6 Perfect Scholarships for Women in Many Fields

Nowadays, in this world particularly in US, it has become common to find girls and women studying in colleges and universities beside men and boys. Equality to achieve higher education and position has been a long time expectation of female students in the US.

Yet however, to realize their dreams, there must be something else triggering them to pursue their educations, so they will be able gradually erase the mindset that men shall stand to lead women. Yes, there is assumption that women still earn less and are less-often found in leadership positions than men. Based on a list issued by Catalyst in January 2019, women occupy one fifth board seats in Fortune 500 companies, and no more than 5 percent of the companies CEOs are women.

But now, everything has changed and seemingly will change into better. Such a pessimistic assumption is no longer present among US women’s minds. US women began to pursue their own careers- and at the same time sometimes taking care of her children at home. Therefore, by understanding deep feelings of those women on how important education is, numerous organizations and colleges compete with each other to offer scholarships for both women and girls. They do believe, women in the future will take a lead of this world, contributing their creativities to this better and more peaceful world.

Below are the list of scholarships for women based on educational fields offered :

1. Scholarships for women in business, accounting, and finance

For female students who are seeking various scholarships in the fields of business, accounting and finance, can try four highly recommended programs. They are :

a. Educational Foundation Women in Accounting Scholarship

As it is referred by its name, the scholarship will be awarded by the Foundation to US women who have plan to pursue at undergraduate, graduate, and post graduate degrees in accounting field. Interestingly, an applicant can apply for more than one scholarship, except for Women in Need and Women in Transition.

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For all degrees, selection criteria are almost the same which cover having obvious goals to be achieved personally and professionally. Each year, the deadline is April 30 and the selection period is June 30.  For further information, an applicant can visit its official website at www.efwa.org, or contact 937-424-3391 or Email : info@efwa.org.

b. Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship

The Jane M.Klausman women in Business  scholarship, set up in 1998, gives US women much opportunity to continue their study in undergraduate and master’s degrees in business management.  The amount of scholarship is $2000 for each, awarded to 6 eligible applicants every year. Applicants are required to pursue their study in accounting, finance, business management, international business in an accredited university or college or institute. Applicants shall demonstrate their ability in the related fields.

Applications will be open in January each year and its deadline will be determined by the district.  Any woman would like to apply and find out more information, please see its official website at www.foundation.zonta.org, or contact +1.630.928.1400, or Email : zifoundation@zonta.org.

c. WIIT Trust Scholarship

The Association of Women in International Trade, founded in 2001, has offered scholarships to graduate and undergraduate women in the International Trade field who have potentiality to become future leaders. The amount of the scholarship is $1500, requiring applicants to be currently studying at an accredited university or college in US.

Of note, the scholarship is granted based on the quality of the assigned essay in the related field that consists of less than 1000 words. An applicant shall chose one of the two topics addressed;  (1) Select one of US Industry and assess how it has been affected by trade with Canada and/or Mexico since NAFTA entered into force 25 years ago  (2) Provide your analysis on the effectiveness of a current US trade agreemen with respect to US trade policy goals. Winners will be announced two times; May 15th   and November 15th . For further information, please visit at www.wiit.org, or contact (202) 869-3775, Email : info@wiit.org.

2. Scholarships for women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

In fact, there are plenty of scholarships awarded only for women in the fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Women in US don’t need to be worried as several organizations in the country have sincere commitments to advancing women’s role in these fields. Here are among well-known scholarships awarded to women/girls in US:

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a. ABC Humane Wildlife Control & Prevention, Inc. Academic Scholarship

ABC Humane Wildlife Control & Prevention regularly awards scholarship of $1000 to US women who have passion in science, including technology, engineering, and math. Applicants are required to explain in essay writing on their passion and motivation to apply the scholarship. They are also required to have plan pursuing their study in STEM fields in accredited universities. For those applying in this academic year, the deadline will be July 1.  For further information, applicants can visit its official website at www.abcwildlife.com, or phone : 847-870-7175, or Email : grands@abcwildlife.com.

