Udacity Scholarship in Cloud Computing and Engineering

Udacity Scholarship team has supported a total of 10 fellowships for students interested in technology, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and mobile app development in order to actualize the aspiration to offer quality education to all students from around the world. Today, there is one ongoing scholarship programs that can be taken by global students as provided by Udacity Scholarship. Here are the details.

Udacity Scholarship
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About the Foundation

Udacity began as an experiment in online learning, when Stanford instructors Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig elected to offer their “Introduction to Artifial Intelligence” course online to anyone, for free. Over 160,000 students in more than 190 countries enrolled. The opportunity for global education was awe-inspiring and Udacity was established to fulfill a mission of democratizing education. It would take many years of intense refinement and innovation to articulate their emphasis on career advancement through mastering of high-demand skills, but today, Udacity proudly provides potential learners around the world the chance to engage in some of the world’s most thrilling and creative fields — and contribute to them.

Udacity students are a internationally educated community unified with a common objective of upliftment and growth. The unique learning model makes for an unparalleled degree of interaction with their pupils, and Udacity is with them in every step of their learning journey — from the first moment a marketing team member might answer a question on Facebook, to the final moment where a career team member gets news that a graduate has got a new job. The motto of Udacity is Students First, and that is the light that drives them as Udacity continues its goal of supplying as many students as possible with the best quality learning available.

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Udacity’s mission is to use tech education to boost careers. They work with leading technology organizations to discover how technology is changing environments, and to develop the vital engineering skills that corporations are demanding in their labor force. Even the toughest learners can prep themselves to take on the most in-demand tech positions with Udacity’s strong and versatile digital education platform.

Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Scholarship Program

This scholarship is available to all students interested in developing their knowledge and experience in cloud computing and engineering.

The Udacity Scholarship Committee will review all submissions and pick applicants for Hybrid Cloud Fundamentals Course enrollment. It is where you can start learning. Using Nutanix software, recipients will spend 2 months developing, installing and maintaining hybrid cloud infrastructures. The initial Fundamentals course is tailored for students who have familiarity with Linux or Windows command line, and some experience operating with VMs and/or AWS / GCP cloud.

The fundamental courses offered in Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Scholarship Program including:

  1. As increasing services move to cloud functionality, the need for cloud infrastructure expertise increases. In fact, nearly 90% of companies rely on cloud computing, with total spending on cloud services estimated to have hit $97 billion in 2019.
  2. Learn how to design, deploy, and maintain Hybrid Cloud infrastructure from one of the leaders in the industry.
  3. Commit to dedicating 5-10 hours a week on the course and work towards earning one of the follow-up Nanodegree program scholarships by showing your skill and investment in Hybrid Cloud.
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Top students from the Fundamentals course will receive a Nanodegree program scholarship to the Nanodegree Hybrid Cloud Program. Applicants are expected to be at the frontline of cloud development by fine-tuning expertise in digital private cloud computing and hybrid application deployment infrastructure.

Eligibility Criteria for the Udacity Scholarship

Anyone aged 18 and over is welcome to apply. To be recognized, applicants must complete the application in full. Udacity staff and people living in countries subject to U.S. trade restrictions are not eligible for submission.

Udacity Scholarship winners in the Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Scholarship Scheme will be prepared to spend about 3-5 hours a week during the Fundamentals Course, which will take about 2 months, and about 5-10 hours a week during the 3-month Nanodegree program.

Please notice, the Fundamentals course is advised with course requirements. The course is tailored for students who have experience with Linux or Windows command line, and some experience operating with VMs and/or AWS / GCP cloud.

How to Apply

The scholarship program begins with the application. All candidates interested in an opportunity to earn a Udacity Scholarship will apply a full application before the submission deadline. All candidates must then be informed by email of the acceptance decision, ardless of whether they are approved into the course. Accepted students will receive instructions via email about how they can enroll in the initial scholarship fundamentals course.

Phase 1: Scholarship Fundamentals Course

Students will undergo intensive instruction during the first period of the Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Scholarship Program, usually taking several hours of study a week for 2-3 months. Participants in the fundamentals course will be prepared on job-relevant skills at the Hybrid Cloud Foundation, will provide a comprehensive group experience sponsored by Udacity advisors and a committed project manager, and will have the potential to apply for a complete Nanodegree program scholarship. Udacity Scholarship committee will pick 500 students to be awarded a full scholarship to an Udacity Nanodegree program at the completion of the Fundamentals course in cooperation with Nutanix. Selections will be made on the basis of active completion of Phase 1 lessons and quizzes, and student engagement and encouragement of school community classmates.

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Phase 2: Full Scholarship for a Udacity Nanodegree Program

500 Course graduates will be awarded a scholarship to a new Nanodegree program developed by Nutanix. Nanodegree programs usually require multiple hours of work a week over the Nanodegree program’s duration. This program will deliver world-class education, ground-breaking experience in the classroom, industry-leading trainers, comprehensive project evaluations and a complete range of career resources.

Closing Date

The submission expires on Thursday, April 30th, 11:59 PM PST. Once the Udacity Scholarship committee reaches the closure of the application period, they will announce the official start date for Phase 1 of the scholarship program (the course of fundamentals). Keep an eye out for such updates on your email and the official Udacity Scholarship website.

Contact Information

If you have additional questions that were not answered here regarding any of the Udacity Scholarships scheme, please submit your inquiry via this form.

Official Website

Click here to apply now, or visit the official website at www.udacity.com/scholarships for more information regarding the scheme.

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