4 Basic Scholarships for Children of Veterans

By acknowledging their heavy burdens and risky jobs during their long time service, military veterans deserve to obtain more opportunities for their children’s future, mainly in educational field. Veterans may be wounded and disabled during their service, thereby believing they could no longer provide the best education for their dependent children. Therefore, to appreciate their incessant contributions to the country, they must deserve honour and respect of a thankful nation. Despite little amount of money offered under such scholarships, yet the programs shall help veterans to realize what their children pursue for their brighter future.  

In fact, the federal government and several non-profit organizations in US have been engaged for decades in expressing such a high gratitude in the form of scholarships for children of veterans. The scholarships can range from $1.000 a year to full tuition fee, depending on their own application criteria. However, the scholarships are obviously aimed at reducing burdens of a veterans’ life, even though won’t completely erase their burdens.  

Below are the more detail descriptions of the scholarships for children of veterans for your information, the lists below are the most well-known programs among US citizens to apply, because there are so many other scholarships given out there.

1. Scholarships for children of disabled veterans

In truth, there are numerous scholarships granted to children of disabled veterans. They could be summarized as follows:

a. Freedom Alliance

Freedom Alliance arguably has granted over $ 13 million in the form of scholarship to the sons and daughters of America’s veterans.

Here, the institution puts a condition to any applicant of the dependent children that his or her parents have to be 100 % classified as disabled. In addition, the scholarship requires the applicants to be under the age of 26 and having in Senior high Schools or colleges. Yet based on its official website www.fascholarship.com. The website refers to

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Wanda Cruz at wanda.cruz@freedomallliance.org as it is own contact person.

b.Folds of Honour Foundation

The institution regularly offers many scholarships of up to $5000 to dependent children of disabled veterans. Interestingly, it offers two types of scholarships : Immediate-Use Scholarships especially provided to those are attending college; and Future-Use Scholarship granted to those too young to attend college. Since its establishment in 2007, the foundation has granted around 20.000 scholarships. In 2018-2019 alone, it has awarded  approximately 20.000 scholarships or equals to $ 20 million dollars. Nowadays, the application is still closed and will re-open from 1 February  until 1 April 2020. For anyone who is interested in applying the scholarship, please visit its official website at www.foldshonor.org.

As a matter of fact, there are many other organizations and foundations which provide scholarships regularly for dependent children of disabled veterans, such as Military Order of the Purple Heart, Marine Corps Scholarships Foundations. Not only that, in US, numerous state governments also offer scholarships to them. For instance, the North Carolina Department of Veterans Affairs provides full-scholarships to those attending state schools, or private colleges and universities. Therefore, it is recommended that you find out the information trough their own state governments.

2. Scholarships for children of army veterans

a. MG James Ursano Scholarship Program

This special program will be awarded to children of whether their parents are still on duty, or got retired, or whose parents died on a military duty. The good thing is the scholarship is opened each year and recipients can take financial supports for four academic years. it is important to note that the scholarships will be given based on financial necessities, and a applicant should be under the age of 23 while studying for undergraduate degree.

For further information, you can check its official website in www.aerhq.org. Yet, for the time being, due to the security rules, the site is being blocked.

b. Women’s Army Corps Veterans’ Association Scholarship

The above-mentioned program is granted not only for children of army veterans, but also grandchildren, nieces or nephews of female members of the Army, that aims at expressing gratitude to what women army contribute for national interest.

For those who want to apply, the requirement is a little bit harder that they must have a 3.5 minimum GPA and also plane to continue their studies in an accredited college or university. Not only that, the selection will be also hard as it will involve any students’s achievement in classes and leadership.

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For further information, it is recommended you check the website www.armywomen.org.

c. Military Commanders’ Scholarship Fund

Besides the two scholarships mentioned above, another scholarship program named Military Commanders’ Scholarship Fund will be also a great opportunity. The program is awarded by the New York chapter of the American Logistic Association the good thing is the program will be opened in November each year. So, you still have time to pursue your dreams by applying the scholarship. It has also the official website www.sms.scholarshipamerica.org.

The requirement itself would be similar to the one in the program of Women’s Army Corps Veterans’ Association Scholarship.

3. Scholarships for children of navy veterans

a. Heroes Tribute Scholarships

The award is granted regularly by the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation to children of marines or ex- marines who died in the tragic event of 9/11 terrorist attacks or during military combats since the event. In addition, not only children, grandchildren could also be eligible to apply the scholarship.

If compared with other programs, the scholarship doesn’t require very  high GPA, only 2.0 minimum, yet however it requires a applicant to have plan to continue his or her study in an accredited undergraduate college or technical institution. Besides, for those who look interested in studying in technical education, they can apply anytime they seem ready. In contrast, for those willing to enrol in accredited colleges, they have only time for applying from 1 January up to 1 March every year.

For further information, it is highly recommended its official website at www.mcsf.org

b. Dolphin Scholarship Foundation

For children or stepchildren of members of  ex-members  of the US Navy Submarine Force, they will be able to apply the scholarship. It has very strict requirements including applicants shall not be married and under the age of 24 while applying. Not only that, applicants shall enrol an accredited college or university that lasts for four years.

As mentioned before, in order to get the scholarship, applicant will be assessed for their academic proficiency, community service, etc. the registration will begin from 1 October to 15 March every year.

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For further information, please refer to www.dolphinescholarship.org

c. Tailhook Education Foundation Scholarship Awards

The outstanding program will be awarded by the Foundation to both children and grandchildren of members who still serve or already served in US Navy. They could make up flight officers or air crewmen, naval aviators, etc.

 Sadly, the program will not be provided for children who are graduate students. Yet, it will be granted to applicants who will enrol for studying in an undergraduate program at an accredited college.

Based on its official website, the registration will begin in 15 December until 1 March each year.

Therefore, for those who are interested and eligible in applying the scholarship, are able to visit www.tailhook.net

d. John Cornelius/Max English Memorial Scholarship

Another program shall be taken into consideration for those who are eligible is John Cornelius/Max English Memorial Scholarship. Like scholarship awarded by Tailhook Foundation, this scholarship is also granted to both children and grandchildren of somebody are still actively on duty, or those who are already retired/veterans. The applicants whose parents serve and served previously in the Marine Corps Tank Unit will be eligible to apply the scholarship.

In fact, unlike the program previously mentioned, the program will be opened for students currently studying in high senior schools, college undergraduates and graduate students.  The more detail information can be reached at www.usmctankers.org. One thing to remember is the deadline for the scholarship application will be 15 March annually.

4. Scholarships for children of air force veterans

The only well-known scholarship given for children of members or ex-members of US air force is the one that the Air Force Association grants regularly. The scholarship is often called Lt Col Romeo and Josephine Bass Ferreti.

The requirements are little bit hard as they include that applicants are currently studying in high senior schools who want to continue their studies in some specific fields such as math, engineering, science and technology. Not only that, applicants will be evaluated profoundly based on their academic achievements, financial necessities, and good characters.  

Based on its official website at www.afa.org, the scholarship will be in 30 April each year as deadline.   

Last but not least, many other requirements, in addition to what are explained above,  will be always there including that examiners often ask applicants to write essays on motivation to pursue scholarship, etc. It should be done perfectly as it may fall into wrong candidates.   

Frankly saying, the US government does give much scholarship and opportunity to reach higher education not only for children of veterans, but also veterans themselves who look interested in pursuing higher degrees in several accredited universities inside the country.

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