Scholarships in Singapore for International Students

Singapore stands out as one of the top destination for foreign students aiming for high quality education. The country is also a great location for adventurous students who would love to have easy access to popular Southeast Asian destinations. Singapore is also known to be a country with strict laws, which are guaranteed to help create a safe space for locals and foreigners.

scholarships in singapore
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Some of the universities at Singapore are the highest ranking universities in the world. These universities include the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University. Not only the universities provide high quality educations, they also offer scholarships for both local and foreign students. read more

Switzerland Scholarships for International Students

Switzerland is not just about chocolates, cheese and watches – the country is also one of the countries in the world that has high quality educations. All Swiss universities share a drive for quality in teaching and research, resulting in their consistent ranking among the best universities in the world. Not only that they have excellent qualities in the academic world, Swiss universities are also affordable, both for Swiss and non-Swiss students. Although you won’t need to spend a lot of your money on paying tuition fees and fulfilling all your academic needs while studying at a Swiss university, you can still apply for scholarships offered by the Swiss government and universities. read more

Scholarships in Iceland for International Students

If you are one who seeks enriching and unforgettable study abroad experiences, you will love studying in Iceland. Not only that the country serves stunning sceneries – with black-sand beaches, breath-taking cliffs, imposing white glaciers and fjords – Iceland is also home to an internationally celebrated higher education system. Here are some scholarships that you can apply to, to support your studies in Iceland.

scholarships in iceland
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  1. Iceland Government Scholarships

The Iceland Ministry of Education, Science and Culture annually awards a number of scholarships for foreign students to study Icelandic as a second language at the University of Iceland, Reykjavík. The scholarship programme is administered by the Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies. read more

Scholarships in Denmark for International Students

Denmark is one of the best places to study abroad. It is also one of the most popular international study locations in Europe, as it has low study costs, high-quality English-taught degree courses and innovative teaching methods. It also has very good standard of living and diversified study subjects which make Danish universities important contenders on the international higher education market.

Tuition fees for non-EU/EEU students, in Denmark can be categorized as below.

  • Cheapest degrees fees start from around 6,000 EUR/year
  • Average annual tuitions are around 12,000 to 15,000 EUR/year
  • Highly specialized courses can reach up to over 35,000 EUR/year

However, if the Danish university you are choosing to study in requires you to pay more than you can afford, you can try applying for the following scholarships and tuition fee waivers. read more

Full Time Scholarships in Ireland for International Students

Ireland is a great destination to get a high quality education. Renowned fro its history in education, Ireland is known as ‘The Land of Saints and Scholars’. Throughout the world Ireland is known for its education excellence. Anyone will be lucky enough to have the opportunity to study at this beautiful country. The people of Ireland are curious breed. Everywhere you go in Ireland, you will find a genuine and deep-seated love of learning. Not only that the country provides and delivers great quality in education, it also serves as a great place to experience a new life style and enjoy different cultures and, of course, meet new people – expanding your social network around the globe. read more

Scholarships in Norway for International Students

The Norwegian public education system is known as one of the best in Europe. The general level of education in this country is also higher than the European average. The education system in Norway is made up of primary school (Barneskole), lower secondary school (Ungdomsskole) and upper secondary school (Videregående skole). The education system in higher education levels in Norway are also outstanding, and to top it all off, taking a degree in Norway is affordable – no wonder Norway is such a great place to study. There are also a number of scholarships that people can get to support their studies in Norway, such as the ones described below. read more

Scholarships in Spain for International Students from More Than 30 Countries

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience for students, and even professionals. It is one of the best chances to gain more confidence by improving certain skills that help you connect with others, such as leadership, communication skills, and cross-cultural awareness – giving you benefits to your education and career significantly. Also, by studying abroad, you will have the opportunity to hone your language skills and experience a different style of teaching, which can help you adjust to different management styles – making you more versatile in the workplace. read more

