Thailand Government Scholarships for International Postgraduate Students

You can study on fully funded or part-funded scholarships in Thailand. Thailand’s government and universities in Thailand offer scholarships to foreign students and local people every year and we also mentioned here one of the best Thailand government scholarships for foreign postgraduate students worldwide.

Thailand Government Scholarships
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Thailand may not be the first country that immediately springs to mind when bearing in mind where to study overseas but the Land of Smiles provides a great deal for students who want to encounter something totally different. From exclusive courses and inexpensive living costs, to tropical scenery and a culture that encompasses every aspect of life, Thailand is paving the way for a truly mind-opening, unforgettable semester abroad.

If you choose to study abroad in Thailand, you can do so many amazing things while you pursue your academic ambitions there.

Approximately 54% of students studying abroad choose a European area. With just 11% of the study abroad heading to Asian countries, you’re sure to have a special study abroad experience in Thailand. Non-traditional destinations like Thailand offer numerous options and opportunities to students, which you won’t get at home or in other Western countries.

Walk outside your shell a bit to encounter a culturally interactive study abroad experience.

Program Overview

In 2000, the Thailand International Postgraduate Program (TIPP) was launched as a program for the provision of postgraduate scholarships to partners in developing countries in part of the Thailand Government scholarships scheme. Realizing that knowledge transfer is an essential foundation of South-South Cooperation, TIPP offers Thailand and its partners ways to connect their ideas and experience that would lead to long-term and sustainable growth for all.

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During their study in Thailand the Royal Thai Government will cover the following expenses for successful students. The expenses include:

  • Return economy class air ticket and airport pick – up service.
  • Monthly subsistence, settlement, books and thesis allowance.
  • Tuition fee.
  • Visa arrangement.
  • Insurance


To be nominated as an eligible participant of TIPP, a candidate must meet these criteria.

  • Candidates must be nominated by the National Focal Point for International Development Cooperation in a country from the TIPP eligible countries/territories list.
  • Candidates should be working in the area related to the course provided.
  • Candidates must have Bachelor’s degree and/or professional experience related field or related to graduate degree.
  • Candidates must have a good command of English.
  • Candidates who English is not the first language and Bachelor’s degree was not taught in English have to pass an English Language proficiency test according to criteria announced by University regulations.
  • It is recommended that candidates be less than 50 years of age.
  • Candidates must have good physical and mental condition.
  • TICA reserves the rights to revoke scholarship offered to awardees who violate rules and regulations.
  • Other requirements apart from these will be under consideration by the University regulations.

Below is the list of eligible countries/territories for Thailand International Postgraduate Programme (TIPP).

  1. Algeria
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Bhutan
  4. Cambodia
  5. Djibouti
  6. Egypt
  7. Eritrea
  8. Indonesia
  9. Iran
  10. Kenya
  11. Kyrgyz Republic
  12. Jordan
  13. Lao PDR
  14. Lebanon
  15. Madagascar
  16. Maldives
  17. Mauritania
  18. Myanmar
  19. Mongolia
  20. Morocco
  21. Mozambique
  22. Nepal
  23. Pakistan
  24. Philippines
  25. Sri Lanka
  26. Sudan
  27. Tajikistan
  28. Timor-Leste
  29. Tunisia
  30. Uganda
  31. Uzbekistan
  32. Vietnam
  33. Seychelles
  34. Comoros
  35. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  36. Burundi
  37. Rwanda
  38. Ethiopia
  39. South Africa
  40. Mauritius
  41. Zimbabwe
  42. Lesotho
  43. Angola
  44. Zambia
  45. Botswana
  46. Namibia
  47. Eswatini
  48. Malaqi
  49. Senegal
  50. Guinea
  51. Guinea-Bissau
  52. Mali
  53. Gambia
  54. Cote d’Ivoire
  55. Sierra Leone
  56. Togo
  57. Burkina Faso
  58. Gabon
  59. Cape Verde
  60. Nigeria
  61. Benin
  62. Cameroon
  63. Ghana
  64. Equatorial Guinea
  65. Sao Tome and Principe
  66. Chad
  67. Ukraine
  68. Belarus
  69. Armenia
  70. Moldova
  71. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  72. Montenegro
  73. Albania
  74. Azerbaijan
  75. Georgia
  76. Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  77. Turkmenistan
  78. Serbia
  79. Haiti
  80. Guatemala
  81. Honduras
  82. Nicaragua
  83. Cuba
  84. Belise
  85. Grenada
  86. Dominican Republic
  87. Jamaica
  88. Antigua and Barbuda
  89. Dominica
  90. Saint Lucia
  91. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  92. Peru
  93. Venezuela
  94. Colombia
  95. Ecuador
  96. Bolivia
  97. Costa Rica
  98. El Salvador
  99. Guyana
  100. Suriname
  101. Paraguay
  102. Papua New Guinea
  103. Vanuatu
  104. Solomon Islands
  105. Fiji
  106. Kiribati
  107. Samoa
  108. Cook Island
  109. Niue
  110. Tonga
  111. Nauru
  112. Tuvalu
  113. Marshall Islands
  114. Micronesia
  115. Palau
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Please prepare one original with two copies of each document as these following items in order to apply as a candidate for this scheme offered by Thailand Government Scholarships program:

  • TIPP application form here
  • Medical report
  • Transcript of Bachelor’s degree (to show the courses that you have learnt throughout Bachelor’s degree)
  • Certificate of Bachelor’s degree
  • English test score (e.g. TOELF, IELTS)
  • Recommendation Letter (At least 3 people)
  • Thesis proposal or other documents (As university request)

How to Apply

The candidates must be nominated either by the National Focal Point for International Development Cooperation (such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) or by approved central government agencies for which the nominated applicants are currently employed. Nomination must be in accordance with the applicable nominating countries/territories policies and regulations. The National Focal Point will forward the nominated candidates’ records to the United Nations/Royal Thai Consulate – General accredited to eligible countries/territories, to the Royal Thai Embassy/Permanent Mission of Thailand.

All forms are properly filled out and approved by the supervisor of candidates and the National Focal Point for International Cooperation in Development. All documentations relating to this must be in English.

Candidates must complete in the application form on the website of TICA: Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA) online. Go to “Fellowships and Scholarships”, and click on “Thailand International Postgraduate Programme”. Choose “TIPP 2020”.

Donwload: TIPP Application Form.docx (79.1 KB)

Expired Date

As one of the Thai Government Scholarships grants, the registration for TIPP will be closed on 30 June 2020.

Contact Person

For more information, please contact;

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Bureau of International Cooperation on Human Resource Development

Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA),
Government Complex, Building B (South Zone), 8th Floor,
Chaengwattana Rd. Laksi District, Bangkok 10210


Link to Official Website

Thailand International Postgraduate Programme (TIPP) 2020

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