to their home countries’ development post-graduation. Notably competitive, these scholarships cover full tuition fees, return air travel, establishment allowances, living expenses, and more. The rigorous selection process reflects the substantial benefits offered.

2. The Australia Awards–Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships

Offered by the Australian Government, these scholarships target international students and professionals pursuing studies or research in Australian universities. These competitive scholarships encompass full tuition fees, monthly allowances, insurance coverage, and travel allowances, providing comprehensive financial support.

3. The Research Training Program (RTP)

The RTP, funded by the Australian Department of Education and Training, supports domestic and international students pursuing higher research degrees at accredited Australian higher education institutions. Application processes vary across universities, and successful applicants receive financial aid covering tuition fees, stipends for living expenses, and research-related allowances for specific durations.

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4. Australian Catholic University (ACU) International Student Scholarship

The scholarship is available for undergraduate and postgraduate international students at ACU who have outstanding academic achievement with results of at least 80% in their previous studies. The scholarship covers one-half of the full-time fees for the awardee’s course of study. Any international students from any course may apply. However, the committee will give consideration to the diversity of the courses in which the applicants are enrolled and the variation of the source countries. Only 20 scholarships are available.

5. Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI)

The selection of ASI’s applicants is managed by the committee from the University of Adelaide Graduate Scholarships. The awardees must be excellent in their academic achievement and have research potential. The ASI offers two-year course tuition fees for master’s degree students and three-year course tuition fees for doctoral degree students. It also provides an annual living allowance and health insurance.

6. Flinders University Scholarship

AGRTP scholarships are intended for international students who undertake a research higher degree at Flinders University. The scholarship covers a stipend and tuition fees. Only candidates who demonstrate outstanding academic and research performance can receive the award. The scholarship is tenable for up to two years for a research master’s degree and up to three years for a doctoral degree. Doctorate candidates must also submit up to five publications as one of the requirements.

7. La Trobe College Excellence Scholarships

If you were or wish to be a La Trobe College student, you may apply for the scholarship. Undergraduate and postgraduate students who have an excellent academic record will be able to receive up to 25% reduction in their course fees by applying for this scholarship.

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8. Monash International Merit Scholarship

Students who are enrolled at Monash University may apply for the scholarship, which is valued at $10,000 per year. The candidates must enroll in the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Honours) courses. The students who enroll in the Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (MD) courses must complete at least three semesters of their studies. Students with academic performance achieving a weighted average mark of 85 or higher may apply for the scholarship.

9. Deakin Scholarship for Excellence

This Australia scholarship is available for both undergraduates and postgraduates who have excellent academic achievements or excellence in extracurricular activities such as arts, sports, or community service. Undergraduate students are to receive $5000 per year, while postgraduate students will receive $10,000 per year.

10. Rotary Peace Fellowship

The Rotary Foundation selects up to 50 professionals to receive fellowships for master’s degrees and provides five fellowships for certificate studies at excellent universities around the world. Master’s degree students can study at Rotary Peace Centers for 15–24 months, with two to three months of practical internships during the academic break.

Each of these scholarships offers unique opportunities and benefits, catering to diverse academic pursuits and outstanding achievements among international students aspiring to study in Australia. Apart from the above scholarships, there are hundreds of scholarships in Australia that you may apply to for different target candidates, courses, and levels of degrees. You may limit your search by finding the most suitable university for your study first.

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  1. Hello, I m Mr Junaid from Pakistan Peshawar. I wants to apply for scholarship but haven’t any proper Application procedure and email or any link by which we apply?

  2. My name is Lim Kim Tong, I’m 18 years old I’m applying this scholarship because my commitment is to studying abroad. I’m a work smart student who study at the top institute of Cambodia.

  3. first Im student of new generation university collage
    Im garatuate degree this year 2018
    then Ineed study of mester Australia
    im leave weast of somalia

  4. first Im student of new generation university collage
    Im garatuate degree this year 2018
    then Ineed study of mester Australia
    email : indho469@gmail.com
    phone : 0634691050

  5. Give me opportunity of that scholership I want to become part of that scholership and do mpil in Environmental science

  6. Hi I’m inam from Pakistan have done Bsc electrical engineering with cgpa 2.75 am I eligible for any scholarship for MS in Australia.

  7. I want to do civil enggineering from australia on full funded scholorahip what can i do 03439807793 to get full scholorship?

