7 Effective Steps to Get The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

A few Erasmus Mundus scholarships are accessible to chosen Euroculture understudies from inside the EU and from different locales of the world. These awards cover understudies’ education costs just as living expenses with a month to month remittance of 1,000 Euros. Travel and establishment expenses are likewise secured by the scholarship. 

erasmus mundus scholarship

Getting a full scholarship as a global understudy will completely change you. Maybe in two years, you would have the option to head out to more than 30 urban communities, live in four, add a graduate degree to your capabilities, and get the chance to spare 6,000 Euros worth of secret stash. It will additionally enhance your system and open up doors for a more drawn out remain. It is certifiably not a terrible arrangement by any means. 

Erasmus Mundus is likewise moderately obscure in certain spots. Indeed, we have run over individuals from everywhere throughout the world who’ve never known about it. So, you can utilize that to further your potential benefit. Are you intrigued? Give us a chance to reveal to you more about winning the Erasmus Mundus scholarship. 

About Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, supported by the European Union, is solely granted to understudies originating from both EU and non-EU nations that have been chosen to go to one of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Programs at Masters or Doctorate level.  

Through the Erasmus Mundus conspire, both EU or EEA and non-EU or EEA understudies can apply for a scholarship to embrace explicit Master’s qualification programs that are offered together by a Danish foundation and another European university or college. 

In 2013, the Erasmus Mundus for masters and doctorate studies were fused into the streamlined Erasmus+ program. There were a few changes, but the application methodology is fundamentally the same. 

Specific Goals of the Program

The real targets of the Erasmus Mundus scholarship plan can be abridged in three remarkable explanations. Erasmus Mundus is a participation and portability program in the field of advanced education for: 

  • The upgrade of value in European advanced education;  
  • The advancement of the European Union as a focal point of magnificence in learning the world over; and 
  • The advancement of intercultural understanding through coopera­tion with third countries just as for the improvement of third countries in the field of advanced education.  
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Easy Strides to Apply and Get the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

Here are the means to kick off your quest for Erasmus Mundus full scholarships for international understudies. 

Step 1: Browse through the Master’s course offerings on https://eacea.ec.europa.eu/erasmus-plus/emjmd-catalogue_en. 

You will see a considerable rundown marked “EMJMD Catalogue”. This counts all the Erasmus Mundus active program contributions that you can apply to.  

When you process your Erasmus Mundus scholarship application, you are applying for admission to the master’s program and the scholarship; no different applications are required.  

Step 2: Head over to the programs’ individual course websites to get more information about program objectives and structures.  

You will discover the connection to the courses’ sites on the right-most section of the table, marked “Site” in blue. Click on the sites of your top decisions and perceive how the program fits you.  

Is it related, even freely, to your experience, interests, and work involvement? On the off chance that you are additionally enthused about living in a particular city or nation, at that point head over to the program’s portrayal page and look into which universities are a piece of the consortium. 

It is likewise important that Erasmus Mundus Master’s courses will, in general, go back and forth, as they are just financed by the European Commission for a long time. Upon audit, they can be reached out to an additional five years and that is it. So, do not be amazed if, in a range of a year, you see a few courses vanish.  

Step 3: Check and confirm if you are eligible.  

So, you have focused on those projects that are lined up with your objectives and expert yearnings. The following thing you have to do is to check their qualification prerequisites.  

A portion of the data you ought to be vigilant on include:  

  • Do they just take in alumni of certain bachelor’s programs or would they say they are enthused about drawing in understudies from different foundations?  
  • Do they require explicit mechanical abilities?  
  • Shouldn’t something be said about their language prerequisites?  

Now, you will additionally need to know your Erasmus Mundus class, as this will influence your scholarship sum and your chances of getting the scholarship.  

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These candidate classes include a) Candidates from Program Countries and b) Candidates from partner countries. You can see an outline of nations under every classification on https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/node/3_en 

As indicated by Erasmus+ rules, 75% of scholarships are granted to candidates from partner countries. Understudies from partner countries likewise ordinarily get a higher month to month stipend because of higher establishment and travel costs. 

Step 4: Narrow down your choices to at most three programs 

Pick a maximum of three Erasmus Mundus programs to apply to. Keep in mind, your application will be denied on the off chance that you hold up multiple applications for each application round.  

Step 5: Prepare a document checklist for each program 

When you affirm that you are qualified, check the rundown of the required records. We have thought of a free agenda to enable you to screen your undertakings and the records you have to submit. 

The required archives, for the most part, incorporate the accompanying:  

  • The biometric page of your identification; 
  • Transcript of records from your four-year college education; 
  • A confirmed genuine duplicate of your confirmation, evidence of English direction (IELTS or TOEFL)  
  • A motivation letter  
  • Two reference letters from educators or partners  
  • CV  

They may likewise require an article on a related subject. Make sure to have every one of your reports converted into English or some other language demonstrated by the facilitators. As this may require some investment and assets, you need to design in like manner.  

Step 6: Locate and get familiar with the course’s online application platform within the website.  

As we have stated, Erasmus Mundus applications require an online application. The step to transfer applications is situated on the program’s site. Be that as it may, some of them may expect you to do a postal accommodation notwithstanding the online application.  

Now, you do not have to finish the online application structure right away. Simply get to know the framework and what sort of data will be required from you so you can prepare. 

In light of this data, you will realize that you have to give your statistic information and your classification. You may fall in one of these two classifications (Program or Partner Countries) and ought to show this at whatever point mentioned in the application structure.  

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Since you have limited the decisions and distinguished the reports you have to submit just like the data you have to give, it is an ideal opportunity to begin applying. 

Step 7: Mark your calendar, procure the documents and lodge your application 

When you have chosen which programs you will apply to, compute how much time you have. The call for applications typically open in November and close in December. However, it is a smart thought to check their sites as ahead of schedule as it will give you plentiful time to verify the archives. You likewise need to begin arranging early in case you are required to present a proof of English language capability.  

Look into the strategies on the best way to apply for IELTS or TOEFL tests, and ensure that this evidence will be acknowledged by the program you wish to apply to. Some Erasmus Mundus just respect IELTS Academic Test results, while others additionally concede TOEFL and Cambridge, among others. 


In the wake of auditing your application, you will hear once more from them among February and March. You will be in one of these circumstances:  

  • Acknowledged to the program’s primary rundown (with a scholarship offer); 
  • Acknowledged to the program’s hold up rundown (at first without a scholarship offer, yet with a shot of getting the scholarship if somebody pulls out); 
  • Acknowledged without a scholarship (which means you are qualified to take an interest in the program yet you are not positioned sufficiently high in the shortlist so you need to look for a different source of financing); and  
  • Rejected (you are not qualified either to take part in the program nor to get a scholarship). 

If and when you get rejected, do not get demoralized. We know a few people who were dismissed on the primary endeavor. However, in the end, they made it to the fundamental rundown. Treat it as a scholarly practice and a path for you to improve your composition and self-showcasing abilities. 

So, what are you hanging tight for? Feel free to begin scanning for full Erasmus Mundus scholarships. Who knows, by one year from now, you could be gathering your packs on to your next huge experience abroad. 

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