Top 8 Online Courses in Graphic Design

With these online courses in graphic design, you can explore a wide variety of topics to take your graphic design journey to the next level.

Online Course in Graphic Design
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One sure-fire way to improve your skills as a graphic designer is to find and study design resources. Luckily, today you do not have to attend a brick-and-mortar school to actually learn them.

There are many online courses in graphic design that teach you the skills needed to create sophisticated graphic designs at your fingertips. The best thing about these online courses is that you can study anytime and anywhere. It is also perfect for those who work 9-to-5 and crave flexibility in their schedule.

Without further ado, check them out.

1. Graphic Design for Beginners Online Short Course by the University of the Arts London

Level: Beginner

Price: £380.00

You will receive a thorough and hands-on introduction to 20 fundamental graphic design principles in this quick online course. By completing relevant and realistic assignments every week, you will get practice using these ideas.

You will gain knowledge of methods for dealing with images and typefaces, designing layouts, and creating logos and visual identities through the course of this project work.

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This course is intended for those who are curious about the countless ways that words and visuals can interact. It is also perfect for anyone looking to establish a visual identity online, small business owners, and creatives working in the corporate sector.

2. Online Course in Graphic Design by the BCcampus OpenEd

Level: Beginner

Price: Free

This course presents design as a technique for solving problems that produces a framework for delivering messages, pictures, and information to a narrowly focused audience. It starts by charting the development of fonts throughout history and their application in publications and advertising.

Furthermore, the course examines the work of design students in the 20th century in depth to show you how to apply strategies like dynamic use of negative space, asymmetrical composition, and full backdrop photography while still maintaining visual clarity and readability.

Whether you are an experienced graphic designer looking to brush up on your abilities or are just starting out, this is the online course in graphic design for you.

3. Graphic Design Specialization by the California Institute of the Arts

Level: Beginner

Price: Free

You will learn the fundamental techniques needed to create sophisticated graphic design in this four-course sequence, including process, historical context, and communication through image-making and typography.

This class aims to give you a set of transferable formal and conceptual tools for creating and communicating in the field of graphic design.

Additionally, this foundational skill set will prepare you for formal graphic design courses and serve as a springboard for additional work in interface design, motion graphics, and editorial design.

4. Graphic Design Elements for Non-Designers by the University of Colorado Boulder

Level: Beginner

Price: Free

You will study fundamental components of graphic design, color theory, imagery, publishing design, and methods for producing powerful layouts in this practical specialization.

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Additionally, you will discover the value of brainstorming, the creative process, typography, and how to discuss and evaluate design in a professional setting. Text, color, graphics, and photographs will all be incorporated and edited using page layout tools and web resources.

This online course in graphic design is perfect for you if you are inquisitive about how designs are developed or need to communicate with designers on your team.

4. TGDS Intensive Foundation Course by The Graphic Design School

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Price: AU$5,500

You will be able to visually communicate the most effectively and succinctly after taking this course. This course is for you if you want to learn design for a career move or to improve your communication skills in your existing position.

You can get a thorough introduction to the amazing field of graphic design with the intensive foundation course. The course’s 11 modules have been created to foster a full understanding of the philosophies that form the foundation of excellent graphic design.

This course is perfect for you if you do not think you will need a qualification for your present or future jobs.

5. Design@Work by The Graphic Design School

Level: Beginner

Price: AU$5,500

Consider a scenario in which your job or business depends on you having some design experience but you have no desire to pursue a career in the field. Or perhaps you are an employer without a design budget and you have a worker you would like to develop. If so, Design@Work is the course for you.

Design@Work is an online course in graphic design that focuses on teaching non-designers how to complete design jobs without having to spend years studying the subject.

You will be given access to a number of lovely design templates for work-related documents. Plus, you will learn a basic set of useful design techniques and how to use Adobe InDesign so that you may add designs to the pre-existing templates.

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6. Graphic Design Course Online by Upskillist

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Price: $139.96

By enrolling in this course, you can increase your creative abilities in image editing, animation, custom layout, and 3D rendering while obtaining a globally recognized diploma in graphic design.

Start your study out with an introduction to the world of graphic design. Next, learn about graphic design and the links between visual elements so that you may convey a clear and cogent message.

Moreover, you will look at methods that will motivate you and show you how to comprehend that there is no such thing as a box rather than how to think outside the box.

7. Graphic Design Online Course by Academy Xi

Level: Advanced

Price: Available upon request

With the concepts, frame of mind, and hands-on experience from this self-paced online graphic design course, you will be ready to create eye-catching visual assets and succeed in the creative industry.

Anyone looking for a flexible, self-paced professional development course that covers the theory and practice of graphic design in great detail should take this online course in graphic design.

Credly and Academy Xi have a partnership to provide all graduates with digital credentials. Digital badges can be used on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email signatures or digital resumes.

8. Fundamentals of Graphic Design by Google Digital Garage

Level: Beginner

Price: Free

This course will teach you the fundamental concepts of graphic design that apply to all aspects of graphic design practice through visual examples. Also, it will give you plenty of chances to get your hands dirty with exercises and more practical projects.

By the end of this online course in graphic design, you will have mastered a variety of image-making techniques that allow you to explore and study visual representation. Additionally, you will have used visual contrast and compositional principles.

After finishing the course, you will have a foundational understanding of graphic design principles that you may use for your own projects or to go deeper into a particular branch of the field.

Looking for online courses in other subjects? Check out the following alternatives:

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