Scholarships4moms Review: Is It a Scam or Legit Money?

Nowadays, details and applications for scholarships are more available than ever for students seeking financial support to help pay for college. Although more transparent and plentiful access to scholarships is good, when you check and apply for scholarships, there are some risks to be aware of. Then, it caught the attention of many students to flock to question whether A and B scholarships were legitimate or a scam. In particular, one of the most talked-about in the town is Scholarships4moms. Perhaps, most people are still hesitant to apply for this scholarship even though it offers a lucrative grant. For this reason, today we decided to explain in detail the Scholarships4moms review.

Scholarships4moms Review
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This Scholarships4moms review will help you learn to identify whether this scholarship is a scam or it gives you legit money, instead. Also, we’ll break down how Scholarships4moms work and the application process. But before that, let’s study together what kind of foundation Scholarship4moms is.

So, who is Scholarships4moms (S4M)? Scholarships4Moms was created by a group of mothers who wanted to help bring financial relief to moms looking to further their education. As we know, education is key to helping families find the jobs they need in order to provide financial security for themselves and their little ones. With the help of its sponsor, Scholarships4moms regularly gives away $10,000 scholarships up to five times a year. To date, Scholarships4Moms and its partner have given away over $1.2 million dollars in scholarships!

We know this sounds too good to be true, but is it really a scam? Let’s take a further look at the Scholarships4moms review below.

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Scholarships4moms Review

Scholarship4moms Overview

Scholarships4Moms is owned and operated by FreeCollegeScholarships, LLC. In fact, it is a small, private company located in San Francisco, California. FreeCollegeScholarships, LLC was founded in 2005 and operates an education and media online business. It has been awarding $10,000 scholarships since 2005 and in this time it has awarded over $1,200,000 in scholarships. The scholarship money is provided by the organization. Hence, it is able to award the scholarship because it shows advertisements for colleges and universities as well as other educational services on its website. Furthermore, it upholds the values and requirements for both the Better Business Bureau and private companies to maintain its memberships each year.

Program Benefits

Scholarships4moms is a one-time scholarship of $10,000 that should be used for educational purposes only. Thus, it includes:

  • Tuition and fees,
  • Room and board,
  • Books,
  • Computers,
  • School-related supplies.

Winners can use the money for any educational opportunity. Some past winners have used the money to help pay for college tuition, books, or paying off student loans. Please note that a scholarship is tax-free only if you are a candidate for a degree at an eligible education institution. An eligible educational institution is one that provides a program that is acceptable for a full credit towards a bachelor or higher degree, or offers a program of training to prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation, and is authorized under federal or state law to provide such a program and is accredited by a nationally recognized accreditation agency. The prize money must be used for qualified education expenses for the original entrant.

Eligibility Requirements

Scholarships4moms is open only to legal U.S. residents residing in the fifty United States and the District of Columbia who are at least 18 years of age at the time of entry. Plus, applicants agree that they are currently enrolled, or will be enrolled within the next 3 months, in a college or university in the United States. Moreover, they must be a mother or expectant mother. Thus, employees, officers, and directors of FCS/Scholarships4Moms and its related companies and agents, and members of the immediate family and household of each are not eligible. In order to receive the scholarship, it requires completion of the offer terms. In particular, the offer terms include:

  • Age and residency requirements,
  • Valid email and shipping address.
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How to Apply for a Scholarship4moms Drawing

To enter, go to the Entry Page and follow the links and instructions to enter. Entry is free and there is no purchase necessary. You may enter the promotion once every 7 days during the entry time frame. The entry time frame is from approximately December 16th, 2020 at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time through the closing date. Once you submit an entry form, you will receive a confirmation email. This email will confirm you have officially entered the scholarship drawing. Yup, it’s that easy, indeed.

Closing Date

This period’s scholarship drawing of Scholarships4moms will be awarded on or around February 15th, 2021. Please note that Scholarships4Moms is not responsible for errors, omissions, lost, late, interruptions, deletions, delays in operations or transmission, invalid, incomplete, technically corrupted, or misdirected entries. All of these types of entries will be disqualified.

Then, the potential winner will receive a notification by e-mail, telephone, regular U. S. postal mail, or by the overnight carrier within approximately three business days of the selection. If a potential winner cannot be contacted after reasonable effort within two days after the first attempt to contact him/her, this will result in forfeiture of the prize and an alternate entrant will be selected in his/her place at random from among all eligible entries received during the entry time frame.

Contact Details

If you have further questions about Scholarships4moms (or you feel that our Scholarships4moms review is still not convincing enough), please send your questions to

Scholarship4moms Official Website

Visit the official website of Scholarships4moms here and get the latest updates regarding the drawing.

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Final thoughts

So, after reading this Scholarships4moms review, can you conclude whether Scholarships4moms is a scam or not? Judging by its characteristic of relying solely on application form entries, applicants can be fooled into thinking that this scholarship does not really provide free money to the winner. As you already know, Scholarships4moms does not require applicants to submit essays or other documents for consideration to determine the winner. Hence, the application procedure is very easy to provoke suspicion of people.

However, is it true that Scholarships4moms is a scam? No, it is not. Scholarships4moms has been proven to award real scholarships to its winners in the past, and you can check them out here. There, you can find out who has won a Scholarships4moms scholarship in previous drawings. Then, regarding the registration procedure which is very simple, it is intended so that applicants who are mostly mothers can follow it without encountering significant obstacles. It opens up as wide as possible equal opportunities for all people and brings justice. The goal is to make this process fair, fast, and frequent, indeed.

If you still have suspicions about Scholarships4moms even after reading this Scholarships4moms review, maybe that is a sign that you have to prove it yourself. Try your luck at this period of the year and win a grand prize to pay for your education!

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