When Are Application Deadlines for Colleges? Find Out Here!

Ensuring compliance with the admission or application deadlines is crucial when applying to a college or university. It guarantees the timely submission of application materials like essays, recommendation letters, and transcripts.

Late submissions may not be taken into consideration, possibly endangering your acceptance prospects. By the way, are you aware of the application timelines for your selected college or university?

Most institutions have a dedicated admissions section where they provide information about application procedures, deadlines, and requirements. However, navigating admissions pages can sometimes be challenging, and time constraints might prevent thorough online research. In such instances, you’ve arrived at the right place.

Here, we’ve compiled admission deadlines for nine prestigious institutions, including even the admission timelines of select Ivy League schools. Continue reading to find out if your dream college is featured on this list.

Key Application Deadlines for 9 Top Colleges Across the U.S.

Application Deadlines
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1. California State University

The application deadlines for CSU vary depending on the desired enrollment period. For Spring admission, applicants can submit their applications from August 1 to August 31. Winter applications are accepted from June 1 to June 30.

If you’re aiming for a Fall start, the application window is open from October 1 to November 30. For those eyeing the Summer term, applications are welcomed from February 1 to February 28.

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Notably, there might be differing priority application periods based on your enrollment category, like graduate, international, returning, or veteran applicants. These priority timelines can differ.

2. University of Southern California

The application deadlines for USC offer a range of options. If you’re looking for Early Action, the deadline is November 1. However, this isn’t available for majors needing a portfolio or audition.

For Regular Decision, if your major requires a portfolio or audition, the deadline is December 1. If not, the deadline is January 15. When it comes to financial aid, the deadline for Early Action is January 12, while for Regular Decision, it’s February 7. It’s vital to adhere to these dates to give your application the best shot.

Remember that different majors have different deadlines, especially those needing portfolios or auditions. These deadlines also affect your eligibility for scholarships and financial aid, so keeping track of them is key.

3. New York University

The application deadlines for NYU also offer different options to suit your preferences. For Early Decision I, you have until November 1 to submit your application. If you’re considering Early Decision II, the deadline is January 1. For those opting for Regular Decision, the deadline is January 5.

Additionally, if your chosen program requires an audition or portfolio, it’s recommended to submit your Common Application a month ahead. This allows you sufficient time to get ready for your audition or prepare your portfolio.

Whether you’re looking to apply early or during the regular round, meeting these deadlines is crucial to give yourself the best chance for consideration at NYU.

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4. University of Central Florida

The application deadlines for UCF offer different dates for each term. If you’re aiming for Fall admission, you must submit your application by May 1. For Spring entry, the deadline is November 1, while for Summer, it’s March 1.

Moreover, if you’re interested in scholarships and aiming for Summer or Fall, there’s a priority deadline of November 1. This means submitting your application by this date could potentially enhance your chances of receiving scholarships.

Being mindful of these deadlines is crucial to secure your place and, if applicable, avail yourself of scholarship opportunities at UCF.

5. Arizona State University

For the Fall term, the application deadlines for ASU provide options for both priority and regular admission. For priority admission, the deadline is November 1, giving you an earlier opportunity to submit your application. If you’re considering regular admission for the Fall term, the deadline is January 15.

Additionally, if you’re interested in scholarships, mark your calendar for September 1 when the scholarship portal opens. This allows you to explore potential financial aid opportunities.

6. University of California, Los Angeles

The application deadlines for UCLA follow a specific timeline. Firstly, note that UCLA doesn’t have an early action option and only accepts applications for the Fall term. The application window opens every August 1, allowing you to start the submission process.

If you’re seeking financial aid, keep in mind the priority date for submitting financial aid applications is March 2. This can be crucial for maximizing your financial support opportunities. Importantly, the application period concludes on November 30, so make sure to complete and submit your application by this date.

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7. University of Texas at Austin

If you’re wondering when the application deadlines for UT Austin are, the answer is that they depend on the term you’re applying for.

For Summer or Fall admission, there’s a priority deadline of November 1 and a regular deadline of December 1. It’s beneficial to apply by the priority date for enhanced consideration. If you’re aiming for Spring entry, the application should be submitted by September 1.

Moreover, you have flexibility in choosing the application platform: you can send your application through either the Common Application or ApplyTexas.

8. Harvard University

The application deadlines for Harvard University offer different options depending on your preference.

If you’re applying for the Fall term, they encourage you to submit your application as early in the Fall as possible. For those considering early application, there’s the option of Restrictive Early Action with a deadline of October 31. This choice allows you to hear back early while keeping your options open.

If you prefer the Regular Decision route, the deadline is typically in early November.

9. North Carolina State University

Lastly, the application deadlines for NC State also offer various options for different terms and programs.

For Early Action, the deadline is November 1, giving you an early opportunity to apply. If you prefer Regular Decision, you have until January 15 to submit your application. For those aiming for Spring admission, the deadline is October 1.

However, if you’re considering Fall entry and your major falls under studio-based disciplines like architecture, graphic design, and art & design, the deadline is November 1.

Final Thoughts

These admission deadlines apply solely to first-year applicants. Each university establishes distinct timelines for various admission categories, including transfers and international students.

To ensure you stay informed and don’t overlook vital dates, visit the official website of each institution. This step will provide you with comprehensive details about admission requirements and deadlines, specific to your situation.

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