  8. Nyc website it help me alot iam from matli but Iam in 11 grade but I complete matric from tando Muhammad khan with good percentage I hope I get this Australia scholarship because I want to study in Australia

  9. Hello dear i hope you will be fine or dear my name is jamal khan from Afghanistan i am graduated from Kandahar Afghanistan university faculy of Education department biology now i want to do master in the field of Education which is belong to me & sir i dont have ilets pliz help me

  10. Hi Sir/Madam,
    Hope to get chance to complete my master degree at BCS filed, and serve to our destroy country Afghanistan by the help of your interest country. thanks

  11. I am very grateful for your conscious effort to sponsor students world wide who are academically excellent but economically weak to reach a certain level in life. And has given me the courage to try and apply for this scholarship and see if the Lord almighty will see me through. I lost my parents through an accident when I was in junior high school stage 1. It took my father’s brother who has sponsored me till now that I am in my final year in senior high school. But unfortunate for me, my only hand that fed me has also gone bankrupt. His shop from which we all fed from burnt to ashes and now I am going through hard times. Hope you will be touched by my sincere story and accept my request.

  12. My name is Barishoy Meyasi from Tanzania. I would like to apply for master degree in education or geography.
    I’m from a very poor family so its better to be given full fund scholarship.
    Thanks, I expect to be considered.

  13. I am very grateful for your conscious effort to sponsor students world wide who are academically excellent but economically weak to reach a certain level in life. And this has given me the courage to try and apply for this scholarship and see if the Lord almighty will see me through. I lost my parents through an accident when I was in junior high school stage 1. It took my father’s brother who has sponsored me till now that I am in my final year in senior high school. But unfortunately for me, my only hand that fed me has also gone bankrupt. His shop from which we all fed from burnt to ashes and now I am going through hard times. Hope you will be touched by my sincere story and accept my request.

  14. Hi sir my name muhammad riaz i complete DAE civil engineering i want a full scholarship

  15. Am interested to apply and please consider my request because I have hunger to education

  16. Hi sir my name is Muhammad Hafeez from pakistan i m studying geology currently last year in b.s and wanna take scolarship in m.s in petroleum geology sir what should i can do next that i get a scolarship of master in geology and which requirements needs to necessary plz explain it

  17. Am very interested in taking a studies in Australia… I want to study English lauguage in writing and speaking fluently.. Is there any college for such course??

  18. I am an Asian, from Myanmar. I graduated with B.sc geology(hons) this year. I’m really interested in research papers, especially in Mining geology, Petroleum geology, Environmental geology and Engineering geology. As u know, our country is a developing country and so I can’t afford to enroll at Australia without getting any scholarship. I’m really glad to hear for that full-scholarship programs. Let me know about the opportunities of M.sc(geology) as a full-scholar students. With respect …

  19. I am so much interested for LLM in Australian universities…. Please guide me on this topic that how to apply

  20. My name is Syedad khan
    I did Master in English
    Now i am applying for mphil in English but i need scholarship but how i will get it … plz i need proper channel and guideline… i need favour

  21. I ( MD) is interested to do clinical research, to improve quality of care. And keen to get an MPH in one of the appropriate universities

  22. Hi…. My name is Mildred ejilemele I’m from Africa…please I want a full scholarship to study in Australia as an undergraduate…. I graduated from high school since 2017 and I’ve been at home…. No source of finance to further my education….. Please I really need this scholarship

  23. I have done Diploma of Civil Engineering. Now I want study visa for higher education.Because in Pakistan education level is not so good. There education level soo high and also my dream. That’s why I want study visa.

  24. I want to continue my postgraduate study i.e M phill in Horticulture through Scholarship.

  25. I graduated in marine engineernig degree program and now need to masters.But i have finanicial problem.I’m eritrean refugee living in ad-iharush camp ethiopia.

  26. Hi my name is Dawit from Ethiopia.I’ve college diploma in drafting.
    That’s my pleasure if i will study civil engineering.
    With best regards.

  27. Hi my name is samana rasooli .
    I am from afghanistan sare pul province. i relly intersted your scohlarships . i want to study in your country my master degree. please help me. my contact number 0093 783886724

  28. Dear Sir, I did my first degree on Sociology and Social Anthropology. I would like to do my Masters on social work or related. Thank you for your support.

  29. Hy am from Ethiopia studying graduate programm i want to educate political science and international relations if you provide

  30. Dear Sir,
    I am Priya Kundu from Bangladesh. I m graduated MBBS from Islami Bank Medical college , Rajshahi ,Bangladesh. I want to do post-graduation on Endocrinology.

  31. Dear Sir,
    I am Priya Kundu from Bangladesh. I am graduated MBBS from Islami Bank Medical College, Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Sir I want to do post-graduation on Endocrinology. Is there any opportunity to get scholarship on that subject.