b. ESA Foundation Scholarship

The Entertainment Software Association Foundation has regularly offered scholarships to women over the last decade. The scholarship will be awarded to undergraduate students who will pursue their study in an accredited four year colleges or universities in the US. there are around 35 scholarships of $ 3000 each given every year. As its official sites www.esafoundationscholars.com points out, the application for 2019-2020 will be open soon. One of the requirements is a applicant must have a 2.75 minimum GPA. Besides the website, applicants can find out more information through Email contact: ESAFinfo@TheESA.com , or phone 202-223-2400

c. Aysen Tunca Memorial Scholarship

In fact, the scholarship is given annually by Aysen’s son, Tunay and his wife, Catherine to only women studying in undergraduate program majoring in STEM. The amount of the scholarship is $ 2000 and it is granted preferably to potential students with economic restrictions. Apart from this, applicants must be undergraduate members of the SPS national organization. Each year, the deadline would be March 15. For further information, please contact www.spsnational.org, Email: SPS-Programs@aip.org.

For your information, there are so many other scholarships offered in STEM fields such as BHW Scholarship, Gertrude M. Cox Scholarship, Openstack Scholarship Program, etc. You can choose one of them that you think will fit your passion.

3. Scholarships for women in nursing, medicine and health

Like any other scholarships previously mentioned, some organizations have goals to enable women in US to get opportunities to be in higher education. For that reason, some scholarships are regularly open to female applicants, which one of them is highly recommended to apply, named ANNA Career Mobility Scholarships

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In fact, ANNA or American Nephrology Nurses Association has divided scholarships into four, which are ANNA Career Mobility Scholarship; Janel Parker Career Mobility Scholarship; NNCC Career Mobility Scholarships; and the last but not least Dare to Soar Career Mobility Scholarship. Each division has its own specific amount.

A eligible applicant is a full member of ANNA and actively involved in nephrology nursing related health care services. Of course, applicant must have plane to pursue their study in advanced degree of nursing. For further information, applicants can visit www.annanurse.org, or phone 888-600-2662, or Email: anna@annanurse.org.

Yet however, other scholarships in this field shall be taken into consideration are Future Care Scholarship; Nurse Corps Scholarship Program; March of Dimes Graduate Nursing Scholarship, etc.

4. Scholarships for women in Sport

Two out of the most popular scholarships awarded for women to study in the field of sport are the advancement of  Women in Sport and Entertainment Scholarship provided by the Floyd Mayweather Jr Foundation ($ 1000)  and Caitlin Brondolo Golf Scholarship provided by Caitlin Brondolo Charitable Foundation ($ 2500). Both scholarships are offered each year. For better information of both scholarships, please refer to tmjf.org or Email : contack@tfmjf.org for the former, and for the later, please visit its website at www.unigo.com.

5. Scholarships for women in architecture

One of the most well-known scholarships to be considered by US women/girls who are so interested in architectural field is the scholarship granted by Association for Women in Architecture Foundation. The amount of the scholarship is around $1000, to be given to female students,  who want to pursue their study in an accredited college in architecture, landscape architecture, urban and land planning, etc. For further information, please visit at www.awaplusd.org, or phone (310) 534-8466, or Email : scholarships@awa-la.org.

6. Scholarships for women in psychology

Like any students in other fields, students in the field of psychology may also try to find any organizations or foundations that will fund their education in higher degrees. Some of which will specify funding only to female students who excel in psychological academics.

One of the most outstanding institutions which regularly grant scholarship to those good in psychology is the National Honour Society in Psychology, also called as Psi Chi. It frequently provides research grants for female students who are interested in pursuing their undergraduate or graduate program in the related field.

As a matter of fact, in US, there are plenty of organizations or foundations which award scholarships or substantial grants to women who are credible in psychology, such as The Allyn and Bacon Publishers; The American Psychological Foundation; etc. Usually, they will be asked to prepare a scientific research paper before being eligible to receive the grants or scholarships.

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