8 Lifesaving Websites to Find Scholarships (Save It!)

Paying for college can be a daunting and downright scary task, but it’s not impossible to do! Scholarship money is out there. And, with the help of these lifesaving websites to find scholarships, your work to pay for college may just be a little bit easier.

Websites to Find Scholarships
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In fact, Debt.org reveals there’s almost $50 billion worth awarded in grants and scholarships each year. Hence, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get a piece of the pie for your college education, too.

Then, in your search for the perfect scholarships, you’ll find many helpful websites to find scholarships. While some of them strictly provide a search tool, others are more comprehensive in general.

Nevertheless, whatever path you pick, you’re bound to find something that sticks. After all, there are billions of dollars to give away.

To help you in your search to help pay for your college education, take a look at our list below of the best websites to find scholarships.

1. ScholarshipOwl

About ScholarshipOwl

ScholarshipOwl is an innovative platform designed to dramatically speed up students’ scholarship application time.

Basically, this is how the website works: It matches students with the award opportunities that best match their personality, grades, lifestyle, and more.

Then, once the students have narrowed down their options, ScholarshipOwl will take the information from their initial application. Finally, it will put it into the appropriate places on the scholarships of students’ choices.

All in all, it is a platform that puts students on the fast-track to success. In particular, it provides direct access to the scholarships they need the most.

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How to apply for scholarships through ScholarshipOwl

The platform provides you with a list of scholarships that you are eligible for. Thus, all you need to do is to select the scholarships you like. Next, ScholarshipOwl will apply for you. Therefore, it is important that you fill out your application fully so you get matched up with as many scholarships as possible.

Click here to join ScholarshipOwl.

2. Scholarships.com

About Scholarships.com

Founded in 1998, Scholarships.com has helped students find the money for college as well as learn about the entire financial aid process.

In fact, it is among the most widely-used and trusted websites to find scholarships. Besides, it has been recognized by high schools, colleges, and universities nationwide, among others.

Scholarships.com offers a simple and accessible approach to finding and applying for scholarships for students of all ages.

Furthermore, its accurate search engine delivers lists of scholarships for the investment of just a few minutes.

How to apply for scholarships through Scholarships.com

Firstly, you have to register to view scholarships in the Scholarships.com database. Actually, it is the only way the platform will be able to deliver the most relevant scholarship opportunities in your direction and rule out scholarships that you don’t qualify for.

Next, you can easily apply for scholarships from your scholarship matches page.

For more information or to apply for a scholarship for which you are interested, click the Apply Now button on the scholarship page.

Then, you’ll be directed to the scholarship provider’s website, where you can then find out exactly how and where to apply.

Click here to register to Scholarships.com.

3. Niche

About Niche

Niche is a platform that connects colleges and schools with students and families.

With in-depth profiles on every school and college in America, over 140 million reviews and ratings, and powerful search and data tools, Niche helps millions of students and families find and enroll in the right school for them.

Besides, for schools, school districts, and communities, Niche’s platform, data, and services help thousands of schools recruit and enroll more best-fit students.

How to apply for scholarships through Niche

First, you will need to create a free Niche account.

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Next, you can go to Niche’s scholarships page. Use the options on the left of the page to help you find scholarships or sweepstakes that are the best fit for you.

Click here to create your free Niche account.

4. Unigo

About Unigo

With a thriving community of over 3.8 million members, Unigo is the premier network for current and future college students to get to where they’re going.

Besides, Unigo provides cutting-edge tools, compelling content, and essential information, empowering students to make the best decisions about their college experience.

In fact, EducationDynamics, LLC, is the company that owns and operates the platform. Furthermore, it also operates several other education and media businesses.

How to apply for scholarships through Unigo

Actually, there are two easy ways to search for scholarships at Unigo:

  1. Take Unigo’s Scholarship Match Quiz and let the website’s algorithm match you with scholarships
  2. Search Unigo’s Directory of Scholarships

However, you must first sign up to gain full access to the database.

Click here to sign up with Unigo.

5. Fastweb

About Fastweb

Fastweb is another great platform in our list of lifesaving websites to find scholarships.

It is an online scholarship matching and college search service. In 1995, Larry Organ, an entrepreneur, found the website.

Actually, Fastweb is an acronym for “financial aid search through the web”. And, in 1999, it began incorporating financial aid advice for users as well.

How to apply for scholarships through Fastweb

First, you have to log in to your account to apply for scholarships at Fastweb. Then, from here you can view scholarship matches and see which college scholarships you qualify for right now.

Also, you can indicate which college scholarships you are – or are not – interested in. Fascinatingly, you can also specify which scholarships you’ve already applied for.

Click here to create a free Fastweb account.

6. BigFuture

About BigFuture

BigFuture is the College Board’s free college planning tool. In fact, it was designed to support students from their first thoughts about college to their first day on campus.

Particularly, BigFuture will help you:

  • Handle the college planning process.
  • Find the college where you’ll thrive.
  • Take a look at your interests and career options.
  • Make wise choices.
  • Discover your big future.
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Besides, College Board created BigFuture with input from its members. As result, it is to make sure BigFuture always gives you the information and guidance you need to apply and get into college.

How to apply for scholarships through BigFuture

In fact, to search for scholarships you are eligible for in this platform, you must first create a College Board account.

Actually, creating a College Board account lets you access customized services to help you move toward college and a career.

Basically, aside from looking for some legit scholarships, here are some other things you can do with your account:

  • Start an SAT registration and come back to it later.
  • Choose your test date and the test center online.
  • Get immediate registration confirmation.
  • Print SAT admission tickets.
  • View SAT scores as soon as they’re available.
  • Access AP practice questions.

Click here to create a College Board account to gain access to BigFuture.

7. Cappex

About Cappex

Cappex is a one-stop destination that helps students and parents make smarter decisions about admissions and financial aid.

In particular, it provides free and easy-to-use tools for the discovery, application, decision, and payment process.

Since its establishment in 2006, Cappex makes sure that every student has the guidance, information, and tools to obtain their best possible education.

In fact, Cappex originates from the phrase “College Application Exchange.”

How to apply for scholarships through Cappex

You have to sign up to get matched to scholarships that are personalized for you. Although registering can be annoying, you’ll be glad you took the time to get personalized results.

Then, you can sort the results based on the following categories:

  • Application Deadline
  • Minimum Award Amount
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Level of Current Enrollment
  • Etc.

Click here to sign up for Cappex.

8. Peterson’s

About Peterson’s

Peterson’s is the world’s leading educational services company dedicated to furthering education after high school and beyond.

Interestingly, from culinary school to medical school, Peterson’s helps students discover, prepare for, and fund their education.

Headquartered in beautiful Highlands Ranch, CO, Peterson’s team helps students understand, navigate, and ultimately complete the educational path that’s right for them.

How to apply for scholarships through Peterson’s

To Peterson’s, it doesn’t matter how much scholarship money is available if you don’t qualify for any of it.

Thus, Peterson’s scholarship search tool helps you to filter available scholarships according to the following categories:

  • School Type
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Field of Study
  • State of Residence
  • Award Type
  • Etc.

But first, you have to register to get full access of the search tool. Click here to join Peterson’s.

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