  32. I am medalist Graduate, From Dow Medical University Karachi, Pakistan. I have been working, Now need to do masters. My field is Medical Technologist. Respiratory Therapist +Critical Care Technologist .

  33. Hi, I am BCS, from Afghanistan and I have to take my master degree, if u have some opportunity for please help me…

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  35. Am very happy to see this type of scholarship opportunity for the students who are unable to continue theirs educational program or to continue their studies because of the economic hardship the face in their poor countries, I’m always pray and call my lord Jesus Christ to help me to get this kind of chance for me to change my life and the lives of other people who are suffering from lack of food, good healthcare good education for young people and kids in South Sudan , all this things because of high rates of illiteracy in my country so hopefully wish from you those who sponsored the program to look for the admission application of the students who are really in need for the quality of education to good leaders in their countries and make some changes in the lives of people in country..
    My name is Ring Noi Guot Marach.
    Am from south Sudan am undergraduate student I hope to get a chance to study in Australia..

  36. I am other healthy student. Please, I want to intend my lesson in Australia and serve my entire life there in , give me a chance!!!

  37. My name is Allah Mohammad Atal i am from Afghanistan i want to study in your country my master degree please help me my wahtsApp number 0093764344408

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  39. Hello sir…!!
    i m pharm D student (8 semester) i want further study in my field through scholarship in research level.
    i wish to got scholarship for phd and research in oncology pharmacy.
    Sir i need your help and support thank u.

  40. I want to study international trade and economics,but I don’t know how to apply,can someone help me with that
    My email:ishalexdumbuya@gmail.com

  41. I would love to apply for this scholarship programs.I just graduated last year as the best graduating student in my department(Bsc Biology) and I will love to pursue a masters degree in biomedical studies…please how do I apply for a full scholarship?thanks

  42. Hello i’m rashmika dilhan .from sri lanka.i want a scholarship for study in australian . My contact nu 0713221049. I would like to study aussie

  43. I’m the student of BS(Information Technology).I have completed my 7 semesters.I want to do my MS(Infomation Technology)from Australia.kindly tell me how to get scholarship and how to apply.
    I will be very thankful to you for your help.

  44. Hello Dear sir!
    This is sayed Aref rasooli I graduated from law and political science but now I want to get my mastry I bleav Australia country is the best for study and apportunety to access high goal I wish study in Australia.

  45. Hello i’m Qudratullah .from Afgahnistan.i want a scholarship for study in australian . My contact number 0093770030850. I would like to study aussie

  46. Hi, this is Hsftom Meressa from Ethiopia and if I get a chance of scholarship in your country I want to attend my second degree( postgrsduate).

  47. Hello my name is Mohammad farid I’m from Afghanistan I want to get this scholarship my phone number
    +93778403414 please help me

  48. My name is mohamed mumin hassan i finished high school indeed to attend university so I need scholarship

  49. I am completing my BSC(hons) 4th year degree in soil science department of agriculture in April 2019. I wish to be participant of your scholarship for master degree. My cGpa is about 3.62.

  50. Dear all of University in Australia, I m Lao people living in Laos My name is Somphone Akaphone I m working SOS Laos Unit familly strentghan program as co-worker helping Children’s poor familly making Development and support them. I m interesting with Government scholarship in Australia, law, Development planning or another subject. Please more information and how i can get it. My phone number 85620 96669675; Email: somphone24@hotmail.com.

  51. Dear all of University in Australia, I m Lao people living in Laos My name is Somphone Akaphone I m working SOS Laos Unit familly strentghan program as co-worker helping Children’s poor familly making Development and support them. I m interesting with Government scholarship in Australia, law, Development planning or another subject. Please more information and how i can get it. My phone number 85620 96669675; Email: somphone24@hotmail.com.

  52. Sir i want to complete my degree in australian university and also work there. Sir i belong a very poor family. Plzzz sir give me free scholorship please sir
    My contact no. 03465229361

  53. I have done my master degree in engineering structural department . And I want to study my Ph.D in engineering structural department .
    Please guide me and I’m waiting for you.

  54. I wish to apply for the postgraduate scholarship but no know the process and requirement for it.I will be indeed grateful if more information is sent to me on the requirements and procedures involve.

  55. Hello, I’m semira seid from Ethiopia. I had graduated by applied biology I sincerely request you to help me through this golden opportunity for further education please. thank you.

  56. Hi
    My name’s Ahsanullah I am so happy met your posting a scholarship for the around the world.
    I a lot of try but can’t do something Please Sir help me I am so poor man please Sir help me Give me a one chance please I am so poor man please Sir help me.

