A Know-How Guide to Start Using the UNI Scholarship Application

Attending the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) could be the right money move for you. UNI is one of the most affordable higher education institutions in the entire country, where its tuition fees are cheaper than the national average. In addition, its students are still eligible for hundreds of generous scholarships available through the UNI Scholarship Application, a one-stop solution for all students.

This innovation allows all students to apply to multiple UNI competitive scholarships at once without having to compile multiple applications for different programs. While it is not strictly necessary for students to be considered for automatic scholarships, i.e. scholarships based on admission, the UNI Scholarship Application is beneficial if you are looking for additional financial resources.

In this guide, you will learn everything there is to know about this streamlined application. You will also find a variety of scholarships that UNI offers to its students. Keep reading to find out.

UNI Scholarship Application
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What is the UNI Scholarship Application?

To facilitate its students to apply for multiple scholarships in one go, UNI launched the UNI Scholarship Application. Through this breakthrough, enrolled students of all levels of education can maximize their chances of receiving the financial aid they are eligible for.

The scholarships that can be applied for through this system are generally programs other than those that are automatic. Therefore, if you think you might qualify for certain scholarships based on your qualifications or circumstances, you should make use of this tool to boost your chances.

To start using it, students will need their username and password for CatID. The CatID includes UNI students’ usernames and passwords used for the university’s internal systems through the Central Authentication System.

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Your username is the portion before the @ sign in your UNI email address. If you are accessing email as a new user, your initial password is in the format of panthersxxxmmdd (xxx is the last three digits of your university ID number, mmm is the first three letters of your birth month, and dd is the two-digit number of your birth day), e.g. panthers456nov23, all in lower case.

Understanding the system may require a steep learning curve. If you need more information about this tool or would like to request technological assistance, feel free to contact UNI’s Service Hub by phone or by visiting the Service Desk.

Important Facts about UNI Scholarship Application

  • Both current and future UNI students can benefit from this unified system to apply for scholarships provided by specific departments. Freshmen, however, must apply to UNI before they are considered for any scholarships. While they are not automatically considered, many of them are also awarded at the time of admission.
  • Applications are available every year starting July 1. The UNI Scholarship Application deadline is January 15, which is also the priority deadline. Nevertheless, interested students can still complete their applications after this closing date until March 15. In the case of these late applications, consideration will be made while scholarships are still available.
  • The scholarships provided through the database are all competitive. No guarantee that all applicants will receive the awards available. Selection is based on rigorous criteria.
  • The majority of scholarships require a commitment to full-time course attendance and good academic performance as evidenced by a certain cumulative grade point average (GPA). Details regarding scholarship retention can be accessed through each program’s funding department.
  • The respective majors are in charge of announcing the scholarship awards to the selected students. Notices are typically given by March of each year.
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Types of UNI Scholarships

UNI has a wide range of scholarships on offer for students from all walks of life. They are granted annually to deserving students based on a range of different criteria, including personal achievement, merit, and financial standing. Some scholarships are awarded automatically based on students’ admission applications while others consider them through an additional process.

Types of UNI Scholarships
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Basically, UNI offers three types of scholarships:

  1. New student scholarships
  2. Transfer student scholarships
  3. Off-campus scholarships

New Student Scholarships

Some incoming students may be eligible for automatic scholarships. Selection is made based on the information they provide when enrolling at the university. For unsuccessful students, they can resort to the scholarship directory to check out other opportunities they may be eligible for on the basis of specific criteria.

These freshman scholarships are available to a variety of students, including Iowa residents and out-of-state students. Some programs are exclusively offered to students from specific schools. All details about these scholarships can be accessed through UNI’s scholarship directory here.

Transfer Student Scholarships

About one-third of UNI students are transfer students. Many factors push students to transfer, and some may do so to save money by attending more affordable schools. Regardless of why you are transferring to UNI, there are many great UNI transfer scholarships available here.

UNI has scholarships for Iowa residents who transfer to the university and out-of-state transfer students. Visit UNI’s scholarship directory here to check out these advantageous opportunities for transfer students.

Off-Campus Scholarships

You may have the potential to win an off-campus scholarship awarded by organizations that are not affiliated with UNI. These include businesses in the community, civic or religious organizations, private companies, and many others. There are many ways for you to find off-campus scholarships. You can start your hunt from your high school guidance office or visit these scholarship websites.

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All you need is time and perseverance to search and apply to all of them. When it comes to winning a scholarship, the key is consistency: the more applications you submit the higher your chances of success!

What’s Next

Now that you know what scholarships are available at UNI and how to apply to them through the UNI Scholarship Application, it is time to prepare your application for admission to the university.

UNI’s online application opens every July 1 for both incoming freshmen and transfer students. All candidates are required to fill out the Free Application of Financial State Aid (FAFSA) and submit it before January 15. The new semester starts on August 21 (Fall) and January 17 (Spring).

To apply as a new student, you will need:

A comprehensive guide to UNI’s admission requirements is available here.

Apart from UNI, there are many other top U.S. universities that also boast the status of best-value schools. For example, California State University Long Beach (CSULB) awards hundreds of thousands of dollars in financial aid each year to qualified students. Check CSULB scholarships to find one you may be eligible for and graduate from your dream major debt-free.

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