Scholarships for International Students to Study in Finland

Finland has been said to be one of the best places to obtain education for its great curriculum. There are also many institutions in the country that conducts research in all kinds of fields. That being said, it is safe to say that Finland is one of the best destinations to obtain higher education and conduct or assist in a research. Also, you can do that by getting your expenses reduced as the Finnish Government provides financial aids for those wishing to pursue their Doctorate degree or do a research in Finland universities or institutes. read more

Fully Funded Scholarships in Sweden for International Students

Sweden is one of the countries in the world where you can study for free. The Swedish Government not only offers the countries’ citizens fully-funded scholarships or tuition waivers, but also offers those who have ambitions, potentials, work experience and a strong professional background, living outside Sweden and being a citizen of a country other than Sweden the opportunity to study for free in one of the Swedish universities/colleges.

If you want to pursue a master’s degree and are interested in studying for free at a Swedish university/college, you may want to take a look at these scholarship programmes provided by the Swedish Government. read more

Scholarships in Russia for International Students: Over 500 Universities

Education is one of the most important aspects in achieving career goals. People around the world believe that the higher your educational qualifications are the higher chances you will get to be promoted in your workplace.

There are many ways in achieving higher educations. You can study in your home country or abroad – whichever way you like. If you are one who seeks a different environment to study in, you might as well like to try applying to a Russian university. If you need financial support to do so, you may want to take a look at the following Russian scholarship opportunities. read more

Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students in Australia and Japan

Continuing studies abroad can be an exciting experience. Aside from giving you the opportunity to improve your skills and helping you to get promoted in your professional career, studying abroad also gives you the once in a life time experience where you can get to know and enjoy different cultures and cuisines as well as meeting new people from around the world, giving you the opportunity to expand your network.

If you are one who seeks this kind of experience while also wanting to achieve your academic goals at the same time but have financial conditions that doesn’t support you to accomplish what you wish for, make some time to take a look at these scholarships that you may want to apply for. read more

Scholarships for Ethiopian Students and Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be an engaging as well as challenging experience at the same time. Many people seek to pursue a degree or non-degree outside their home countries to have the opportunity to live in a different environment with different people and different cultures. This can be an exciting experience, especially if they can achieve their academic goals with some help in funding or even for free. You, as an Ethiopian, can have that opportunity. Here are some scholarships that you can apply for if you wish you study abroad for free or have your tuition fees waived. read more

Scholarships for Somali Students and Professionals

Education is one of the most important aspects in achieving a bright future. Many people succeed in stepping up to a new level in their careers by continuing their studies. The higher your educational qualifications are, the higher you get paid as a professional. This is due to the higher level your skills and knowledge are in the field you work in.

Many people, including Somalis, obtain their higher and tertiary educations abroad to experience and enjoy different environments and cultures while they pursue their academic goals. Thankfully, studying abroad can be possible for anyone with the help of financial aids offered all around the world. Below are some scholarships that may help you achieve your dreams. read more

A True Story of Farmer’s Son Who Got a Fully Funded Scholarship in Harvard University

Everyone said to get better life sometimes need a big of luck! Well, this might be not a false statement. But, other than luck, there also other important things to consider. One of the main things is called hard work! Even if you have a lot of luck in this world, your hard work will never have defected you. Read the true story below, a farmer’s son who change his fate through a fully funded scholarship in Harvard. A prove that a dream can do come true, through a hard effort and a piece of parents blessed! read more

9 Scholarships in Austria 2019: Alternatives to Study Abroad

Study abroad in Austria is a dream for many students. As one of the countries with an excellent education programme in Europe, Austria is a good choice of study destination mainly for developing countries. Unfortunately, tuition fee and living expense in this country can consider quite expensive. Therefore, not all international students get the opportunity to experience education in Austria. However, it surprisingly that Austria provide various scholarships for international students who wish to study here. It is given from various programme and universities that support the ideas of helping developing countries to get better education level. If you one of the candidates that dream to get a chance of winning the scholarships, check out below several scholarships in Austria 2019 that will let your dream come true. read more