  57. I’m realy intersting Australia scholarship “Master of Business Adminatration (MBA) course. But I don’t known how to apply.
    I hope some advise from you Sir!
    Thank you

  58. My Name is Wariyo Nura from Ethiopia I want learn Masters by Agricultural Marketing and trade please help me

  59. My name Gosaye Tesema Bedaso I am very interesting to study my MA degree in one of Australia university, how can I get this opportunity and what criteria needed. Please contact by gosayetesemagmail.com(+251987098171)

  60. I’d love to study, I’ve graduated in chemistry ,but not in a high marks.
    Is there any other scholarships relevant with my degree?
    In my country, prior of education is their aim but actually the system is just testing our memories. I wonder that if their is something we can learn and use in practically.

  61. I am so eager to study M.A in functional linguistic, applied linguistic, or cognitive linguistic.
    But I am searching for a scholarship.

  62. My Qualifications Bachelor of business administration in finance
    I want to study MBA or MSc finance
    I want Scholarship in Australia

  63. I am Mphil in economics. I want to Ph. D from Austrailia through scholarship. How can i apply? I am from Pakistan.

  64. Maam/Sir I message all the way From Philippines, I’m a Kto12 graduate. I didn’t pursue my College due to Financial Status. My parents can’t afford to send me to any colleges School near by.
    So I decided to work. but I’m really Want to go to college. if ever you’ll choose me, it would be an honor and a privilage.
    Thank You

  65. Hi my name is hozir
    i Like to continue my lessons I
    gragutted from high school
    I want to continue my lessons if it’s free pleas help me
    my phone number is 0790015287

  66. Hello,I am Mukit.I am from Bangladesh.I am studying in CSE (level iii, term-i). But I want to finish my study in your University. I love Australia because of Phillip Joel Hughes.

  67. Hi dear sir.
    I am from Afghanistan,and I am so interested to study my undergraduate term in Australia.

  68. Hello I will like to join the full scholarship program I read Law,I am from Nigeria…I need a masters in Law

  69. I complet medical university MD and I have 5 years experience in medical field I want to do post graduation training in Austerila is that possible

  70. I would like to get my MA degree in mathematics and how can I apply in this scholarship. Please send me the website of Australia to me.

  71. My Qualifications Bachelor of business administration in Management
    I want to study MBA or MSc Organisation development
    I want Scholarship in Australi

  72. I’m from South Sudan, age 21 years old. I’m munch impress for the offer for the scholarship, i’m searching for positive direction towards my education support and progress, i hope you good office attendance. I love computer.

  73. Am Simba Zubair Bruhan from Uganda I finished my Alevel can I get a scholarship to study a bachelor’s degree in finance planning and economical development please

  74. Am beilul solomon i need scholarship australia. Am refuge girl in Etiopia so pleas help me for study in australia

  75. Hello… my name is zakaria agaf abdulaahi
    I’m from somalia, Iwant a full schoolarship to study in Australia
    As an undergraduate….I graduate from high school zince 2018 and l’ve at home…. no source off finance to further my education…. please I really need this schoolarship please help me contact on +252906758751 thanks you.

  76. Sir I want to undergraduate scholarship in agriculture,,,,, any university in Australia,,, whatsff number 03420951883

  77. I would like you to help me free scholarship. I request you to provide me chance to improve my knowledge and skills.

  78. I,m very interesting about the scholarship in Australia b/c I know I,m very smile. as you see my is bhan gatwech thoan a,m from Ethiopia, here is my contact no +251919187635.

  79. Dear Sir/Madam!
    Dec 2018 I am graduated from BBA Faculty I got my specialization in Finance I am so interested to get my MBA in Finance.

    Best Regards

  80. Hi am Gabriel S. Weah from Liberia, an undergraduate and I really find pleasure in this scholarship. Please help me because I really want forward my education. Please contact me on the following numbers: +231888569484/+231778076125

  81. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    My name is Enayatullah last name Sarwari,I am from Afghanistan,
    graduated from Kabul Education University Faculty of language and literature English department. I would like to get my master degree in educational administration in Australia.In the case, I comment here, If it would be possible to help me in this part.
    Sincerely yours

  82. l want study in australi
    I am poor so I want to get free scholarships to study in Australia country with high education.
    please can you help me?

