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About the University of Toronto

The University of Toronto, a top-tier Canadian university founded in 1827, has been the nation’s prime example of a university within the research and teaching scope. The university is famous for its faculty members, groundbreaking records of offered scholarships, and the breadth of academic opportunities that are given out on a regular basis to remarkable students and scholars, both on a domestic and an international level – unlike other universities that don’t provide much program diversity and resources.

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Situated in the city of Toronto, a community that is buzzing with diversity and multiculturalism, the University of Toronto is a perfect choice for international students who would like to pursue their studies in Canada. The learning curriculum is unlike any other – as they acknowledge the growing diversity within campus grounds, they have adapted the curriculum to accommodate different students coming from different cultures. Toronto is a hot spot for intellectual minds who have come to seek education, culture, and life. With plenty of festivals around the area, an extensive transportation system, and tons of park space for you to choose from, studying in an environment such as Toronto will have you leaving motivated and inspired as a student.

About the Lester B. Pearson International Student Scholarships

At the University of Toronto, there is a highly-sought out scholarship program called the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships. Through this program, international students who are planning to enroll for their undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto can now receive a once-in-a-lifetime chance to pursue their dream education at one of the globe’s most-renowned universities at Toronto, a city that prides itself in its multicultural community. This scholarship aims to bring out the potential of the world’s brightest minds. The program will be looking for candidates who are not just exceptionally impressive academically, but also have creative insights and a passion for leadership displayed in their previous schools. Therefore, the program will mainly prioritize on students who have the capacity to contribute greatly to the community and leave a positive impact within their local and international society.

The scholarships are given out on a yearly basis towards students coming from all over the globe. These students will also include international students who are enrolled in Canadian high schools. Annually, there are an amount of 37 scholarships that are awarded to these fellow young students. After being chosen as a Pearson scholar, these lucky candidates will receive generous benefits that will financially assist them throughout the course of their studies in university. Since the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships is regarded as the most prestigious and competitive scholarship program in the University of Toronto within the international scope, you better get prepared from now if you’re planning to register.

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Program Value

Selected candidates of the Pearson International Scholarship program will receive generous benefits courtesy of the University of Toronto. All Pearson Scholars will receive fully-paid coverage of their college tuition, college materials (e.g. textbooks, reading materials, etc.), incidental expenses, and full accommodation. The benefits of the scholarship will be granted throughout the entire course of the undergraduate student’s period of studies, which is a standard length of four years.


Interested in what the Pearson International Scholarship program has to offer? Then let’s get started with your application program! First things first, you will have to meet these few criteria to prove that you are eligible for the scholarship program. Make sure you have each of these checked as all of them are equally important. Here are some of the things you need to take note of before you are allowed to apply for the Pearson International Scholarship program:

  • All future candidates must be an international student, which in this case, is a citizen of non-Canadian nationality who will be planning on studying under a valid study permit.
  • You must be a student who is in your final year or your high school or secondary school studies. You will also have to graduate by no earlier than June 2020.
  • If accepted, you will be required to start your studies at the University of Toronto from September 2021.

As an additional note, if you are a student who has already enrolled in a tertiary or post-secondary institution or has already begun their post-secondary studies, you will not be considered eligible for the Pearson International Scholarship program.


Before you are able to sign up for a Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship program, there are several extra requirements that must be met besides the eligibility criteria. First off, before your apply for the program, you must earn a nomination from your high school or host institution. Should you require assistance in getting a nomination, please consult with your school guidance counsellor. Once you have received a nomination, you must then enroll as an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto. After you have those first steps done, the program will send you a custom, fully-secured link the the application form of the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship.

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The scholarship program will be seeking out for only the best and brightest minds. Besides displaying an astounding academic track career with a history of achievements, Pearson Scholars are also expected to demonstrate great leadership skills during their time in school. In addition, future scholars must show potential in being able to contribute greatly to the global society. Scholars must have a horizon of interests, the spirit of pursuing knowledge, and knowing how to create an impact within the society that they live in.

How to Apply

Are you ready to apply for the Pearson International Scholarship? You’ve come to the right place! As a candidate, you will have to follow a series of clear instructions to make sure that you have a smooth application. Make sure that all of these steps are met as each of them are crucial to your scholarship application. Here is the Pearson International Scholarship application procedure.

  1. Consult if your school or home institution to earn a nomination. However, if your school is not yet contacted or verified by the program, you are required to submit in an application form to participate in the program on behalf of the school. You may download the form by clicking the link here.
  2. To apply for a study in the university, you can click here and you will be directed to the university admissions page – make sure you complete your university admission by the required deadlines. Please be noted that your first choice of degree in the university will be the program considered for a Pearson Scholarship. Even though you are given the free will to sign up for as many programs as you like, the scholarship program will ultimately only prioritize your first program choice.
  3. When you have been nominated by your respective high schools or home institutions, as well as applied for a degree in the University of Toronto, you can now register for the online Lester B. Pearson Scholarship program.
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Important Notice: Kindly be wary of third parties that send fraudulent emails that claims to provide assistance for young students with their Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship program applications. The University of Toronto does not run any cooperation with these third parties. The institutions strictly does now work with any recruitment agents or agencies. Therefore, in order to register for the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship program, please follow all of the instructions that has been stated on the official website. Lastly, make sure you notice any red flags when searching for scholarships opportunities. If you’re not sure with the scholarship’s instructions, you can always refer to one of their many contact information stated below this article.

Important Dates

Are you all set for the Pearson International Scholarship? Now’s your chance to sign up! However, before your get your applications forms and documents all ready, here are a few important dates that you need to take note of. Remember, all of these dates are equally important, so you should not miss any of them. The program will not be responsible for any candidates’ failed application due to not meeting the dates.

*Important Notice: Please be noted that this is the very latest date to submit an application to the OUAC. However, due to popular demand and limited scholarship spots, we highly encourage you to apply for admission through the OUAC before November 7th, 2020. This is to ensure that you do not have to deal with high traffic with the huge amount of students signing up for this scholarship.

Official Contact

Need more information about the Pearson International Scholarship? Don’t sweat, we’ve got you all covered! Check out these official contact information below if you need to ask more about the scholarship programs. Always ask questions you need the answers to. Whether it’s a simple question or an elaborate one, they’re all important. Happy applying, and we wish you all the best future scholars!

Address: 25 King’s College Circle, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 1A1
Email: pearson.scholarship@utoronto.ca
Website: https://future.utoronto.ca/pearson/about/#about

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