  83. I’m Nematullah Hussaini
    I want to study in Australia
    So please help me get scholarship
    From Australia.

  84. hi, I am shopan chandra roy from bangladesh… I am studying in undergraduate level in Begum Rokeya University in sociology now but it will be finished within 6 months… so I will have broad dream to study in Australia in sociology.. I have potential to get scholarship in Australia….. so what will I do please say…

  85. My name is Precious Sithole , l am a girl aged 19 , l completed my A level in 2018 and attained 14 points in commercials, statistics A, Business studies A,, Economics B.l am double orphan and am willing to get your scholarship for tertiary education .
    It is my hope that you assist me ,, your assistance will be apreciated

  86. I am inZimbabwe and l do not have a passport.Therefore l need your assistance to further my education for l do not have any source of income to sustain general livelihood.
    Thank you

  87. Hi,my name is Yodit Yonas I am from Ethiopia I want full scholarship pls help me

  88. Hi sir I am Rahmatulah rahmani I am from Afghanistan and i want to apply master in your country and if you give me a chance to come study in your country I will be very thankful from you
    Contact 0093779095478
    Email rahmatullahrahmani18@gmail.com

  89. Hi,
    I’m Vinuri Singarachchi, a LLB(hons)(uk) graduate in Staffordshire University ,UK.I would like to continue my further education (LLM in commercial law with intellectual property law or juris doctor) in Australia. So how can you help me?

  90. I, Emmanuel solemnly request for a full scholarship in Australia to complete my master’s degree in Education. I look forward to seeing your positive reply to my request.

  91. I’m Nematullah Lalandari
    I want to study Ph D in Australia
    So please help me to get scholarship
    From Australia in structural engineering .

  92. Sir me Inayat ur Rahman from Pakistan.I done MBA FINANCE in 2013.Now I want full scholarship for Ms or M.Phil.please guide me or sent me application procedure .how I am applying for this scholarship.

  93. Hi my name is sediqullah i from afghansitan i want study in australia please help me i am waiting of you

  94. hollo, My full name is habtu ketele melesse in Ethiopia. I was graduated from arbaminch University with Bachelor Degree in meteorology science on July 11/2010 and experienced in various areas of practices as weather forecast,database management in national meteorology agency ethiopia at assosa , position hydrology technician, team leader in ministry of water and energy with hydrolgydepartement , positions hydrometeorological Expert as integrated water resource management and hydrology technicialin abbay basin authority in belese sub basin organtion or project, and having a total of 8 years work experiences. I want to study a scholarship related MSC of degree in ( climate change adaptation, sanitary engineering, hydrology engineering , water resource and environment management ,river basin management specializationsmeteorology science and others). please help me and my country to update my education. I begin to get and update my education finish with you!! my email:-habtuketele5@gmail.com my phone:-+251931519536

    Yours faithfully
    habtu ketele

  95. Hello Iam Sakhi Mohammad Nasiri and please help me i want Study in Australia

  96. I would like you to help me free scholarship. I request you to provide me chance to improve my knowledge and skills.

  97. I want full scholorship to do MS in Dialysis or MS in Nephrology plz guide me. I have completed BS in Renal Dialysis(four years Degree parogram). My cgpa is 3.65 and also Gold Medalist

  98. Dear concern,
    I am Anwar Hossain from Bangladesh. I wanna pursue my post graduation on education and research. To notify you, I have done my Graduation and post graduation from Bangladesh.
    My email: tonmoy.anowar@ gmail.com

  99. My name is Claude Ngendahayo am from Burundi, i want to join to study in your country!

  100. Hello, my name is Henry Tettey Acquah and I want a full scholarship to study in Australia. Please, I will complete school in 2020 but can you give me the guide lines to work towards it.

  101. Hi
    My name is Mohammad
    I’m from Afghanistan, I’m looking for undergraduate scholarship my school transcript is 84% .
    Can I get Australia award scholarship.
    Thank you

  102. Hyy m mamona khaliq.i m intrested m.phil in special education plz give me a chance for study in Astraliya.plz help me.

  103. I would like to join your scholarship program. I have a BSc Degree with Water Supply & Environmental Engineering. From Arbaminch University, Ethiopia.In addition to this I have a certificate of GIS & remote senssing,from Arbaminch University.

  104. Hi, i’am alif hussen from Ethiopia ,ihave degree in law and iwant to studying master please help me

  105. Am called akwo Susan I wish to go in for a scholarship in Australia
    I will complete my secondary school year this year and I hope to have access for a scholarship so I can be able to achieve my dreams
    Am from Cameroon
    Thanks for understanding

  106. I’m a Tanzanian student, holding Diploma in Law iteresting to get full funded scholarship to undertake LLB Degree studies 2021-2022 intake outside my country

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